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Beijing features snack: honey Mito

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Honey Mito is the traditional characteristics of Beijing snacks. It has a bright pulp non-stick, soft taste sweet, thick sesame flavor characteristics. Honey caramel, is mashing the barley and other grains by fermentation, Spleen, Qi, urgency and pain relief, lungs and cough.

Old No. Cheung gather public Honey Mito is famous, is an important stocking of old Beijing. Beijing Tiananmen Square snack bar made of honey Mito, in December 1997 was awarded the first national Chinese snack title of China Cuisine Association.

Beijing features snack: honey Mito

- Old Beijing honey Mito -

- historical allusions honey Mito -

According to legend, in the Northern Song Dynasty, Su Dongpo at any time Xuzhou to know the state, and the hermit Hermit Yunlongshan Zhang hobnobbing, often poetry and wine meet. One day Su Dongpo Zhang Hermit on Heting drinking poetry, Su Dongpo drew a sword was new, try the knife on the bluestone next to the curb drink hakchon, chopped Mito, leaving three on the large bluestone deep marks, Su Dongpo very happy. Just then, attendants brought cakes and sweetmeats, there is a newly made honey cake is very tasty, but no names, please all the friends as dessert named Su Dongpo, he saw the cake surface also has three floating cut marks, casually answer: "honey Mito is also."

Later, the Su Dongpo personally named the "honey Mito", a famous and tea grocery Xuzhou city, bakeries competing production, spread through hundreds of years, honey Mito Xuzhou formulation process has reached the consummate state, about Xuzhou people out of love for Su Dongpo reverence because of it, so to Xuzhou honey Mito also fell, emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty in Xuzhou when passing south three times, named Xuzhou sent to the century-old town hall "Taikang" No. That is today's Xuzhou City Taikang Hui food store honey Mito imperial system, the legend of emperor Qianlong after eating honey Mito, "Long Yan Yue" Yubi handwritten "Xuzhou is a must, Imperial tribute."

Honey production methods Mito

Ingredients: flour, 1000 g, 1500 g of peanut oil (actual consumption of fried finished 350 g), 14 g base, 250 grams of dough with caramel, caramel too dense with 1400 g.

Making process:

1, honey Mito is "in the sub-surface" and "leather surface" component. First flour 1/4 caramel into the basin, add water and leaven, knead vigorously, made enough larger than the yeast surface, the captive acid to alkaline, into a "dough leather"; then flour remaining discharge time basin cylinder 9, a uniform mixing with water;

2, to prepare a "lining dough." The two kinds of dough are on the board, roll out with a rolling pin, respectively. The "leather surface" into two rectangular sheet roll; the "lining surface" rolling into a rectangular sheet of the same size, with a "leather surface" for the end pieces, the intermediate covered with "lining surface" sheet, and the other a "leather surface" cover sheet, i.e., becomes 3 layer with a thickness of about 5 cm;

3, after folded, the next strip with a knife, the surface of rolling thin strip, cut into small pieces, four corners of the upper wide side aligned fold, cut along the intermediate folding knife 3, 4 becomes, that is honey another into the oil pan pot as seven or eight green Mito heat, until golden brown. With fried in caramel with honey pot too.

Culinary specialties:Golden bright, soft and sweet.

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