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Beijing folk custom: wedding wedding celebration

OHTN2017-09-26Wes lee

Since ancient times, the marriage of a man has been regarded as the first "joy" in life.Chinese feudal society for a long time in the institution of marriage, custom throughout "the lives of their parents, their arranged" and "death" in ethics, in the old marriage customs of old Beijing is reflected;It takes a lot of red tape to get married and get married.

Beijing folk custom: wedding wedding celebration

To protect the marriage is to introduce the marriage, commonly known as "the media".Through introducing the matchmaker, men and women both parties consent from parents, the first thing to a "gateway", each with a red paper passbook, write the name, age, domicile of origin, three generations (great-grandfather, mother, mother, grandfather, father, mother) name, etc., by the matchmaker, namely "yili" in "q".Later, the elders of both sexes choose auspicious days and appropriate occasions to visit each other to learn about each other's family property status, family name, appearance of the girl, uncle's life and so on.

The marriage has been checked and visited each other, the two sides have no objection on each other, and then "eight words stick".Both sexes use a piece of red paper to write the birth year, the month, the day, the time, please "star life" to see the two sides "eight words", is called "marriage".Because each person's birth has a year, month, day, time four parts, each part is occupied, each one word, four parts total eight words, so call batch "eight words".The star said that both men and women must marry in order to get married, so as not to get married or get in the way of a family.

Beijing folk custom: wedding wedding celebration

Then the life pavilion "eat red pen" Mr "Yin and Yang" according to "dry made" (a man), "bride" (woman) a birth horoscope and mutually, in writing, such as "child with ugly and", etc.), and according to the "zodiac" and bearing until marry date and avoid what animal sign, etc, to write in a red paper passbook, called "dragon rewelding post".This is the old marriage certificate.

To be married is to set it free.The old days have been set and enlarged.When a girl is engaged, she is used to changing her hair style. In the past, she used to pigtail her hair, usually without a braided tail. Once she was too small, she would tie her hair back to the roots.Pay attention to some family set small time, the man wants to give the woman jewelry four samples: ring one or a pair;A pair of bracelets;Earrings pair;The collar is one, gold, silver or silver.The enlargement meant that the marriage of both sexes was final.At this time, the man wants to ask the woman to send the financial gift, the woman also publicly requests, sometimes the two sides haggle, becomes the centralized performance of buying and selling marriage.

Beijing folk custom: wedding wedding celebration

The dowry is a dowry for the first day of the bride's wedding, and the bride's dowry is sent to the men's family for the dowry.

The number of pretence is based on the family finances.In the middle home, there are twenty-four lifting, thirty-two lifting and forty-eight carrying;The poor shall bear the double count for the six, the twelve, the eight and the six.Content is usually carried by some camphorwood box (in four seasons of clothes, shoes and hats), "sons" (put the usual favorite objects and save money), even a long narrow table, square table, a dresser and so on household decoration.The rich family can be more than 80, the furniture and other things, all the time, the streets and streets, attracts a crowd.That year old Beijing have nursery rhyme to sing a way: "moon moon shine east window, zhang jia girl good dowry, gold skin ark, silver skin box, tiger skin chair ivory bed.Baby powder, bonehead, two hundred cotton rouge..."

To marry is also called "welcome".The wedding ceremony of the old Beijing office is usually held in the family, and also in the food zhuang zi.In the wedding ceremony, there are many exquisite and ceremonial occasions, such as the hustler, the arrangement of the happy room, the arrangement of the wedding party, the sedan chair, the organ, the rattler, the sedan chair, the bridal sedan chair, the new home, the wedding ceremony, and so on.The busy situation of the wedding ceremony, all the volleyball court has a concentrated expression in the wedding ceremony.As one of the early nursery rhymes said, "big girl, two girls, little girl gives me a message.Take a big tent.The horn lamp, twenty pairs, married the wife two heads, give the wife a samara.The eight regiments of coats, four wagons, horses, and horses."

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