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Beijing features snack Vegetable oil tea

OHTN2017-10-13Wes lee

Camellia also tonic Beijing snack, which is placed in the pot Scoop flour color yellow, brown fry also Maren, osmanthus plus oil and cattle bone, rubbing evenly mixed, homogenous and then rub on seasoned millet mush bowl, with sugar, with water into a paste-like to open. Tea taste sweet, as breakfast or lunch spot, popular with people like.

Beijing features snack Vegetable oil tea

- Beijing Camellia -

production methods Beijing Camellia

Raw formula: rice, 400 grams of red pepper 10 grams 100 grams of rice 25 grams of ginger standard powder 250 g onion 25 g of vegetable oil 150 grams of soda powder 3 grams sesame 150 grams of dry starch 25 g pickled kohlrabi 50 g egg 15 Sichuan salt 75 g of sesame oil 15 g pepper 5 g

Production Method:

1. pot placed 3 kg of water, boiled into 10 g Ginger, a green onions (knot pull), boiling water, skim foam, fishing onions, ginger, and then away from the crater end of the pan for 10 minutes, then good grinding rice, glutinous rice flour was stirred into water. Then set the pot on the boil, stir, put on a slow fire simmer cooked shift into tea paste.

2. Standard powder 500 g 5 g salt, 3 g of soda, 200 g of water was added, and mix thoroughly knead well, standing for 1 hour, and then knead the strip, brush vegetable oil, fat rod juice. When the pot put vegetable oil till the Qicheng, sweating the surface of the weight 50 g Checheng section, such as lines drawn into a thin rope, curled into the pan into pieces Camellia San children.

3. cooked vegetable oil pot, each scoop into the peppercorns, the red pepper, pepper oil is made, oil. Sesame fried roll into thin noodles, turnip fine cut surface, the end of the chop 15 grams of ginger.

4. eating eggs into the bowl stir first dispersion (1 per bowl), then with tea paste scoop into a bowl and mix egg, salt, sesame noodles, peppermint oil, diesel oil, sesame oil, Jiang Mo , tablets and turnip green onion, crumbled into the lake rapeseed San children.

Features: taste salty fragrance with a spicy, should be breakfast, supper, eat a plus winter.

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