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Beijing folk art: crosstalk

OHTN2017-09-28Wes lee

Popular in Beijing drama, folk art has a long history and rich heritage. In addition to Beijing style drama originated in the Yuan Dynasty opera, the most famous is called the quintessence of opera since the formation of fifty-five years of Qianlong (AD 1790) the emblem of class to Beijing. As well as Hebei Clapper, opera and the resulting assessment derived "Beijing Leap" (West play commentary). The former is called "drama", the latter known as the "drama."

In addition, different forms of popular Beijing faces as well as "Luanzhou Lvpi play", puppet theater, Flower Drum Opera, Bajiao Gu, Beijing piano book, fork song, stringed, Jingyuntaigu, fast writing, plum drums, storytelling, peace drum, crosstalk and other small drama.

Beijing folk art: crosstalk

Beijing folk art: crosstalk

Comic - comic art is authentic Beijing "native", artisans say it is by Ba Jiaogu stand out.

Years ago, the famous clown played Bajiao Gu Zhang Sanlu, the word can be improvised on the spot grasping the main speaker, see King hygiene conditions, resourceful, unconventional, popular. But his strange character, not easy to take classes, the subject of exclusion, is to leave in anger, that is to say that learning to sing bucket entertainer, but he no longer call Bajiao Gu, is renamed the comic.

Later he followed the sky is Zhu Shaowen, the stage name "Bo is not poor." Originally opera clown, after the flyover with clay child "painting pot" (draw a large circle when the performing arts field) said rakugo ', than the average artist knowledgeable, quick thinking, able to improvise catch the main speaker, vulgar not to hurt ya, for the women and children the Dramas. His performance is of the "Dictionary" During the performance, decentralization small bag, built clay son, he left the name of "yu" (singing lyrics with two spatula peace, there is said to be "house poor "the stuff, is bestowed Zhu Hongwu thing, so that the harmonic tone called" yu ") with the right hand to the ground clay sub-word plan, side plan, his mouth, singing, a program has often play" as the word > "The Hurt cross> and so on.

Beijing folk art: crosstalk

After the founding of New China, comic become a "literary Light Cavalry war line." To Hou Baolin, Chang Po-kun, the Ma Ji as the representative of comic artists actively organize, adapt traditional scripts, create new tracks. Hou Baolin adaptation, performance tracks are "diverted", "drama Zatan", "drama and dialects", "关公战秦琼" "Empty City" "yin and yang" and so on. Tracks modern themes of "Night in mind," "percentage of fans", "divorce Prelude", "seeds fans", "drunk spill" and so on. Chang Po-kun new tracks and acted in "new riddles", "ideological problems" and so on. Maji Shan to reflect real life show theme song, creation, performance of the comic works of more than 100, "Like climbing hero", "portrait" and greater impact.

"The poor are not afraid," the apprentice Li Dexi (stage name "David"), the "joke king" reputation. Good cold funny, single-port counterparts, the group of comic monologues and taste. And master piece is up to, say three months is not re-sample. Cooperation with Zhang Dequan, to "dirty mouth" to "clean mouth", and created a lot of comic adaptation of the tracks, which the old judiciary dark satire comic dialogue "big ad litem" color appearance sound "monkey child" a great impact . In addition, stand-up comedy "Man-Han Doo," "antique king" "string in the book," comic dialogue "to pair", "sell pair" "pay the rent", "riddles", "tongue twister"; three comic " Pa jacket ", " cowardly seal land tax "," sell pair "and so on. Quatrains where subtlety, tire Sunburn population. Such as: "eyeball, nose child, under the anti-Confucius Zhu Xi; Mr. brow shall epigenetic epigenetic down than Mr. long; and so on.

Beijing folk art: crosstalk

At that time the famous "David" of Jiao Dehai, enjoy the name in the late Qing Dynasty to the 1930s; the "mouth consistent work" Kyo, the repertoire "to open soup kitchens," "to pair", "Three Character Classic crooked talk" and other sections .

"Glamorous" in 1922 after the death of Zhang Shouchen become a first-rate comedian. Due to the cooperation with the "glamorous", won the million for lessons. He not only played, but also the creation, adaptation of comic repertoire. Its repertoire "hides phrenology," "straight man's Department," "geographical map", "articles" and other, expose and satire of the then - some ills. Puppet, he changed that storytelling "Water Margin>.

Asked Republican period there is a "one to eat two," the commentary Kyrgyzstan Third, both that storytelling, comic said, both will Jingqiang, will "pretty words." "Glamorous" to the Shanghai show is not called out, but the three south Kyrgyzstan assessment has become a name. His daughter (the stage name "Lotus Girls") with him - from performers to sing the lyrics Pacific known. Pacific lyrics commonly used as comic in the episode, it played only a single lotus women and a man.

There is a ventriloquist with known comedian, famous Tang Jincheng (stage name "soup blind"), during the Republic of China can learn animals and birds call out, learn grinding scissors sharpening of the trumpet, fire brigade siren, or even cricket fighting, everything realistic.

Years ago, comic performers are generally put down to, and later entered the restaurant juggling, singing with the band with folk art performances. As individual restaurant less crosstalk. 1940s, Xidan shopping malls have blind Teahouse, all year round play comic special. An often even by the organizers foreman.

An often even the son of Chang Po-kun (the stage name "little mushroom") due to be staged on the radio

In recent years, the comic performances of improvement and change, and increased group mouth, the sound in the form of color appearance, often in the form of comedy, farce, burlesque in various holiday parties and TV shows.

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