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Fragrant Hills Park autumn leaves ornamental Raiders

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Fragrant leaves many tourists are aware mainly concentrated in the area of ​​Nanshan Fragrant Hills Park, but what is the best way to enjoy the red leaves? Where is the best tour leaves the place?

Fragrant Hills Park autumn leaves ornamental Raiders

- Fragrant Hills Park Autumn Landscape -

One leaves the best view of: quiet Lake

Orient House door toward the south into the park five minutes' walk from Lake quiet, this is definitely one of the best viewing points recently. Jing Lake Providence Park, formerly known as Xiangshan period of "Ping Shan with water", as the name suggests, is to describe the scenery here in the mountains as a barrier to water as jade. Scenic area surrounded by mountains, glossy dark green pines and cypresses on the hillside in full swing leaves against the background of extraordinarily beautiful, now form the West Qiao, Nanna leaves, east Yuanxiu, stunning views of the North reflect cypresses. Located in scenic waterfall pavilion for visitors to rest and enjoy the scenery is a good place to listen to the sound of running water.

Features: from the door recently, most save energy, mountains and water, leaves landscape effect lasts the longest.

Watch Capacity: 300 - 400 people.

Best viewing time: about October 25 to November 9.

Tips: Because of static Lake surrounded by mountains, backlit when the camera is easy, you need to find a good angle.

Fragrant Hills Park autumn leaves ornamental Raiders

Leaves the best view of the two: Xiangshan Temple

Xiangshan Temple was built in the Tang Dynasty, it is the birthplace of Xiangshan Culture. Xiangshan Temple, although the rise and fall several times, was burnt down in the late Qing Dynasty, the only remaining sites, but where towering old trees, stone engraved with exquisite murals screen, neat handwriting exquisite stone as if to tell the history of changes. Xiangshan Temple is located in the south, close to the famous patriotic education base Shuangqing Villa, up the line after a joy from Villa Park Shuangqing reach a more open place is the Xiangshan Temple, where visitors can wander in pine green under the shade, overlooking the hills turn red leaves, chair rest on the road and experience the pulse of history.

Features: The most history and culture, can look at the side view of history leaves thin edge of the ruins.

Watch Capacity: 500--800 people.

Best viewing time: October 18 to November 2.

Tips: Xiangshan Temple some sections are more stairs, walk to pay attention to safety.

Three best viewing point of the leaves: Heshun door

Heshun door located South of Xiangshan Mountain at an altitude of 300 meters, was a garden on the south side of the wall, in the early Qing Dynasty, the emperor to play often Badachu Park Heshun direction through the door go, therefore, began to the Levant Pavilion Heshun door section of the road is known as the Gu Yudao. In recent years, the park this road repair and overall transformation of the area, the roads shade of clouds, planted red leaves, Gu Yudao full of new life, while effectively shunt ornamental leaves the crowd, rational use of road resources. In Gu Yudao ornamental leaves from the leaves is recent, deep into the forest directly to the leaves.

Features: The most in-depth leaves forest, is a good opportunity to understand the Fragrant leaves.

Watch Capacity: 3000--5000 people.

Best viewing time: October 25 to November 9.

Tips: Due to the high location, be prepared for climbing.

Leaves best viewing point four: Yuhua Xiu

Yuhua Xiu is located in the center of the whole garden, the park is the largest of a flat terrain, but also the most open field of vision. From the East Gate admission, travels upwardly along the middle about 20 minutes to reach Yuhua Xiu. Yuhua Xiu within two floors, architectural style of the Qing Dynasty courtyard in full accordance with rehabilitation from, Gu Pu elegant, string and wind sound of voices. If visitors temporary wall overlooking the pines and cypresses silhouetted against cenglinjinran another golden ginkgo leaves, Luan tree dotted, more like gem kiosk mounted on it, beautiful panoramic view, in painting the middle.

Features: The most open field of vision, but can also enjoy watching the leaves of pure mountain spring water brewed tea.

Watch Capacity: 800 - 1000 people.

Best viewing time: October 15 to November 4.

Tips: Yuhua Xiu East Gate to the road more relaxed, suitable for the whole family together to go.

Leaves best viewing point five: Xiang Wu Cave

Xiang Wu Cave twenty-eight times in a quiet garden location should be the highest of a scene, because of the surrounding vegetation aroma filled the air, it is called Xiang Wu Cave, meaning fragrant clouds quiet room. Xiang Wu Cave is located in Xiangshan hillside, the terrain is relatively flat, park in the construction of a number of fitness equipment, climbing on the way to become a good place for visitors to rest and fitness, especially in recent years the park complex built Xiang Wu Cave of the main building, the incense fog restored cave style classical imperial garden. Standing Xiang Wu Cave tour leaves, can feel the layers, far and near leaves reflects the different red, full of feelings of exposure to natural fun and comfortable.

Features: The most classical imperial garden with ornamental point characteristics, can be climbing on the way to rest, tea.

Watch Capacity: 800 - 1000 people.

Best viewing time: October 15 to November 4.

Tips: Arrival Xiang Wu Cave takes about half an hour or more of time, light and comfortable to wear shoes more appropriate.

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