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Beijing features snack sugar-coated haws

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Sugar-coated haws, sweet and sour taste, all ages, it is not only delicious, but also very good-looking, bright red hawthorn fruit by size to wear on a bamboo stick child, wrapped in crystal clear syrup, people tend to sell its only a candied fruit string is inserted in a special stick, like a tree node is full, the fruits truly attractive. Sugar-coated haws history has a long history. According to legend, it originated in about eight hundred years ago in the South Song Shaoxi years.

  In the early years of the Spring Festival temple fair in Beijing, Diàn, but are also often get to see the long string of candied fruit, most close to the top side of small flags, a hundred feet dozen hawthorn fruit on a string, the red fruit bending the bamboo stick child in my hand quivered, adding a lively festive atmosphere. Lift the origins of sugar-coated haws, Song Guangzong emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty have to talk about it.

Beijing features snack sugar-coated haws

--Sugar-coated haws--

historical allusions sugar-coated haws

Song Guangzong, name Zhao Dun (AD 1147--1200), is the Song Xiao Zhong Zhao Shen's third son. AD in October 1187 by the throne within the Zen and Xiao Zhong, the second year nianhao "Shaoxi."

Zhao elongation of life in the palace, not up to the World Works. When ascended the throne, he was 43 years old, already head of white hair. Polygonum subjects presented, after persuading make the hair turn black, but he refused to take, said:. "I have white hair, can be called the people of the world know that I am aging and" reign, he left for the Queen Lee, Zhou will recall large war party Xin Qiji and other ministers, hired to stay positive as prime minister, affairs of state as doves manipulated.

Zhao times and the relationship between the large Shang Huang Hsiao Tsung feud, Xiao Zhong's death, he was not mourning, were unable to make the funeral, Manchao much commotion. Zhao Ruyu know the Privy Council and cabinet door to know what Hanwha helmet memorialized, it is recommended to stop the abdication edict Zhao under the empress dowager, passed on his son Zhao expansion, chaired by the expansion Zhao Xiao Zhong funeral. Empress Dowager Zhao agreed to stop Christianity and Islam, said the large Shang Huang, homebound Suganggung Palace. He recalled every thing when in office, always cursed himself, and sometimes crying.

In the spring of 1200 AD, Emperor Zhao cult spread from the suburbs back, the sound of drums of incoming palace. Zhao stop to ask what it is about the people in the street replied that play music games. Zhao Mourning was furious and said: "You deceived me so I have!" A boxing go, because the system could not close and fell to the ground, can not afford from August day Xin Mao, died in; Yang Anshou Kang Palace. Buried Yong Chong Ling (now Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province southeast Baoshan 35 miles).

It was between Shaoxi years, Zhao stop most beloved yellow chaise sick. She was pale and thin, not eating. Physician with a lot of expensive medicines, are not seen what effect. See Aifei become increasingly emperor who quenching, also worried all day. The last posting had no choice but to seek medical attention. A quack Jiebang palace, after diagnose the troubles yellow chaise, said:. "As long as sugar and red berries (ie, hawthorn) torment, before every meal to eat five to ten, and within half a quasi disease brought the matter to" the beginning we also skeptical Fortunately, this way of eating also co chaise taste, after this procedure, the Royal clothes, and she recovered the schedule. Emperor naturally overjoyed, launched a worried look.

Later this practice spread to people, people took it to string together to sell, it becomes a sugar-coated haws. Originally, many of hawthorn medicinal effects, which can digestion product, scattered congestion, taeniafuge, stop diarrhea, especially to aid digestion, since ancient times for digestion product to the drug, especially good meat product consumption. Perhaps the yellow chaise food product delicacies live food, diseases in doing little hawthorn lifting of the illness. Eminent medical scientist Ming Li Shizhen also once said:. "Hard-boiled old chicken meat into several pieces planted hill that is easily broken, the power to eliminate its product, the cover can be pushed carry on." Hawthorn string together the people, after years of production , the gradual accumulation of experience, form the traditional approach. Production of sugar-coated haws simple and not simple, the key technology is boil sugar.

In fact, sugar is sugar, spoon on copper or brass in the boil. When a boil to pay attention to the furnace, the furnace can not easily sticky, stained teeth will eat; and too much heat, not only the color of heavy and bitter tastes. Second, we must grasp the consistency of a thick dip it, to dilute embarrassing. Also we want hawthorn go nuclear, go nuclear hawthorn can not be everything in half, use a knife to turn in the middle of hawthorn. After the core with a bamboo stick put out, and then into the hot sugar Aohao's roll about. After cooling the hot sugar, candied fruit has become crystal clear up.

Due to the quality of sugar, boil the hawthorn technology and quality, etc. compete with the points, quality candied fruit naturally compete with the points. In the past, people generally believe that sugar-coated haws do best is two, one in the East Market, one of Beijing's Liulichang letter away fast. To a lunar month of October, the two sugar-coated haws started the market. If shopping Dong'an people there did not have sugar-coated haws, inevitably some regret. Xinyuan vegetarian sugar-coated haws was fine candied fruit can be called in. Mr. Liang Shiqiu in "Jascha talk about eating," an article describing way: sugar-coated haws "to the letter far fasting prepared for the most refined, not bamboo, each one Shan Lihong or Begonia are single, independent, used the fruit are gigantic and clean, greaseproof paper pad on a tray carried by a passenger to go. "one winter, the streets and alleys of old Beijing alley will be heard," sugar-coated haws, sugar-coated haws ... .. "cries. Chinese New Year is the time to sell sugar-coated haws large. From the first day to fifteen, in Beijing Liulichang Diàn peace outside the temple packed with people, the crowd four shuttle between the sugar-coated haws figure. Candied fruit on the head Diàn temple is particularly great. It is made with a long core Vitex, in Shan Lihong (hawthorn) outer brush caramel, whole body was white. A small feet, a large five, six feet, the top plug is also useful in red paper, paper made small green pennant.

Diàn temple originated in the Ming Dynasty Jiajing, except during a few years pause, but has been extended continuously, now already more than four hundred years the. It is the Confucius Temple in Nanjing, Shanghai Town God's Temple, Chengdu Qingyang Gong and called China four major temple. "Yesterday's Glitter recorded" a book reads: "tour of North Korea years old, to set Diàn." "Xing Lanna forced swim tired, step-kai buy back, it certainly buy Aioi paper flowers, is a large string of candied fruit, plug in the car and sped through the city, the way people see it, to know also classified as Diàn swim." Candied fruit become Beijing Diàn stroll into the age of the sign, it has become a symbol of the New Year Beijingers.

production methods of sugar-coated haws

Ingredients: Hawthorn, strawberries, grapes and other fresh fruits.  

Accessories: white sugar, sugar, honey and so on.


1. Sinofranchetia - pick up fresh and full, red berries uniform size, wash. The red berries cut down the middle with a knife digging stones, and then the two closed. Been to the nuclear red berries with a bamboo stick to string together about a dozen each string.

2. boil sugar - White sugar was poured into the pot, the sugar to water by 2: 1 ratio of water was added, over high heat boil about 20 minutes. When sugar coming just right, it is transparent sticky. If lack of time brewed, sticky teeth sugar will; if boiled too long, the sugar will pan bitterness.

3. dipped in sugar - the string of good thermal thrown against red fruit sugar Aohao foam gently turn, can be wrapped in a thin layer. The master said to make sugar-coated haws, dipped in sugar this link seems simple, but it requires skill. If too thick wrapped sugar, eat a bite vain fruit, it is more a failure. Dipped in sugar to a thin and uniform layer, that is a success.

4. Cooling - good sugar dipped into the water on the cooling hawthorn string can enjoy twenty-three minutes. The so-called water board, in fact, is smooth wood, soaked in water for a long time, the lower temperature, while the wood is absorbent and can help candied fruit cooling stereotypes. When home production, you can use instead of chopping, just prior to use cutting boards on the water to soak more than you can.

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