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Beijing features snack dalian biscuits


Dalian biscuits is a kind of fried food, golden color and burnt overflowing, delicious. Some people eat leek easily queasy, but so filling time and taste like eating leek. Therefore, the middle child with chives wrapped in dalian biscuits in a similar fried dumpling, fried leek withdrawn after eating.

Lift dalian biscuits "Old Beijing" No do not know. It is not only a long history and unique flavor, which has been renowned for. In 1876, Shunyi native Yao Chunxuan the couple placed a small food stalls in the East Market, for the first time supply. It is a kind of fried food, golden color and burnt overflowing, delicious, original production of its distinctive. To dalian biscuits and good adhesion to the surface of the pulling roll flat, packed stuffing, folding strips sea cucumber, shrimp, plus a variety of condiments and fat pork soup good mixing and the. After the pot into the flat fried until golden brown, pot and serve, serve hot. Equipped with chicken and tofu strips made of dalian biscuits when eating hot and sour soup, hot and sour delicious and mouth closed, endless aftertaste. Dalian biscuits due to post-production molding, resembles "dalian" old people on the belt, hence the name. Yao's husband and therefore fame rich. After Shui House opened in the East Market, but spread to the second generation, it closed down due to poor management. Luohu Xiang Hao Jiarui and was good at this store, in 1934, taking the name of the person associated word, a joint venture set up in the restaurant auspicious alley door, now renamed the "NVB floor", specifically for dalian biscuits. Production has become even more sophisticated, sometimes famed Kyoto, Beijing has become a household name food.

"Alley door NVB floor dalian biscuits is a delicacy. Color outside and tender and delicious, Kyoto-style reputation of Kyushu." This is the man who lives on the outskirts of Beijing that NVB floor to restore the name of the food supply, deliberately let children and grandchildren when tasting, accompanied by a special trip to the store, is pleased to pick up a pen to write a poem.


Beijing features snack dalian biscuits

- Old Beijing dalian biscuits -

dalian biscuits of historical allusions

Beijing snacks taste unique species diversity has always been known for. Which brought dalian biscuits, I am afraid that few "old Beijing" do not know. And Beijing's most famous dalian biscuits, should be owned in Beijing street outside the front door alley NVB floor of the restaurant. Do not underestimate this long alley, Although now dilapidated, but fame NVB floor dalian biscuits, but it attracts a lot of good this one child after another of the capital's diners.

Dalian biscuits not only a long history and unique flavor, it has been one of Beijingers favorite snack. They are called dalian biscuits, because of its post-production molding, resembles "dalian" old people on the belt, it was this name. Dalian biscuits is a kind of fried food, golden color and burnt overflowing, delicious. Should serve hot. By reason of old Beijing children, eating dalian biscuits should be equipped with hot and sour soup made of chicken and tofu strips, hot and sour delicious, endless aftertaste. Although now I am not so particular, but the restaurant NVB floor dalian biscuits made it even more sophisticated.

Speaking dalian biscuits history, it will have to be traced back to the Qing dynasty. In 1876, the Shunyi to Beijing Yao Chunxuan couple in Beijing Dong'an put a biscuits made of small food stalls. Yao's done a couple of different biscuits, they used hand-cut pork chop fat thin shape of rice grains, add spring onion, ginger at the end, beat filling with water and stir until thick. With warm water and then into a soft surface, rolling into a thin child, which fitted marinated filling, folded into strips, placed in a baking pan fried. biscuits got fried, golden color, bite outside and tender inside, taste delicious. One to two to go, stalls business growing in the biscuits. Yao's wife simply opened a company called Shui-floor shop, specializing in dalian biscuits. But unfortunately spread to the second-generation closed down due to poor management.

the production methods dalian biscuits

Dalian biscuits it is a kind of fried food, golden color and burnt overflowing, delicious. Some people eat leek easily queasy, but so filling time and taste like eating leek. Therefore, the middle child with chives wrapped in dalian biscuits in a similar fried dumpling, fried leek withdrawn after eating. This will not only get a flavor of leeks, and will not cause nausea. This food should be served hot. Hot and sour soup with chicken and tofu with a strip of eating dalian biscuits, delicious hot and sour, endless aftertaste. Beijing's "NVB floor" restaurant exclusively for now dalian biscuits, production has become even more sophisticated.

Production of raw materials: aspect powder 500 g 200 g peanut oil 50 g minced spring onion Jiang Mo 5 g 50 g 150 g of cabbage filling 10 grams of salt 25 ml of soy sauce MSG amount.

Production Method:

1. minced meat, green onion, Jiang Mo and cabbage filling into a large bowl, add salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce (also a little cold water) and mix well to prepare a filling.

2. The flour and poured into the basin, water was added, and kneading Chuai surface until dough is good, Xing hair covered with a damp cloth 5 to 10 minutes.

3. After chopping slightly wiping peanut oil, put the dough, and then knead the Chuai several knife cut into equal parts by the plane blank 20, flat press, with a rolling pin roll growth 10 cm, 6.5 cm width of the dough, then wide corners slightly outward surface of one end of the stretch wide.

4. The filling 15 to 20 grams in the middle cross-dough, spread into a filling strip, then flips the narrow end of the cap on the filling rolled, and then stretch the wide end corners Jiuqi pressed lip.

5. The frying pan is placed on the hot peanut oil plus stir, add dalian biscuits (the side lip pressed down), baked for about 2 to 3 minutes, a small amount of peanut oil wiping painted, baked inverting 2-3 minutes, wait until golden brown on both sides, i.e. cooked.

Features thin soft, shiny gold, incense delicious fresh, hot food is best.

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