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Yuanmingyuan Raiders play four seasons

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Yuanmingyuan Yuanmingyuan is located in the western suburbs of Beijing Haidian District, the Summer Palace and tight adjacent. It was built in Kang Xi 46 years (1709), the Summer Palace, Changchun Park, Wan Chunyuan Park III components. There are more than 100 scenic gardens, construction area of ​​over 160,000 square meters, the Qing Dynasty emperors created and operating in more than 150 years between a large royal palace.

"Summer Palace", was named by the Kang Xi Emperor. Xuan Ye Yu Shu words plaque, hanging just above the lintel Yuanmingyuan house. There is an explanation for this park name of Emperor Yongzheng, said the meaning of "Yuanmingyuan" the word is: "round and ecstatic, when the gentleman also; bright and shining, Daren wise also." Mean, "circle" refers to the personal qualities a successful intact, beyond the ordinary; "that" refers to the political performance Mingguang shine, perfectly sensible. This can be advertised over the feudal ruling class could maintain the standard Xianxiang.

In addition, "Yuan Ming" Emperor Yongzheng period from Prince chanted been using, Yongzheng Emperor Worship of Buddhism, No. "Yuan Ming Buddhist" Dharma and have deep study. Author "Royal option quotations" volume 19 and "magic sorting imperial recorded Discrimination." In the pattern of the early Qing Dynasty Buddhist sects, the Yongzheng emperor to Zen Zongjiang itself, and as a "world master" to impose upon Buddhist, efforts to promote "three religions" and "International Buddhist Progress Society unity" is the history of Buddhism very important person. Emperor Kang Xi in the garden gave the Yin belly (later Emperor Yongzheng), inscribed park called "Summer Palace" It is intended to take Yongzheng Buddhist name "Yuan Ming."

Yuanmingyuan - Western House Ruins

- Yuanmingyuan Western House Ruins -

Yuanmingyuan is one of the famous imperial garden of the Qing Dynasty. Yuanmingyuan Park III area of ​​over 5,000 more than 200 acres, more than 150 views. Yuanmingyuan was first given to Emperor Kang Xi Emperor Yin belly four sons (later Emperor Yongzheng) the garden. When Kang Xi forty-six years that the year 1707, the garden has taken shape. In November, Kang Xi emperor has visited the Summer Palace travel tours. Yongzheng emperor ascended the throne after 1723, thanks to expansion of the original park, and build a temple fair and square and the main hall and cabinet ground in South Park, six, military aircraft at various values ​​room, Royal to "avoid noise hearings." Emperor Qianlong reign of 60 years, but each of Yuanmingyuan business structure, day repair Hua, Shi Chun water transfer, charge silver million. In addition to his Yuanmingyuan local additions, alterations, except in tightly built east of Changchun Park, in the southeast neighborhood incorporating Yee Spring Garden. Qianlong thirty-five years, ie 1770, Yuanming three parks are taken shape. Jiaqing North Korea, mainly to carry out repairs and Yee Spring Garden extension built, making it one of the main park home sites. North Korea dynasty, the national affairs on the decline, lack of financial resources, but rather the withdrawal Wanshou, Xiangshan, Yuquan "three mountains" of furnishings, strike Rehe Mountain and Mulan hunting, renovation and decoration not give up three parks of Yuanmingyuan.

Yuanmingyuan Harukage

- Yuanmingyuan Chom -

Because of Beijing's spring and autumn is relatively short and, therefore, it is very precious. Spring went to the Summer Palace, you can enjoy the beauties of springtime, truly be said: "beauties of springtime extra duty." Share warmth fascinating. The fall of the garden as beautiful scenery, when we walk on asphalt, artistic conception of the picture, how can you miss it.

Having the Yuanmingyuan spring and autumn, of course, it is the highlight of the summer. Next to the park to enjoy the summer lotus under it.

The whole park lake has planted more than 100,000 square meters of flowers, pots of lotus land lotus boutique showcase nearly 400 species, forming a good landscape lotus effect. Into the Yuanmingyuan, he went into the world of flowers, line of sight, ocean waves, Wan emerald green stream.

Yuanmingyuan autumn

- Yuanmingyuan autumn -

Boutique Lotus Exhibition: Tour along the lotus is fine exhibition, a variety of quality flowers swaying in the wind, lotus Kingston, Maple Leaf Tada.

Lotus bowl viewing area: In the wind load floor, lotus colored bowls on display in the rustic Bogut shelves, visitors can close quietly enjoy a bowl of lotus Zhuozhuo grace.

Wang Lin viewing area: as big as a Wang Lian roulette will be exhibited in the pavilion Kam Bi waters. Wang Lin aquatic plant has the largest leaves of flowering plants, twenty or thirty kilos of child sat on it will not sink, Wang Lin tropical waters originated from South America, and in the Yuanmingyuan Kam Bi Pavilion visitors can see her mysterious Fang Yung.

Gulian viewing area: solemn Dharma Realm south side of the water a hundred years gulian also showing off her unique style to visitors. Yuanmingyuan Yuanmingyuan gulian for the wild river, by the relevant experts, has been a century of history.

Lotus Pond: As a highlight of this year's Lotus Festival, Yuanmingyuan Management Office in particular to extend the opening hours of the park, visitors can experience the Dutch attitude, Dutch rhyme in the light of the shadow.

Yuanmingyuan Summer View

- Yuanmingyuan Summer View -

Kam Bi painting and calligraphy exhibition pavilion, multi-purpose hall high imitation of ancient painting and calligraphy exhibition, tea wind load floor, sea view monthly water charge cardigan and other activities allows visitors to understand the variety of entertainment and cultural knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, to get the spirit of enjoyment . In the business services area, visitors can also enjoy with lotus root, lotus leaves, lotus make delicious snacks.

Boating to each other through the waters, landscape features the unique taste of Yuanmingyuan Yamagata water formed, in a beautiful natural environment Yuanmingyuan, listening to the water boating, Mt Shanghe, or stroll among the flowers, or boating lake, experience the beauty of the Royal Garden to participate in the public interactive activities, enjoy a rare holiday mood!

Yuanmingyuan winter scene

- Yuanmingyuan winter scene -

Winter Yuanmingyuan, also do not have some appreciation. The original has been felt in the summer of Yuanmingyuan is interesting, especially in the south similar to those chi Spring Garden Gully Branch Branch, in the summer whether it is water or the shore are covered with a thick layer of plants, as well as rare tracks, it is a quiet location. It now appears that winter is worth Fuhai Shangjian some of the. Winter to the Summer Palace Walk, there will be a different surprise, you will listen to the sounds of nature and savor the picturesque views.

Look no different from a chi Spring Garden the north, through the interior of the two Yuanmingyuan asphalt road, and then around the lake where the Shihfang it to Fuhai southeast corner of the ice to melt fuhai, into blue water, filled with bursts of the north wind waves. West along the south bank of a sudden there was an incredibly sweet voice, as if made of jade chimes dancing in the wind gently hitting each other, but there are water gurgling sound of the intermediate and corresponding. Drill stop, the original block of many small and large ice floes are sent together north south bank, but also the wind flowing in the tap water with each other, so only so soothing! Slowly westward in such pleasant sounds of nature, the lake came to the west, Zongmu looked, actually do not have a view winter: the distance Fuhai that long, winding shore, the gray willows describe a side branch, there is a painting of color. And sometimes dotted red house, so that the background is not monotonous. Even better, the melt in the vicinity of the lake and the lake is still frozen at the border, lined up along the edge of the ice, the team stands a clean and beautiful duck. Mostly gray, a few neck of flowers. Suddenly, as if the ducks had a command, together jumped into the water from the ice, like a fleet from the port of departure!

Yuanmingyuan play reference information

Car lines

Subway: Line 4: mouth Yuanmingyuan station B


Yee Spring Garden arrival Yuanmingyuan palace car lines: 320,628,697,801,6,319,331,432,438,498,664,690,696,826 and so on.

Yuanmingyuan Park East Gate to reach the Changchun car lines: 664, and other special 4,982,365,432,656,681,717,743,814,963.

ticket price

1: Yuanmingyuan 10 per ticket, important sites there are three: water law, Western House, including the Church. Among them, water law, Western House needs a single charge, with the Church at no extra charge.

2: Most people like to go to the Winter Palace a few rushed to the site, in fact, the Summer Palace too, inside the natural scenery is also very good, highly recommended to Fuhai boating.

Service Settings

Transportation: car batteries, wheelchair, boat

Bathroom (toilet total of eight), infirmary, dining (three holes bridge fast food, fast food tearoom was full Court, galleries fast food tearoom, fast food maze)

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