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Beijing Badachu Park

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Badachu Park, located in the western suburbs of Beijing Xishan Scenic Area in the south. Now there are eight parks in the temple (Linh Quang, Changan Temple, Sanshan Nunnery, Great Mercy Temple, Longquan Temple, Temple incense industry, Sarah Cave, card fruit Temple), "Badachu" hence the name. Temple was built in the first eight khanate, after the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties to build from. Which Emmanuel, Changan, great compassion, fragrant sector, five card fruit Temple are Emperor Chi Jian. Linh Quang Liao strokes cents tower was dedicated to the Buddha tooth relic, the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 was destroyed by fire, after the founding by the late Premier Zhou Enlai approved the new Buddha Tooth Relic stupa.

Beijing Badachu Park

Badachu Park, located in the Taihang Mountains Nishiyama, Cui Wei, flat slope, Lu division three hills (there are claims that the West is Hutoushan, Qinglongshan east, north Cuiwei mountain) between a radius of three hundred thirty-two ha , the peak elevation of 464.8 meters. Was surrounded by three mountain shape, the shape of a huge armchair, forming a unique microclimate Badachu cool, thanks to this unique micro-climate, beautiful natural scenery Badachu moving, picturesque four seasons: spring, hillsides apricot, peach, spring, forsythia in full bloom in succession, round clusters, truly beautiful; summer mountainous Emerald, pale show elegant, robins cuckoo Bird, Flowing gurgle; fall, more than a dozen ten thousand sumac, torch, Acer truncatum leaves and other tree species, after the autumn frost, the mountain flow Dan, everywhere look good; into the winter, snow, snow lectins. Park fertile soil, abundant vegetation, the forest coverage rate reached 97.2%.

Beijing Badachu Park

Badachu Park is surrounded by the three mountains, because of well-preserved ancient temple named eight, again naturalness "Twelve King" famous, namely the ancients Chan said "Sanshan as China housing, eight brake as antique house, ten two King as the garden outside the house, "another cloud" Xiangshan of beauty is artificial, natural beauty Badachu lies in its natural beauty there too Xishan all win. "

Badachu Park is one of the most suitable climbing locations suburbs of Beijing, thousands of years of history and culture of precipitation, enriched by precious natural resources, "surrounded by three mountains" and the formation of a unique microclimate, and the mountain is not high not low, become the Badachu Park Beijing people climbing gym first choice. In 2001, the Beijing Municipal Sports Bureau from a multi-disciplinary investigation height, mountain, mountaineering environment, formally established Badachu Park is one of the city's fourth-best mountaineering fitness sites. In recent years, according to their own Badachu Park mountain landscape, climbing gym launched four lines: climbing step by step along the temple tour, ran Avenue Qiang Jian fitness tour, visit "stone" the beautiful adventure tours, forest oxygen seal between the concept of travel.

Beijing Badachu Park

Mountaineering family according to their physical condition, choose a different climbing routes, to achieve the purpose climbing gym, a variety of new innovative designs, content-rich brand fitness show, you how scientific mountaineering. To meet the different needs of tourists, Badachu Park mountaineering along the installation over a hundred pieces of fitness equipment, covers an area of ​​nearly 4000 square meters, free for visitors to use. Also the construction of two paved with cobblestones fitness trail and tennis courts, badminton courts, and so on. Determine the eight-division near the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2008 Olympic park has mountain bike training ground. Badachu Park Fitness future functionality will become increasingly apparent.

Car lines

Subway: take the bus arrived at the park can change between Yuquan Road to the apple orchard station.

Bus: 347 Road, 389 Road, 622 Road, 972 Road, 958 Road terminal that is.

Car Directions: Ring Road West badachu outlet along path Badachu to about two kilometers; holly or tetracyclic the West exit along the path to Xingshikou badachu path. Away from the gate area does not exceed 100 meters, three parking spaces totaling 1,200.

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