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Beijing Panjiayuan flea market

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Beijing Panjiayuan Flea Market is located in the southeast corner of Third Ring Road Beijing, is China's largest flea market, operating a variety of artifacts and painting, the four treasures, porcelain and wood furniture, a total of more than three thousand booths, there are many ethnic minorities in this by by the national product, and therefore management of goods in addition to food can be said to be varied, some people say it is like a museum, this is the cheapest Beijing flea market, attracting a large number of Chinese and foreign tourists.

Beijing Panjiayuan flea market

- Panjiayuan Flea Market -

  Market operators from Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Henan, Guangxi, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet and other 24 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, involving Han, Hui, Manchu, Miao, Dong, Victoria, Mongolian, Tibetan, North Korea more than a dozen ethnic groups, the main market operators items with antique furniture, four treasures, ancient paintings, old books, agate Yucui, ceramics, Chinese and foreign coins, bamboo ivory, shadow mask, Buddhist keepsake, ethnic clothing, apparel, relics of the Cultural Revolution and daily necessities.

Beijing Panjiayuan flea market

- Panjiayuan Flea Market -

  Panjiayuan flea market purchase, an excellent place for second-hand appreciation of antiques, crafts, collectibles, decorations. As the market and strategic location, convenient transportation, rich folk features, trading flexibility, the majority of Chinese and foreign guests alike. Market by the news media as "the country's largest flea market" and "the largest most comprehensive category of collectibles market", "the country's largest distribution center for folk arts and crafts", visiting the Panjiayuan flea market has become a large domestic and foreign guests to Beijing one tourist attractions.

Beijing Panjiayuan flea market

- Panjiayuan Flea Market -

  Panjiayuan Flea Market is the most popular Chinese antique goods market. Market sit shop shop opened 365 days a year, every stall opening weekend, opening day weekend traffic of six or seven people, including foreign guests nearly ten thousand people. Different colors, different languages, different classes, different beliefs visitors blend in here. Former US president's wife Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Ha Side, Greek Prime Minister Simitis Brahimi, Romanian Prime Minister Nastase, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, dozens of foreign dignitaries had come here to visit shopping. "Climbing the Great Wall, to eat roast duck, the Imperial Palace, visiting the Panjiayuan" has become an important item of foreign tourists travel to China. Chinese market is the most comprehensive category of collectibles market. The main items of business with antique furniture, four treasures, ancient paintings, old books, agate Yucui, ceramics, Chinese and foreign coins, bamboo bone carving, shadow mask, Buddhist keepsake, ethnic apparel, and other relics of the Cultural Revolution. The market is the window to show the collections, collectors exchange platform, Friends of Tibet Taobao's paradise. Market is China's largest distribution center for folk arts and crafts. There Hengshui snuff bottles, Yangliuqing New Year, Jiangsu embroidery, Dongyang wood carving, stone carving Quyang, Shandong's shadow, Jiangxi porcelain and crystal jewelry, Yixing purple clay, bronze, Shaanxi, Yunnan costumes, Tibetan Buddhism supplies, Xinjiang white jade, pottery and so on Taiwan. These different characteristics of folk arts and crafts from all over China converge Panjiayuan, and from here are sold throughout China and the world.

Address: Chaoyang District, Beijing Warwick Lane 18

Car lines: a mere 36 Station Road Sulawesi in China, the passage 51 at Warwick Road station, by road 802, 674 Station Road Panjiayuan west

Car lines: Ring Routing Ring Road East Road Warwick Road exit second ring, bicyclic roads north to east along road panjiayuan turn right, i.e., to the east has been running; tricyclic tricyclic Huawei Qiao exit route , Huawei Qiao next turn right, along with Warwick Road west Warwick Road junction to turn right; Ring Ring route east to west with four bridges, by Song Yu Road, Warwick Road junction Huawei Qiao to turn right .

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