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Elaborate old Beijing "Bataihutong"

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Beijing Bataihutong mentioned, you do not mistake it includes Nanluoguxiang, Yandaixiejie eight alley received more tourists favorite. Of course, Bataihutong mentioned herein, also had well-known Chinese and foreign, but they are not showing the customs of old Beijing, but was fireworks Liu Xiang synonymous. According to geographical point of view, "Bataihutong" north of the West Zhushikou Avenue, south of cycads Xie Jie, from west to east as follows: Baishun alley, rouge alley, Han Tan, Shaanxi Lane, a stone alley, Wang Guangfu Xie Jie, Zhu alley, Li Shamao alley. In fact, the old Beijing called "Bataihutong" does not specifically refer to these eight streets, but generally refers to the area outside the front door Dashanlan, because in addition to these eight alley alleys, but are also distributed hundreds the size of the brothel. But then, this eight alley of the brothels are mostly first-class second-class prostitutes "grade" is relatively high, it is so well known.

Elaborate old Beijing

Shaanxi Lane

Shaanxi Lane is a north-south alley, North Port with its palm Byway intersection, south Zhushikou West Street. This alley east side of the Elm Lane, Hail Lane intersection, north of the Han alley, the same Baishun, Dongbi camp alley intersection. It is said that the Ming Dynasty Shaanxi Lane had existed for hundreds of years and has not changed its name, it is rare. As for the origin of Shaanxi Lane, according to "Beijing Hutong Xu Ying sketch set" records, the early Ming Dynasty, a large number of merchants gathered outside the front door area, ranking the investment goods, which gathered a lot of Shaanxi Lane membership of wood hoarding timber, named Shaanxi Lane.

Now after the Shaanxi Lane was undoubtedly the most famous building renovation Serenade Koon (now known as Shaanxi Lane Hotel). Qianmen Hutong tour is run pedicab driver who will come to the community. According Hotel Profile, courtesan Sai Jinhua Late Qing Dynasty, Xiao Fengxian have in this take classes, but according to records of Yue-Sai Jinhua hospital No. 1 Elm Lane; Chinese-style cloud guitar classes in Shaanxi Lane 52 No, those are not from Beijing pedicab driver also this hype confuse one purpose, to make money. (Look to be paid for) I learned when chatting with old folks Shaanxi Lane, Shanglin Sin Koon predecessor is not a brothel, but a drug store, mainly engaged in "two drugs a piece of paper." The so-called two drugs, namely aphrodisiacs and musk. In Bataihutong selling aphrodisiac is not surprising, and musk are prostitutes abortion medicine. And a paper refers to paper money, for use after the pick up prostitutes. After burning paper pick, a prostitute from consolation.

Elaborate old Beijing

Baishun alley

Baishun alley formerly known as cypress alley. Ming says cypress alley, so named because planted with cypress. Take the early Qing homonym meaning "PepsiCo well", and changed its name to Baishun alley.

Dashanlan Baishun alley in the southwest region 245 meters total length, 5.7 meters wide.

Baishun alley Shaanxi Lane East Side, West Side, opened in large Baishun alley, with its parallel north Han alley, south, east wall and west wall of the camp camp alley.

The largest, the history of each courtyard is also more complex in Bataihutong in Baishun alley fame, a lot of yard to build elapsed since changed hands several times, there are some old tenants can not tell it in context. We now know that had initially provided Baishun alley Pacific Hall, Jin Tai Hall. Hall was later changed to mostly residential. Shanxi Pacific Hall was built in the Qing period, it said early Pacific Hall, later renamed the Pacific test hall. Famous bibliophile, Shandong Yidu Li wenzao had to settle museum. Xianfeng years, shifting Museum Wang Guangfu Xie Jie, named "Peace Museum try." Hall plaque to Daqing stone.

Elaborate old Beijing

Stone alley

Stone alley south Zhushikou West Street, north to cycads Xie Jie. According to illustrate Yongle, Emperor Yongle moved the capital to Beijing things, and massive construction projects. Stone alley is then stored stone land. All told the name of the stone has been nearly six hundred years of history.

Is tearoom stone alley rumored year (second-class brothel) and a gathering place for the Hall, but now have no trace to be found. I have worked with alley of old folks chatting, according to their narrative, not stone Bataihutong list, he was mainly to provide Bataihutong business services. The reason is that, although many alley brothels, but the five elements for eight more, Chaliao wine shop, Fanpu dens, theaters book market are all there, as is now the general commercial street. The famous Great Northern predecessor studio sits stone alley North Port Road West.

No. 83 has a stone alley brick doors down, 3 bay above the door that read, mark three male characters, but the left and right sides of the plaque is no longer correct word to be found. I have asked several people about the revolution sign, but no one knows what year was the sale of here. And later still when the old folks chat Shaanxi Lane has no intention of stone alley that there may well mark the year Xiachu or small Xiachu (third-class brothel, or four, etc.), but there are also said to be opium museum. Is a brothel? Or den? Pending further research.

Stone Road West Central alley there is a humble child of a dead end, that is a small stone alley (formerly known as stone alley after the river), less than a 3-meter-wide lanes. First thing alley, after north-south. There is a century-old brothel in the depths of the alley. This is a two-story brick-story, open the door to the north, into the door, through the doorway, is a rectangular courtyard, the warm sun shines on the patio, bring a trace of anger as a century small building. Only a small building showings whole family. Aunt and I talked for two showings, confirmed this year is really a brothel, North House as well as emergency and dug a tunnel that, after the liberation were buried. The east wall with wooden staircase to the second floor, the second floor patio surrounded by a wooden fence and veranda. The second floor of the east foot of the wall may have a wooden ladder on the roof, there is presumably above the roof. From small building, I could not help but think of the famous Tang Dynasty poet Cui Hu's "Last year, this door today, Moment of truth. Faces of the people do not know where to go, Love and be loved." Just as I was immersed in imagination, suddenly seen in a mottled paint the front door there is a little sister what to think or what your breath watching. There on her back door so a couplet of "peaceful Yang unlimited secret, honest leeway step." Couplet warning to the world for centuries and brothels exist among the ruins and hundreds of years of this alley, which is probably Beijing Hutong Culture distinctive bar.

Elaborate old Beijing

Han alley

Han alley, located outside the front door Dashilan area southwest of Article old alley. Formerly known as "Han Tan." Until 1965 rectify names, it was changed to Han alley. Han Tan is a rich cultural heritage of the alley. Since one of this ancient street is the birthplace of the quintessence of Peking Opera, conceived and gave birth to the advent of opera; while here there are big drama theorist and early Qing Li Yu's former residence - Mustard Seed Garden. Here he wrote a lot of names and drama theory, and organized the "Manual of the Mustard Seed Garden" publication, famous at home and abroad ......

"Han Tan" and "Tan Han"

According to legend, many years ago, the South there was a scholar in Beijing, in an alley west Dashilan bought a house. After he always wanted to stay home garden southern. So please craftsmen in the backyard and built a home in the same garden, he personally presided over the construction. That day, the craftsmen found a jar when digging, he let craftsmen carefully dug out by hand. People know: Zhaizi original owner is a big rich man, he is certainly buried jars of gold and silver jewelry and the like. A cover to be opened to see the altar, a large one would expect, the original is a jar of water. The incident spread, people think it must be the original owner jar Han buried, it is called here, "Han altar" was. Later in the jar did not want to dig a pit welled up a pool of spring water, clear and transparent, eventually becoming dry. Literati overjoyed that this is priceless. He also felt that "Han altar," the name wrong, who does not love the optional water door, not to mention garden built, clear lake, will be "altar" to "tan" the. "Altar", "Lake" is a homonym, this may change, it is more elegant air, from now on, "Han Tan" called away.

Elaborate old Beijing

Wang Guangfu Xie Jie

Wang Guangfu Xie Jie, now called palm Byway, east large, Li Shamao alley, west stone alley, this alley is more dilapidated houses.

In the past, where the concentration of third-class brothel, famous are long fragrant tea room, gather one thousand homes, expensive fragrant courtyard, double gold Xiachu, all music Xiachu, Xiachu month to shop and so on. Lee Shamao alley, originally divided into large Shamao Lee, Mike Shamao two alley, had been transformed into the strong force alley and small alley. Mike is one of Shamao "Bataihutong." This little alley, a total of 21 house number, but in the old Beijing, brothels accounted for nearly 20 yard. Here are mainly third-class brothel, famous are Shuangfeng floor, Xin Mei House, Wing hospital, Skyway House, Quan Sang House, moving up shop Xiachu and so on. Because this alley away from some of the theater and restaurant close, so there are several second-class brothel.

Elaborate old Beijing

Rouge alley

Lane alley formerly rouge rouge, total length of 100 meters, 5 meters wide. Rouge alley north exit open in Baishun alley, Guangdong and Guangxi in the south exit open road. Alley north-south direction, which portion camp east wall and west wall of the camp to pass therethrough. Now the only remaining thirty or forty meters long alley is small, but is often included in the Bataihutong. Rouge alley shortest in these alley, but a dozen first-class brothel. Here there were shops selling rouge powder, the main supply, "Bataihutong" fireworks administered woman, named rouge alley.

Ming Dynasty novel "Jingshitongyan" and opera in widely circulated Wang Jinglong (Golden Dragon) and Susan (Jade River) story, some research took place in the alley rouge "Su Courtyard planting flowers alley. It is a three . into the courtyard opened its doors in Baishun alley According to the history of this alley in ancient years on:. "Dream Car flocked prostitutes wind Chi, call call off wine night deafening. "

Elaborate old Beijing

Gallery alley outside the camp

Xicheng District Dashanlan this street belongs, a large verandah camp alley, small verandah camp alley. About his name, therefore, to no explanation.

In fact, this is the camp outside the gallery outside Lang camp, harvest 1560 book, "the capital city of five square Lane alley set", the 1750 coming up, "QIANLONG map" is written very clear. Lane points this large, small and pattern, the same as the Qianlong. To the late Qing false start "Lang" is "gallery."

Outside Lang, when Qin Han Guan Ming. "Han Emperor Hui Ji" after Emperor Hui Kee throne of grace Cijue said:. "Outside Lang, who are six years (plus) secondary" Su Lin Cao Wei during the "Note":. "Outside Lang, Lang also scattered," Tang Du "Officials at Tongdian. · Military attache and three departments Langguan Syria ", said:" Chinese Zhonglang sub-charge of three departments, the Department has Lang, Zhonglang, assistant minister, doctor, forty, etc., are Qin officials, no (fixed) member, up to a thousand. " and small print folder "Note", said: "the San Lang, Lang beyond that." it shows that from the outside the name of Lang Qin, outside the Department of fourth-Lang, no fixed ministry of three departments belong to the rank and file.

Lane name camp outside Lang, the solid solution may be for the officials who inhabited place, but there are some which may be present outside Lang tomb. Taking into account the possibility that the gold in both the line, outside the city of Dadu country, by the "grave" falsely for "camp" particularly great. Because of the Ming Dynasty have been written as "camp", you can know as "grave", but also to the late Yuan Dynasty things, or even earlier.

Old Beijing prostitutes into "Southern class" and Two "North classes," in general, "Southern class" prostitute mainly southern area of ​​women, a number of high-grade, not only colored, but also talented. Whore accompany such high-brow more, such as capital courtesan Sai Jinhua, Chinese-style like. "North class" prostitute woman to the north of the main area of ​​the Yellow River, good looks, but literacy worse. "Bataihutong" of prostitutes to "Southern class" majority, so much as a second-class brothel. And brothels in other regions, most of the "North classes." At that time an official in the capital and business people are mostly Southerners, therefore, "Bataihutong" become these dignitaries frequented boundaries.

Old Beijing brothels in several grades. The first distribution of the inner city brothels, mostly courtesans. East Fourth South East now have a few alley streets, was once the seat of the Ming courtesans, such as play music alley, exercise is courtesans play music of the band.

Interior Ministry called the Street column hook alley in the Ming and Qing dynasties, is leaning on the railing of a prostitute musicians and artists interpretation comes. "After GouLan" has become another name for a brothel. Ming and Qing dynasties, when an officer and rich banquets to prostitute hostesses, play music, concert, called "sliver called" one of the prostitutes, then called "the note."

Browne camp

Elaborate old Beijing

Dongbi alley formerly known as Camp Dongbi camp, camp east thong, thong alley. It is located in the southern region of Dashanlan, a total length of 75 meters, 3 meters wide. Dongbi camp alley and west wall is actually a camp alley alley, rouge alley therethrough, thus divided into two alley, it's East Side in Shaanxi Lane. In time most it is sex workers, brothel late Qing Dynasty when there are several semi-public in this alley. This alley is mainly compete for some of the tourists from Baishun alley.

The east wall of Camp No. 8 Alley, formerly a tearoom, after Chaigai. Now the hospital has more than lived approximately 20 inhabitants.

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