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Beijing DaBaoTai Han Tomb Museum

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Beijing DaBaoTai Han Tomb Museum is located in a large Taihsi Huaxiang big Celebrex Village, Fengtai District, 15 km from the city center, a number of bus to arrive. Fair Pavilion for the hospital class cultural tourism area.

Beijing DaBaoTai Han Tomb Museum is located in a large Taihsi Huaxiang big Celebrex Village, Fengtai District, 15 km from the city center, a number of bus to arrive. Fair Pavilion for the hospital class cultural tourism area.

Large Celebrex Yin County Seat Township in the Western Han Dynasty, Tang said city fire cage. Dou Jiande peasant rebel leader and Youzhou Explorer Luo Yi was in this battle. Kim took the summer capital of the Zhang Zong Li Fei, was called Celebrex, later known as the big Celebrex. Han Dynasty tombs excavated in 1974, the museum was built on the site of the tomb. One big Celebrex restored by the tomb on display, large Celebrex Tomb sacrificial traveling exhibition, large Celebrex Han car restoration and display a large Celebrex, II tomb unearthed funerary objects on display 4 parts.

DaBaoTai Han Tomb Museum

A large Celebrex, II tomb, is the largest archaeological excavations in Beijing, two very luxurious tomb. Zigong is the center of the tomb, they house, yellow Minato intestinal problems. Use "Zigong, they house, yellow Minato intestinal problem" who "emperor system is also." According to the "Han. Huo Guang Biography" comments Huang said Minato intestinal problem "to the heart caused by tired yellow cedar coffin outside, Gu Yue Huang intestine. Wood are inward, twenty years Minato problem." According to research this is the Western Han Guang Yang Wang and Liu queen tomb, dating back more than 2000 years of history. Tomb is the founding of New China, first discovered the tomb yellow Minato intestinal problems, and so far has found the largest yellow bowel problems Minato tomb. For the study of ancient imperial burial system provides a very important and valuable materials. A large Celebrex, II tomb, although early stolen, but still unearthed pottery, copper, iron, jade, agate, lacquer, silk and so on more than 400 pieces of cultural relics. Many of which have a high level of technology, research in the late Western Han Dynasty political, economic and cultural development of precious materials.

DaBaoTai Han Tomb Museum

While museum exhibitions of historical sites, is also based on a wealth of information, it has launched the "cast pot ritual" activities and "small archaeological Jones" archaeological science project for interactive audience participation. Teenagers can learn about the basics of archeology, archaeological knowledge tools, mining methods learning, hands-on treasure hunt checkpoints, identify typical ancient artifacts. In recent years, Chinese archaeological museum has added interactive science exhibition, to spread and popularize the ancient Chinese science and technology through a number of interactive and multimedia projects, "through time and space, experience the ancient life science and technology", handwritten bamboo, rubbing, and higher activity than the ancients project.

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Address: Beijing Fengtai District, Celebrex;

Tel: 010-83612852;

Admission: Free

Hours: 9: 00--16: 00 (closed on Mondays)

Getting There: Take 635 Road (Summer Palace - World Park) bus to get off the park in the world, to the southeast walk 800 meters; or take the 744 (Beijing East Station - World Park) directly to the door; or take the 937 Road (Lishi - Dasso) and get off at South Gate Park to the world, that is to walk 800 meters; or take the World Park travel direct Line

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