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Beijing folk custom: After tomb-sweeping day, watch magnolia

OHTN2017-09-27Wes lee

As soon as the qing Ming passed, Beijing people began to spring outing.Magnolia is one thing.The white, chunky petals of the magnolia flower are indeed inviting.

Because yulan is a southern plant, in the Ming and qing dynasties, with the rise of garden architecture, it was also transplanted to Beijing, and more in xishan.The two magnolia in the Summer Palace are well known.Once every year, people began to flock together to the happy hall. There were no buses, there were cars and donkeys, and more people walked west to west.

Beijing folk custom: After tomb-sweeping day, watch magnolia

Two colors of magnolia, the magnolia did not give thanks, and purple magnolia opened its small purple bowl.People gathered around two magnolia trees, looking up at them, and could not bear to walk away.In fact, Beijing is more famous for the magnolia temple's yulan.

The temple was built in the four years (1068) of the liao dynasty (1068). It was originally called the qingshui court, and renamed the grand vision temple after the Ming xuanzong.There flowing water, green mountains, beautiful scenery.In the south, the legend is a relic of the Ming dynasty, with a diameter of a ruler. It is not tall and attractive. The flowers also seem to be heavy.It is no wonder that people always go to see flowers before and after the qing dynasty.It was planted in the qing dynasty.The flowers bloom more than the magnolia, but the wind is less.The temple also has a thousand years of ginkgo and ancient monuments in the liao dynasty, which is totally worth visiting.

Remember 40 years ago when the jade orchid was in season, once and friend has been to the grand vision temple, left unforgettable impression.

Friends rw is garden expert, he told me that Beijing's oldest yulan near the temple of great enlightenment in the city of mountain, there is a small garden, don't know is which aristocrat in Ming dynasty, in the mountains looming pavilions, hospital have two yulan, with iron railings around, yulan coarse than temple of great enlightenment, grew well, because is located in the remote quiet countryside, unknown, so no one to disturb it, the tree grow better.In fact, the Forbidden City also has two magnolia, deep lock courtyard, normally not open, so few people know.

To appreciate yulan's need to master the climate, early flowers are not released, to be late and fade away.To the north wind crazy, the good end of the flower, sometimes a night wind, the next day broke the jade.So it is not easy to choose the right time to watch yulan.A line of magnolia has been planted on the north side of chang 'an street in recent years.In the future, beijingers will not have to travel to the countryside, and don't worry about climate change. If you follow the red wall, you can enjoy the flowers.

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