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Beijing Tongzhou Canal boatmen chant

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Tongzhou Canal boatmen boatmen which refers to sub Tongzhou Canal in Tianjin (i.e. the North Canal) is. It is a unified labor canal boatmen pace, increasing labor interests, improve labor efficiency and the creation of folk varieties. Origin canal boatman chant, and now can only be traced back to the Qing Dynasty based on the memories of the singer. It is based on family, mentoring, mutual learning ways of inheritance so far. Today, the only descendant of the canal chant of Tongzhou Yongshun town 75 years Zhao Qingfu Tan salt.

Tongzhou Canal boatmen chant performances

- Tongzhou Canal boatmen chant performances -

Tongzhou is located in the southeast of Beijing, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in Hebei starting point, as early as the Qin Dynasty have water transport activities. Yuan Mingqing three generations, the feudal dynasty capital Beijing, the canal entered a heyday. At that time, the annual transportation Caochuan two thousand ships, end to end convergence Shiji Li, accompanied by magnificent mighty fleet, one after another, chant the sound magnificent. Guangxu the end, the abolition of water transport, Tongzhou dock position gradually disappear, but private passenger and freight transport until 1943, when the canal due to the drought drying up stop on the canal. So far, a total rise and fall with the water transport chant disappeared from the Grand Canal. But the boatman chant due to human transmission, it has spread.

Tongzhou Canal boatmen chant

- Tongzhou Canal boatmen chant -

Canal boatmen child labor and water transport boatman close companion. Many of its related equipment, including water transport ship and boat masts, tarpaulin, oars, pole, anchor, tow rope, will ship stone.

Kind of boatman chant

Canal boatmen chant many species have been collected, sorted out ten kinds twenty-two, including: anchor number, football head red hull number, rowed number, warehouse number, stand number masts, run canopies number, number Chuang Beach, No. tow, twist off number, free number. In addition to its concert form anchor No. singing outside, and are a leading public.

Canal boatman chant is vivid historical memory, after hundreds of years of tradition, it is one of the important cultural symbols canal culture and Beijing iconic culture. Today, the canal boatmen chant has lost its living space. And Houjifaren on heritage. At the same time, its lack of adequate understanding of research and science.

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