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Beijing Hutong walk Raiders

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Whether you are Beijing natives or strangers come here, maybe you just want to stop here for a moment; each of us to Beijing's hutongs have their own understanding and feelings. Beijing's hutongs, mostly on the north south east or due west layout, go st

Whether you are Beijing natives or strangers come here, maybe you just want to stop here for a moment; each of us to Beijing's hutongs have their own understanding and feelings. Beijing's hutongs, mostly on the north south east or due west layout, go straight anyway; thus constitute a very Founder of Beijing. Alley formation and development, in its name also left its mark on the history of changes, reflecting different cultural customs.

From Dongdan

Dongdan is an area of ​​Beijing, Chang'an Avenue, Dongcheng District, located in the crossroads between East North Street, Jianguomen Avenue. Because in the past there have arch and a name.

Dongdan on the overpass, there are two golden characters "Silver Street." This "Silver Street" is obviously relative to the "Golden Street" near the Wangfujing area. Although the "silver" instead of "gold", but can be called "Silver Street" is the title, and has been very great. Here's commercial flavor since ancient times, it has become the two together and Xidan commercial district symmetrical along the Chang'an Avenue.

East monolithic alley downtown area because of the history, so the courtyard here is also relatively high, but the vast majority are norms alley, straight, wide; flamboyant. Dongdan alley, old enough to be described as street, yard big enough, old trees thick enough, fine enough gatehouse, carved beauty enough.

Inverness alley, play music alley, Shijia Hutong, dried noodles alley, Paul Yonekura alley, East brothel alley, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Street ...... these constitute the essence of Dongdan alley alley area. When we walk them, not only here to tell the story of past complaints, but also demonstrate the alley live now.

Alley Dongdan region, from north to south like a history of the evolution from ancient to modern telling. Inverness alley the northern mostly remains during the Qing Dynasty, and the Department of State Street in the south, such as Zhao floor alley, is a record of a pivotal moment in modern history.

Came to Dongdan, in addition to shopping, do not forget to walk around nearby alley, where the treasure deep in the streets of old Beijing a string of stories.

1, walk Raiders

Paul Yonekura alley East of the Zhihua Temple had to go.

Zhihua Temple

- Zhihua Temple -

Chi intact building of the temple, of which the most famous is the temple of the "Virgin Music." Virgin Music This is the Ming court ceremonial music, in 1446 spread to the temple. The integration of music and Buddhist music to "oral teaching" approach from generation to generation, has been 500 years of history, legend 27 generations, its unique Gongche spectrum notation mode, as well as playing tunes, tracks and use musical instrument, have very valuable historical and artistic value, is extremely valuable intangible cultural heritage, known as the "living fossil" Beijing music.

Zhihua Temple Tickets $ 20, with a fixed "Virgin Music" show times a day, every quarter of an hour.

71 Jun Wang Fu Ning Beijige three in the West in the first, large-scale palace, architectural style, exquisite wood carving. The palace was built in 1730, Emperor Yi Feng pro-Wang Yunxiang fourth sub-Ning Jiao Hong Prince, that this house was built. Now the mansion gates, wing, main hall, after sleep, after the building remained intact, the existing building is Beijing's earlier high of a palace building regulations. However, there are a number of units occupied this palace, the door was visited to explain the situation to the guard.

Zhao brothel alley 3 is quite famous bell former residence of Paul Chiu, Paul Chiu bell is planning generation masters, whose natural home is extraordinary, in his transformation, the construction of a hospital corridor, the eight original stuff into two parts, each compound self-contained, relatively isolated, and fused, complement each other, so that while maintaining the characteristics of the courtyard, is different from ordinary courtyard. This yard was bought by the Japanese at low prices forced the KMT reception had thought buried underground jewelry and all the floor to pry open, after the founding of new China, it became the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the reception staff quarters.

Dried noodles alley No. 13 courtyard building with a complete Quotations from Chairman Mao, screen wall well preserved, the screen wall also painted the words "great teacher Chairman Mao" and other slogans.

East cloth alley No. 62, which is south of the east end is the "Pou pawn shop," engraved on the walls of the old plaque is still clearly intact.

Modern history the famous "fire Zhao floor" event took place in today's Zhao floor area, where now Zhao House Hotel is the year where the fire Zhao floor of the office. In addition, the streets and alleys have been difficult to find traces of Zhao floor event, however, Sarah Zhao floor alley facing the alley in front, later erected a monument.

North cloth alley alley No. 2 is the former Headquarters on behalf of the KMT resident. Then the entire courtyard is built with Rockefeller, Union Hospital, the rest of the construction materials for parents, so special. Just this compound usually closed thank.

From Area journeys you can take a look at the way to Ancient Observatory. Ancient Observatory at Jianguomen side, built in the Ming orthodox years, there has accumulated a large number of astronomical observations, the coexistence of large astronomical instruments, had been ransacked imperialist Germany and France, but has been overhauled completed.

Inverness alley

- Inverness alley -

Inverness alley

"Humpbacked Liu" Liu Yong's old house in this lane. Four junctions from east to south, not far, there are strip east of the alley, called Inverness alley, Kyoto minor celebrity Lane.

"Inverness" words reminiscent of "courteous" This idiom is very elegant name. In fact, in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, here it is the trafficking jennet market, called "Donkey city alley." On clear "Teikyo map", it labeled "Donkey city alley." Qing Dynasty "Shuntian Chi", said: "Donkey city alley known as 'the city of mules'." It can get a glimpse, at the time of the transaction after the mule donkey. Xuantong years until the late Qing Dynasty, the abolition of the cattle market here, it was cleverly renamed the "Lishi Hutong" according homonym.

No. 129 Lishi Hutong courtyard even put anywhere, they are called extraordinary style. This street door to the courtyard of three, vast scale, on both sides of the door to an eight-shaped screen wall, screen wall and the upper part of the long street walls carved with very ornate brick flower. This decorative wall almost unique in Beijing. That is, on the sidewalk outside, also has a fine stone stone block. But now the master here hangs open to visitors of the brand. "To say you can also understand where the original TV series" when Big Family ", was blocking the alley Wu Yang Wu Yang, the watch around over the masses.

In the alley on the north side of East first wall, leaving "Purple East to" the words, preserved, this first of street writing a rarity in Beijing.

Dried noodles alley

- dried noodles alley -

Dried noodles alley

Dried noodles alley, Huang Ming is square, said the dry side alley. This road is rumored to Lu Lu meters only way Yonekura transport, walking horses, dusty, residents dubbed the "dry side", hence the name.

Most noteworthy is the West first alley No. 61 homes, each person walked into the compound, it will be grand, grand deeply shocked. It was first crown prince set out soon (Tongzhi Emperor) teacher, Qing Dynasty scholar Li Hongzao Zhaizi. Anti-Japanese War is the original front of Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou's English translation, the United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Ji Chaozhu late father's house. After the Japanese occupation of secret service is said Kawashima also lived here. Professor Wang Xu, China Academy of Social Sciences dormitory after the liberation, the hospital has lived in the study of the history of Qin, Gu Jiegang historian and well-known science writer Gao Shiqi. Now has changed dramatically front yard, back yard has long been replaced by high-rise buildings, only survived in the hospital, has been preserved.


- historian alley -


The alley building tidy, better houses, mostly big house, according to the old residents say, the late Qing Sino-French Bank Chairman Liu Fucheng, courtesan Sai Jinhua (Fu Caiyun) has a mansion in this alley. Alley No. 51 homes within the former residence of Mr. Zhang Shizhao. Zhang Zhao soil after the Revolution served as minister of education in 1949, he served as the Nanjing Kuomintang government delegation to participate in peace talks in Peking, because the Kuomintang government refused to sign the Agreement on Internal Peace, then to Hong Kong.

Then came back to Beijing to attend the first session of the CPPCC National Committee meeting, then the whole family came to Beijing. He began to live in the East forty-eight Zhu Qiqian home, because the two population than more, live more crowded. In 1959, Premier Zhou Enlai when visiting Zhang Shizhao, discovered the problem, solve the housing problem will personally chapter. Mrs. Zhang Jinbao selected 51 homes, is a three-hospital. Zhang Shizhao we believe that the family lived too much, they put points into the third out. Zhang Shizhao after death, living by his family members. Dongcheng District in 1984 as cultural relics protection units. Alley hospital number 55, and Prince have Zhuanke poetry, as well as on both sides of the couplet on the door screen wall.

Ministry of Interior Street

- Ministry of the Interior Street -

Ministry of Interior Street

Alley No. 11 homes was clear Mingrui mansion. Qianlong twenty-four years (1759), the army put down the rebellion Mingrui of Yili Prefecture active, first-class letters Cheng Jiayi Yong male.

Dynasty fourteen years (1834), Mingrui had Sunjing Qing Xijue. The light of twenty five years, the sixth emperor solid Lun Princess Grace female life to marry the King celebration brother Jingshou, this six-person house Princess House. Yue dry fast normalized Salt bank managers Republic of China, as Beijing cultural relics protection units. 39 homes in the alley was the former residence of Liang Shiqiu.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Street

Department of State Street has a long history, rich in historical and cultural relics, is currently one of relatively complete preservation alley in Beijing. Located in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the street there are a number of important buildings: the former site of People's Republic of China Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rui Prince House, the Sutra Hall, Union Hospital, villas, churches and so on.

East brothel alley

East brothel alley No. 75, the old house is East brothel alley No. 33, in the western part of the north side of the alley, it is a ride into the courtyard facing south. The hospital has a back seat into the south room 5; binary hospital has four rooms south, three facing the South, East and West sides have a penthouse, east, west wing of the three; there with a three-hospital the front porch facing the South 3. Courtyard houses are close from the ridge tile-roofed house. Cai Yuanpei from 1917 to 1920 rented here.

3, shopping Raiders

Dongdan North Street, full of commercial atmosphere, very busy, all kinds of shops abound. The east side of Main Street, which is a lot of West Side alley, a large number of demolition in the construction of the subway, and now completed the construction of the subway, the construction of a new batch of personalized shops, leisure can go to Amoy.

4, photography Raiders

Zhihua Temple of Temples million wooden staircase, very steep, a lot of flavor. Boarded Temples million can shoot high ranking in the temple courtyard and near the scene. However, in the Temples million palace is not allowed to take pictures. The Temple of the Bell and Drum Tower are available on a wooden ladder, you can take other buildings through the small window upstairs.

Play music alley No. 3 Hospital of Horse Cave, decorated second door alley Division No. 27, No. 13 dry noodles alley "Chairman Mao screen wall" Do not forget to shoot.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the former Union Hospital Street villa into the hospital need to convince the guard, if you can not go in, you can then west Dongdan North street to take some of the buildings.

5, traffic

From Dongdan subway line through, the film area to visit, can select a suitable underground proceeds according to the destination stop.

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