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Beijing features snack: bean juice

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Beijing and Chengde prestigious traditional snacks. It has a gray-green color, Bean mellow, sweet Pickle and features. Bean is a unique flavor of the Beijing winter, spring, popular snacks. Especially the old Beijingers has a special preference. In the past to sell soybean milk dispensing and sale of raw and cooked two kinds. Sold more than living hand to push the barrel car, sold together with hemp tofu; those who sell mostly cooked labors Bean is a pot, the other end of them the focus ring, twist, spicy pickles. "Du Zayong little food," said: "dross can actually make porridge, the old flavor syrup on thin thick irrespective of sex Come sit, each salt taste a cup.." And said: "too salty taste of acid In addition, knowing eater, it can be described as absolutely exquisite. "

Beijing features snack: bean juice

- Beijing bean juice -

Drinking soybean milk must be equipped with pickles sliced ​​very fine, usually in the summer with kohlrabi, mustard pay attention to the use of old shredded salt water, mix chili oil, but also supporting eat fried crisp brown through the focus ring, unique flavor . Bean is a waste of manufacturing mung bean starch or fans made of Beijing snacks. Liquid fermented soybean milk raw water is made child by grinding green beans with water and removing most of the starch (a fan for producing jelly, etc.) after the production. Bean general Pickle, slightly bitter, slightly sour smell.

Historical Events-

Bean has a long history, reportedly as early as the Liao, Song is a folk popular food. Eighteen years of Qianlong (1753), it was Shangdian memorials, said: "Recently, a new soybean milk was checked cloth has sent irinotecan, is clean to drink, such as no unclean thing, the cloth Yun raise soybean milk maker twenty-three, school in the imperial kitchen when the poor. "so, from civil Bean became the imperial palace.

It is said that Bean is the old banner of eating, in fact, like to drink soybean milk is not limited to national, but also informal rich and poor. Formerly, there are those who wear decency, if sitting in the stalls to eat enema or cream sheep intestines, will be ridiculed, but the lack of drinking soybean milk at stalls ashamed. As usual, is selling soybean milk from raw soybean milk powder room fans to pick to the temple, boil and cooked on the spot. Disposed in front of a long narrow, placed on four large glass cover, a discharge spicy pickles; a discharge radish; a discharge sesame biscuits, "horseshoe" (another form of biscuits of this system, like a horseshoe, hence the name. salt and pepper horseshoe, two partial water skin horseshoe); put a "small focal circle" fried fruit. Covered the case of white cloth, blue cloth hanging curtain, the top bar of useful white pattern cut, marked "× mind Bean" words. Summer also supported on the cloth roof to cover the sun. Operators usually one or two, kept the visitors shouted: "Go ahead, you which hot biscuits, hot fruit, inside which there is child seat!!"

old Beijing bean juice

Most people drink soybean milk, whether it is hot or cold, natural drink not enlightening, but now some of the shop to sell Bean Bean after Aohao put there, and we have to reheat cold, and some simply on the matter, how this drink Bean authentic to it? Cool drink, the mouth will have the swill taste; if hot drink, the taste is not the same, sweet with sour, astringent acid, a unique taste; then with pickles silk, coke ring, biscuits and the like are more flavor.

Old Beijingers drink soybean milk, or directly buy raw soybean milk boil their own home, usually in winter are so drink; or to the temple and Bean Taner up the street to drink, summer drink so general. Now, Bean street hawkers are gone, the temple also occasionally seen. Bean hard to find, hard to find a more authentic Bean. This can be hard on those Beijingers drink soybean milk, and so they can only to a limited number of eateries to satisfy this one up.

To drink this one, Huguosi Street Huguosi snack bar in the city from the West but also to experience more authentic Bean.

Douzhi children making method

Material: 1 kg green beans, pickles spicy amount. Bean actually make waste mung bean starch or fans. It soaked with mung bean peeled after twisting may remove, add water, ground into a fine slurry, poured into a fermentation vat, by sinking Bottom starch, who shall Douzhi upper float. Bean fermented must with a large casserole, add water to boil, against the fermented soybean milk into the boil again, then low heat insulation, eat with Sheng.

Production process:

1, the sieve net impurity green beans, washing clean, cold water into the basin (with warm water in winter, green beans 2 times higher than that of water) foam ten hours. To be on the hull hand a twist off remove, add water into a thin paste (worn finer the better), green beans per kg to about 2.65 kg a thin paste. Then, in a thin paste of 1.5 kg Whey (i.e., pre seq making soybean milk, skimmed water when starch) were added sequentially and not less than 12 kg of cold water filtered and the slurry was filtered off about 17 kg may, dregs 2 kilogram,

2, the slurry was poured into a vat, through the night the precipitate. White precipitate on the Bottom starch, top layer is a dark brown powder, i.e., is then a layer of gray green color, texture darker raw soybean milk, and the uppermost layer is a floating foam Whey. Whey and skim foam, scooping out the raw soybean milk (available raw soybean milk is about 8 kg, about 500 grams of starch and another black powder and a small amount), prior to the need to cook in a precipitate, the precipitate summer six hours. Winter precipitation night. After precipitation good, skim above Whey.

3, the pot into a little cold water, stir with a raw soybean milk was poured into boiling, soybean milk to be up by the outer pan and an immediate switch to slow fire insulation (stir time can not, or will gradually into Ma tofu), eat with Sheng and served with spicy pickles with food.

Bean Features:

Do not look ugly, but it has been Beijingers favorite, because it is full of protein, vitamin C, crude fiber and sugar, and there Qushu, heat, yang, spleen, appetizers, detoxification, in addition to dry and other effects.

Bean, filed Beijing snacks, first of all reminiscent of Bean. Beijingers drink soybean milk and soybean milk as the drink is a treat. Drink soybean milk for the first time, like a swill-like odor that make it difficult to swallow, drink your nose twice, the general feeling is different. Some people can escape from addiction, looking at the full, non-line also can not drink. "Du Zayong little food," said: "dross can actually make porridge, the old flavor syrup on thin thick irrespective of sex, to sit together, each salt taste a cup.." And said: "too salty sour taste in outside, knowing eater, it can be described as absolutely exquisite. "

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