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Beijing traditional marriage customs

OHTN2017-10-14Wes lee

The country has its own unique wedding customs, Beijing's traditional wedding customs which have auspicious meaning what? Here together to tell us about it.

Beijing traditional marriage customs

First, shoot Jiaolian

After the sedan stopped, the groom holding a bow and arrow, respectively heaven, earth, air-launched three arrows bride, give meaning to take the arrow bow good luck. This ancient custom is said to get rid of the bride of evil, as well as a layer of meaning, is to give the bride played rough, reminding her to become the new wife to abide by the Women, do a virtuous Shukutoku good wife.

Second, cross brazier

Bride and groom together across the brazier, intended to take evil, pray for the future life is booming. Cross-brazier tradition, are said to hinder the "ghost with the end of" tracking ghosts afraid of fire, not across the brazier, from "a fire two off."

Third, pick hijab

This ceremony is our pick hijab most familiar things first of all the wedding night. The bride and groom to use weighbeam pick at the head of the hijab, hijab peeled off after the groom to the bride stroking hair.Weighbeam expose hijab take "bed of roses" means, touching hair, it is a symbol of life together.

Fourth, step on tile

Sui Ping step on the tiles, representing the past, such as rubble in general, I want to start a new life, metaphors, "like the old days of broken tile." In addition means is that the ancient people's attention boys, step on the original meaning of rubble film hope the bride not to "Nongwa" that is hoped more than a boy.

V. wedlock

Two wine glasses with red drink wedlock link, called the "Phoenix three nod", "a nod" each drink a wedding, "two nodded" husband will be full cup of wine is poured into a cup wife, then the wife of wine equally to husband "three nodded" husband and wife exchange drank the cup. After drinking wedlock couples into one symbol, they have the same status as married love each other, Pepsi harmony, but also contains profound meaning for the bride and groom through thick and thin.

Sixth, throwing Hydrangea

Hydrangea Zhuang custom to throw the Song dynasty, gradually evolved into young men and women express love the way its heyday very grand occasion when the line. Today, in the form of Hydrangea throwing into Western-style wedding bouquet toss tradition, meaning to share the joy, spread happiness.

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