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Beijing features snack: plum juice

OHTN2017-09-30Wes lee

Plum juice is a traditional old Beijing refreshing drink during the hot season, most people will buy from ebony row brewed (also useful for Yang Mei instead of ebony), inside put some sugar to acid after drinking iced. The starting material is plum plum juice, hawthorn, osmanthus, licorice, sugar these types of materials. "Compendium of Materia Medica", said: "semi-solid yellow plum picking who to smoke it as ebony." In addition it can cool hot delivery, ease pain, and even cough, cholera, dysentery, myth novel "White Snake" wrote ebony provision of plague story. The combined digestion Tang, the gas line loose silt, thirst, convergence lung, Chufan nerves, illnesses and other diseases can be determined Chang Yin, physical health, hot summer is rare health drinks.

Beijing features snack: plum juice

- Old Beijing plum juice -

- plum juice historical allusions -

Our long time ago plum juice. Contained in the ancient "land Gongmei fried" it is one of the oldest plum juice. Southern Song "martial arts business" and said "halogen plum water", is similar to a plum juice refreshing drink. Now we drink is sour plum Qing imperial kitchen for the emperor made refreshing thirst-quenching drink, and later spread to the private sector. It was introduced into China's soft drinks in Western Europe 150 years earlier.

Vendors have to do this small business. Hudson used to have in the door for the elderly, often holding ice cup (two small copper bowls) making noise attract attention, walking and sell. Kulai is the source of sour plum on a good summer drinks. By the Qing imperial kitchen improvements become the court of Queen drinks, so-called "Shi Gongmei fried" that is. Because: In addition to cool hot delivery, the effectiveness of safety heartache, expectorant cough, the provision of plague, thirst, known as "Yi Bao Qing imperial plum soup", was brought to the public, so the streets, nut and fruit shop door, street vendors everywhere selling plum juice. A crescent inserted stalls Ji (represented boil night), linked to a written "iced water plum juice" sign. Stall holding a small bronze bowl from time to time knocking audible clank. Congress is expected to have the road since May thirst, feeling already heard from the cool. Bowl sinks, the whole heat dissipation. Then plum juice and operators not only to peddle stall sold to sour plum-based shop a lot. Such as the bridge, "Qiu", Xidan archway "Lu Yu vegetarian," Ding Dong'anmen Street "in case of edge vegetarian" front door "Kowloon vegetarian," have a great reputation, currently surviving only when Liulichang Road South "Xinyuan fast".

Beijing made plum juice, when a letter to Liulichang far the most famous vegetarian. Xinyuan vegetarian plum in the middle of the night after a boil, put the white, blue and white porcelain jar in a large, old-fashioned town in a large bucket of green paint, the next morning when to sell, plum juice to cold vibration of teeth. Plum juice here every year since the Dragon Boat Festival play Hungry Ghost Festival ended, selling only 70 days, a day selling only two-cylinder, sold out so far.

plum juice production methods

Material: Dry ebony (catty), hawthorn (catty), laurel (twelve), licorice (twelve), borneol sugar or brown sugar.  

1, buy a home from a dry goods market dried plum and hawthorn must add open blisters.

2, together with a small amount of the bubble osmanthus and liquorice and plum apart hawthorn wrapped with gauze.

3. In a large pot filled with water, into the gauze bag, the fire to boil.

4, after boiling, adding an appropriate amount of borneol sugar or brown sugar can play a role staining. 5, simmer 6-7 hours, when the water is about to boil half, it turned into a sour plum.

[Notes] drinking

1, do not finish first drink plum juice, you can put a few days in the refrigerator. However, at room temperature, plum juice is very perishable, if you see the surface of thin foam floats, it indicates that the deterioration can not drink.

2. Add the sour plum have Sese licorice aftertaste, put some ice cubes drinking can reduce astringency.

3, the novice made out of plum juice, it may be too dark or too light, heat and water in the ratio only by more refined and more try!

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