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Beijing specialties: roast duck

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Roast duck is a world-famous cuisine, and now many of the overseas restaurants are also selling a duck. But it is, after all, Chinese dishes, it is meant to be tasted, but also to eat Beijing roast duck.

Duck began in the Southern Song Dynasty. Hangzhou along the street "Dream sorghum recorded" and "old martial arts thing" in the record of selling the "roast duck" is the first roast duck. After the Yongle Emperor capital Beijing, roast duck spread to the north, it goes by the civil court of delicious snacks. Manchu Qing Dynasty officials prefer to eat roast duck, roast duck banquet is indispensable treasures. Xianfeng five years (1855), outside the front door opened a special sale of cheap Square stew furnace duck restaurant. Tongzhi years a similar travel guide book called "all doors Digest", devoted to the province this restaurant to the far abroad, cheap Square restaurant was opened in Kwun Yam Temple Road South. Tongzhi three years (1864), outside the front door opened a meat market and restaurant Quanjude roast duck hanging furnace. Stew furnace duck is roasted duck with heat furnace wall. After the first high to low temperature in the furnace, baked crispy duck, inner fullness, fat and not greasy. Roasted duck with dates, peach, pear and other fruit trees barbecue duck. The roast duck is also outside and tender, and there is a special flavor.

Beijing specialties: roast duck

- roast duck and duck -

Duck must duck. Former Jiaqing when left history of Yao Yuan in the "Bamboo Pavilion Miscellanies," a book has been described a method of cramming: "Zhu Xiaolian brocade, guest Yangzhou, hire a kitchen people, Wang, since the words childhood with his teacher Battle Shanxi Wang Zhongcheng look at the Department of the altar. ...... duck will eat duck, there are feeding ducks with duck Luetong in both, but can not move duck ear. the method of storage, in a bottom Shaoxing wine altar chipped away, so that the duck wherein, in order to seal the mud. duck neck stretched to make extraoral altar, and meal with fat feeding, the remains after a cave altar, have to serve left manure. hypertrophy six seven i.e. edible, soft meat like tofu. "this the duck is an ancient method. "Guangxu Shuntian Chi" duck discloses another method: "There Duck filling method, by taking into Mao Yu First, mixed with wheat flour and sulfur, the mouth of which the sheets of filling fill its crop, i.e. the drive. go, do not make interest rate, three times a day, do not carry on for several days and hypertrophy. "

1948, Bianyifang duck restaurant, and the above two different argument: dozens of ducks thick full is pushing in a small room. Master Zhuoqi neck of a duck, a food into oblong made of red sorghum and other feed, duck neck linear swallow. When a duck caught on, revealing a piece of open space, so the ducks next to stumble on earth together; when this favor to occupy a duck filling food ground again, we motionless another "Cruncher" the. Three decades later. I heard duck approach has also been changed. To grow to a certain component of the duck, duck shed was rushed to squeeze sitting next to one another, the timing was filled food per day, ducks filled with the tap water of duck machine throat. All the night lamp at night, this is, after thousands ducks fattened, duck made to the city.

Beijing specialties: roast duck

production methods of duck and duck

Starting material: the light duck (approximately four pounds), scallion or onion (two), sweet bean paste (two tablespoons), pizza (amount), cucumber (cutting) (half), ingredients: salt (two teaspoons), wine (a tablespoon), duck leaching material: maltose (two tablespoons), water (three cups)

Material handling: selection of 2.5-3 kg healthy ducks, three cutting method using killed bled 55-60 deg.] C with scalding water, hot about 3 minutes, scalding, light and quick to operate ham hair, the hair was clean without ham hurt the skin, then open under a small mouth duck wings, eviscerated, dig bore when the action to be fast, visceral integrity is not broken, broken off the duck legs and wings, and then rinse chamber, the chamber duck, duck neck, duck bill clean slate clean the back cavity of the intestine and soft tissue removed, no bloody duck.

Hanging hot skin color: the hot caramel Duck pouring boiling water, hot water from the top down 3-4 times, and then pour with sugar duck body, typically by a caramel syrup with water by 1: 6-7 ratio of preparation.

Cool blank: which has been linked to skin color hot ducks hanging in a cool, ventilated, dry skin so duck, generally over 24 hours in the cold parison spring and autumn, summer 4-6 hours.

Baking: First, with the stopper block duck anus, the water poured into the incision of the neck, referred to clyster, then call again the color, and then into the oven. Beijing roast duck with jujube wood used for the best, followed by peach, apricot, pear. After the wood ignited, the furnace temperature was raised above 200 ℃, it can be a duck, duck temperature is critical, and temperature control between 250-300 deg.] C, in the baking process, in accordance with duck bad color, adjusting duck orientation, normally takes about 30 minutes baking, baking may be baked according to maturity when the duck cavity baked color determination, when the soup is pink, duck cooked 7-8 minutes, a pale white soup for 9-10 cooked, when soup is milky white, indicating roast too far.

Released: baked finishes duck baked immediately after the brush layer of sesame oil, increase the brightness of the duck.

Production process

1, the outer wing duck open end of a hole, remove the intestines (Ap file request may do it), washed, to furnish Tuyun duck cavity.   

2, with the inclusion inches long wood duck cavity, between the two wing rails in the bone, a tube inserted in duck head, so that the blow duck omnidirectional Peng Zhang.   

3, with the sheath to roll washout from bumps duck, duck boiled leaching leather, spreadability duck hanging in the air when dry.   

4, with a fork duck propped on the stove to burn, and the rotation should be repeated several times oiled till crispy and golden red dish.

5, when the grilling oven, wrapped in aluminum foil to roast duck eight mature, then baked until removed foil golden brown duck removed by rolling to a crisp Youlin duck dish.   

6, hot duck pieces skin, accompanied with scallion, cucumber, sweet sauce and pizza with the food.

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