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Those years old Beijing Shichahai periphery alley past

OHTN2017-10-14Aix XinLe

Shichahai, the old Beijing customs concentrated, the flowers and grass, brick by brick, or a cat a dog, are filling Beijing style. Shichahai often walk in and see those foreign friends blonde, have lamented, Shichahai is not only a destination people will visit to Beijing, it has become the eyes of Beijing's foreign friends a tour card. Shichahai's attraction lies Shichahai bar street noise and quiet the collision, but also because of the impact those around Shichahai criss-cross the alley, the history and reality.

Crow alley child: once the boundary is yellow

Crow child alley

Crow child alley, because in the Yuan Dynasty Shichahai Riverside children along so called child alley, take homophonic renamed the Qing Dynasty duck children alley, as Banners are yellow boundary. Since 1949 renamed the crow child alley.

No. 6 Hospital, faintly visible in the old house dwelling worm writer Xiao Jun is to take the name. From 1951 until his death, Xiao Jun in this small Western-style building lived for 37 years. Today, cochlear dwelling left vacant, weed downstairs chaos watts. Alley in the middle of the Ming Dynasty Temple Guanghua Temple, Temple Fine sweet, strong incense. Here often organized Buddhist activities, during the first, fifteen, even more pilgrims clouds.

Byway rice: oddly shaped alley

Rice Byway

Byway rice from northeast to southwest, slightly "S" shape. According to the "Du Cong test" records, alley early years there is a "Temple of rice", rice Byway hence the name.

Rice Xie Jie Zhang 11 homes late Qing Dynasty minister of state residence, No. 7 was a garden courtyard Zhang House, both houses of internal communication, accounted for almost half of the alley. Today, 11 homes are old oil ministry dormitory, hospital still red lacquer doors, brick on Portal, halls, trees and other remains. No. 7 Hospital, the former rockeries, pavilions, flowers long gone, became the tenements. The last emperor Pu Yi Wenxiu divorced, remarried had 23 homes renting, there are still some old neighbors remember her look.

Large gold alley: dyeing the missing shadow

Large gold alley

Northern large gold alley, a small gold alley, Ming Dynasty, the small gold alley with a weaving, dyeing, Supply color silk palace used. To the Qing Dynasty, renamed the gold and silver sash alley. "Sash" is the past used to decorate clothing lace, whether civilian or small households rich people, women can not do without it. In 1965 it changed to its current name.

Hutong No. 1 original "icehouse loyalty to" take the old icehouse winter hidden in Shichahai, the summer palace for use, owner of the house is one of "supplier", now here is the house called the "unknown" Yunnan restaurant. Hospital No. 12 and No. 33 A hospital is well-preserved courtyard houses, the Municipal Tourism Commission is awarding the "Beijing people," Front Hutong Tour to visit and stay.

Three no's old alley: the remains of Zheng He

Three no's old hutong

The famous Ming Dynasty navigator Zheng He's not old mansion on three alley because of the civil Zheng honorific "three guarantees Daddy", so with the "three guarantees Daddy" is the name of the alley, according to the Qing homonym pass for the "three no's old hutong . "

Reportedly three no's old hutong homes for the No. 6 Zheng House, its pattern still exist, very heavy wooden door, damaged door mounds on both sides of the vicissitudes of life beckons. The eastern section of the northbound lane has a red brick buildings, where once literati meta, Xu Ying, Zi Gang, Huang Zongying, who have successively lived. Crosstalk master Hou Baolin have lived near this alley early age. There are so many cultural celebrities as neighbors, frequently appears in poetry and writing in the three alley not old memories, but also tainted dramas.

Cotton Alley: romantic interpretation of "Friends"

Cotton Alley

The late Ming famous female General Qin Liangyu loyalist army north, cotton is the alley where she garrison. The national treasury, Qin Liangyu and her army to raise their pay, cotton textiles endless night. Cotton Alley's name, the people entrusted with the memory of the hero of Heroine.

66 Cotton Lane, now the China Meteorological Administration hospital dormitory, was the former residence of Cai E. The courtyard, the number of thrilling happened, maneuvers. According to records, this Chinese-style frequented the house, as Cai E "Jinwucangjiao" confused Yuan Shikai "momentum." Insider recalled, although Xiao Fengxian later married someone else, but each comes untimely death of Cai E will be broke down in tears, sincere feelings are not visible due to the passage of time eroded.

Squid alley: Red House evoke dreams

Squid alley

Squid alley located west of Prince Gong's Mansion, there are bars after stealing Jia Lian marry Similarities Jinwucangjiao "small squid Alley" in the "Dream of Red Mansions" in. Many people think that research Prince Gong's Mansion is the prototype of "Garden", which also put flowers alley and "Dream of Red Mansions" linked to together.

Red House dream flowers brought back alley, then Similarities really staying over here, then? "Dream of Red Mansions" The first 64 back wrote:. "But a few days, will everything go as early as completed, after Wing Street was rather small squid lane two miles distance given to buy a house, a total of twenty" GongXueGu Zhou Ruchang He believes that the small squid Lane "Dream of Red Mansions" in the alley refers to the squid.

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