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Beijing folk custom: autumn cricket fighting

OHTN2017-09-27Wes lee

The autumn wind, the wormworm, and the time the children turn over the basin to catch the cricket.

Crickets are also called "crickets" and Beijing is commonly known as "the crickets", and the ancient Chinese people from the court to the people are still promoting the play.

Beijing folk custom: autumn cricket fighting

Pu songling's "liaozhai zhizhi" in "the promotion" article wrote the tragic story of li min's crickets towards the imperial court.

In suzhou and hangzhou, the people are aggressive crickets, and the capital is also very popular.

In the Ming dynasty, the book "king jing", the book of "emperor jing", wrote the crickets in the yongding gate, the varieties, names, feeding methods and struggle scenes of the crickets.

In the Ming dynasty, there were books for the promotion of sutra.

The author has a few friends who raise crickets, and it's amazing to see them fighting over crickets.

There are two cricket shops in the campus of xuanwu outside Beijing, shandong yanzhou has a special person to sell the crickets and the breeding of crickets to buy the crickets. The best sellers can only sell them for a few yuan.

To keep crickets, Beijing pays attention to the "zhao ziyu" pot, which is used to water the crickets, so as to avoid the "burn" crickets in the bottom of the jar.

The crickets' food is made from rice and chopped green beans, which are made into a paste.

After the frost, the cricket wants to bask in the sun, and take out the tub for a while, cover it with a curtain, and take out the water and food in the sunburn, so as not to vaporize the hot air, and to fumise the crickets.

Beijing folk custom: autumn cricket fighting

Later in the afternoon, put the food and water into the bowl and bring it back to the house.

In the winter, the basin is placed in a tin pot, and a pot of four can be placed outside and wrapped in quilts for warmth, so that the crickets can be kept for the winter.

When the cricket fight was unprecedented, the servants went to the scene with a cricket basin.

In advance, the board will weigh the cricket in the balance and the equal parts will be able to duel.

The owner of the two sides bets, the number is written on the water sign, others can also bet.

When the cricket was in the basin, the master lured him with a probe.

If one side fails to run, the "probe" will lead back to the fight, and after three rounds, they will run, even if they lose.

So the innings collect the bets, deduct ten percent of the tap, and pay the winner.

Beijing people can watch cricket fighting, but bystanders must keep quiet, afraid to disturb the crickets, jump out of the pot, this is called "jing", "jing bowl after crickets back into the bowl, generally will lose heart, can't fight.

The tianjin fighting cricket is not allowed to watch, only the two owners and the "prison basin" (i.e.

The winner of the fight, the crickets and the wings, the master in the basin cover a sticker on the record.

When such crickets are dead, the owner will be heartbroken and will be buried with silver flakes, and will be crowned with the title of "chang sheng" and "the founding commander".

In the past, Beijing has been a big producer of crickets, and the number of people who have lost their educations has become more numerous.

Therefore, the breeding of crickets should only be used for the theatre, and not to be lost.

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