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Beijing souvenirs: Peking opera masks


Peking Opera Art is the majority of opera lovers a very popular art, very popular at home and abroad, it has been recognized as the identification of traditional Chinese culture. Peking Opera, is a special feature of a national of makeup. As each historical figure or a certain type of person has an approximate spectral type, like sing, play music to the music, so called "Facebook." About Face sources, the general view is from mask.

Beijing souvenirs: Peking opera masks

Peking Opera originated in life. The shape of each organ of the human face, contours similar to the physiological layout also have certain rules, and the character of the age of l texture of facial muscles, physiology, experience the natural conditions of life are also closely related, so the hook is painted Peking Opera to life as the basis of life is summarized. As life often said of people's face, dark tan, scared pale, smell of urine was red, brown and so sick, not only mental activity, reveal the mental state and physiological characteristics of the performance of the characters, but also to determine the mask color, line , basic patterns of the pattern. Although Facebook comes from life, but real life is magnified, exaggerated. Romance novels based on source and rap artistic exaggeration of historical figures, the description of the image, but also the Peking Opera. Such as Guan Yu Dan eye, lying silkworm eyebrows, Zhang Fei's leopard head and eye, Kuangyin surface, such as heavy date, all of which describe, are opera makeup to draw down on the opera stage performance is particularly evident, prominent. Peking Opera in the process of creation and development, a number of sources, in addition to the above, there are several:

1, drawing on the principles of genetic origin of life. As the son of Zhang Fei Zhang Bao, the son Meng Liang Meng Qiang, Jiao Zan's son, Jiao Yu, Yuchi Yuchi King Tak Lam et son, his father, Xi Yong Facebook, convention, become statute.

2, according to the names of the characters, will be attached to color, to determine the mask. Such as the Duke in the name of "white" and hook white face, green face tiger because of "green" word hook green face, the waves in the IOUs Zhang Shun due to "white" word hook white face, a dark and stormy benefits, such as black as black because " black "are hook bad cop.

3, repeated the baseless assertion; some of the characters of the mask from the "misinformation" (the correct tone, meaning false), to be attached homes. As a result of homophones and Wen Tianxiang Wen Taishi "smell" hook cop. It is a black steel, and steel with just cream, so opera old cases, where many people of strong character, intense black-hook, such as "Caoqiao off" just play Diao, (Xu Ce ran the city 9 drama Xue Gang) " Qingyang map "the play of Li Gang, are all in the name of" just "word and the black-hook (Peking opera is known as the" three just see red, "said). Guantai "eight wax Temple" play, "closed their wins," Guan Sheng play, because only with the same surname and hook red-faced Guan Yu.

Peking Opera facial makeup of the allegedly derived from a historical story: "Folk Miscellany," "Old Tang Music Record," "teach Fang Ji" records, the Northern Qi Dynasty (550--577 AD) Warrior Lanling high Christine Long, chivalrous extraordinary, but comely, since that is not enough to deter the enemy, then played with carved wooden masks, often win. Once a week with the division battle at the city of Luoyang Jin Yong, hit with less public, victory over the enemy. Qi Mu Qiyong crown forces, imitate his movements, into dance, accompanied by a song called "Warrior Lanling into the array song." The development of the Tang Dynasty into song and dance show, called Omo. When acting, playing Warrior Lanling actors wearing masks, "clothing purple, gold waist, Zhibian" ( "Folk Miscellany") singing and dancing, for a variety of command, hit prickly attitude. The play created a brave and skilled hero imagine, very popular. Later the opera mask, affected by it, also affected Japan's Kabuki its impact.

artistic characteristics of Peking Opera

Peking Opera's artistic characteristics, mainly in the deformation, vivid, meaning three.

Facebook is a pattern of artistic makeup, skin tones in it, when the facial muscles and organs, texture, although some live basis, but must be deformed. Deformable mask comprises two meanings, one from the shape, one shaping member. From the shape is informal in the natural form of life, the courage to exaggeration, decoration: take shape, is to pay attention to the art of composition, the color of some important parts of the face, lines, cleverly organized, grouped into a certain shape pattern in the past. By taking shape to achieve the apartment was like shape, the mask is a common practice, take shape there is a higher purpose, is to lean on God; to the character of. Character of the mask, not the whole character should draw in the face.

The independence of character and complexity of its own, only in the plot development, through performance, to fully show up; the character of the mask is to show the basic character of air in line, color and pattern mask is the beech The combined effect. Since the mask is patterned, you can put some sort of performance was very distinctive look, its superiority is Qiang Lie, but the more the look of some kind were very clear, the more impossible the performance figures demeanor on the same mask there significant changes, and therefore brings its limitations. Although the actor's facial expression can mask the air of some changes, but it can not break through this limitation. This is the Peking Opera can not hook a person is only one method of basic reasons. Qian Zhang Fei Jinfu hook smile, it is suitable for "Lu Huadang"; and his "super horse", and still emphasize Zhang Feiwei Yu Meng hook method is more appropriate. Facebook vivid, but also with moral combination.

Actor at the time of the creation of Facebook, they want to infiltrate their aesthetic evaluation of the characters. Facebook exaggerated, decorative, not only the distinctive look of the characters together, but also the creators of fresh mindset it up. Apartments appraise, do good and evil, is also an important feature of mask art, and meaning, often blending is not open to take shape. Face Many take shape, is both decorative techniques, but also the symbolism, is also a symbol of some essential aspects of the character. Facebook is often the creative process with a strong folk imagination ingredients. Imagine itself has positive and negative points, it will also be reflected in the Face of symbolism in the past, which need to be identified. So, VCDs and DVDs correctly distinguish between good and evil in a mask and carry forward the essence, discard the dross, but improving one performing arts an important part of water.

Classification of the Peking Opera

Whole face: a color in color, with exaggerated color, and then lays out, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and facial muscles delicate fine grain.

Three tile face: also known as the "three nest face", is further exaggerated the basis of the whole face of the picture card eyebrows, eyes, nose, eyebrow with two lines tick, a nasal fossa, so called "three-watt face . " Which again points "being three watt," "sharp three-watt," "spend three watts" "old three-watt" and so on.

Cross Menlian: a three-watt face developed, characterized by the three-color reduced to a color bar, the moon gate hook up to the nose, with this color symbolizes character. Primary color bar and eye socket constitute a "cross", hence the name "Cross Menlian" divided "Flower Cross Gate," "Old Cross Gate."

Sixth of the face: forehead is characterized by the dominant color of a color bar to shrink, exaggerated eyebrow, accounting for four tenths browed shape, the main color accounted for six tenths. "Sixth face" also known as "old head."

Floral face: from "spent three tile face" evolved, but the primary colors, secondary colors with other parts of Tim hook patterns, rich color, composition varied and fine lines, so called "Floral face."

Crooked face: mainly used thugs who exaggerated facial features accomplice errors, ugly, characterized by asymmetric hook method, gives a sense of skew.

Monk face: "Monk Face" also known as "monk face." Characterized by kidney orbital flower flower mouth bifurcated nasal fossa, a relic forehead hook bead round light or nine points represent Buddhist ordained.

Eunuch face: dedicated to the performance of harm eunuch without authorization, only the red and white color, forms approximately "whole face" and "three tile face", but exaggerated features eunuchs; forehead round hook light, to show their castration bidet , self-proclaimed Buddhist disciples. Fat cheeks and forehead lines, showing pampered Gluttons demeanor.

Ingot face: forehead and face was the color mixed, shaped like a gold ingot, so called "gold face." Points "ordinary ingot face", "down gold ingot face", "flower ingot face" three.

Pictographic face: generally used for myth drama, composition and color characteristics of the image are from each sprite supernatural, no fixed spectral type. Painting seems to be like a non-like, not too realistic, pay attention to "not intended to pen" in your "vivid", so viewers can find are instinctively what kind of supernatural being.

Fairy face: the "whole face", "three-watt" evolved, are used to show the face of God, Buddha, Buddha composition emulated. Mainly gold, silver, or gold hook add the secondary color, silver color coating lines and to show sacred dignity.

Clown face: also known as the "three face" or "little face", characterized by a white nose wipe Center "chunks", comedy show features characters with comic way.

Demon face: "demon face" is the day of the performance of the myth of the demon play other roles. Both Facebook also known as "random face."

Heroes face: "Heroes face" does not refer to outstanding figures in the face, but to play Quanbang teachers and thugs involved in martial arts face.

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