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Beijing's top ten characteristics of neighborhoods and overseas tourists will travel to

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Beijing has a thousand years Wen Ming heritage, the distribution of hundreds of thousands of features, different characteristics of the street, or to ancient or modern, or noisy or quiet, or simple or fashion, recounting amorous Chinese capital. Among them, there is ten representative street for tourists at home and abroad yearn for.

Ancient Culture Street Liulichang

Ancient Culture Street Liulichang

Yuan, Ming had set up in this glass kilns, due to "Liulichang" he said. Start early Qing antique dealers in this business, distribution center for antiques and paintings, four treasures of ancient rubbings and Qianlong. After the liberation of street richer cultural characteristics here. Rong Baozhai and Chinese famous bookstores and antique shops in the establishment of a number of shops. 1982 Liulichang Culture Street renovation reconstruction. Streets after the new, paved temple of brick tiles, antique brick painted more ancient festival city with a strong color.

Nearly 100 shops along the street, and have to Rong Baozhai Zhai ancient treasure as the representative of ancient and modern calligraphy to rhyme ancient treasure vegetarian vegetarian and Crafts, represented by the stone ceramics, since smoked House and gains for the vegetarian four treasures of the representative to Zhenhuan House and shock brought into sharper focus as the representative of jewelry miscellaneous to Le Hai Xuan and ancient art studio for the acoustic instruments represented, in order to observe the complex fast and Qingyun Church as the representative of the ancient rubbings, to learn the ancient Zhai and Yun-fast as the representative of the antique Heritage to become vegetarian and mysterious Swiss-Ya vegetarian represented relics and ancient books Jinhe decoration, as well as the text of Yueshengzhai Shadeng, lanterns and Jinchang shop carpet, tapestry and so on.

Address: Beijing Xuanwu District Liulichang things outside Peace Street

Getting There: 7,70,14,15 waiting for the bus station Liulichang

Shichahai Bar Street

Shichahai Bar Street

The festive marketplace with the fragrance of wine along, ancient courtyard and fashion trends get what they want, Shichahai is indeed a "Beijing characteristics." Shichahai bar off to the emphasis is quiet. Come here to drink is false, changing the mood is true, so many bar decor is quite particular about, "ao" unusual courtyard has armored cavalry gas; "Buddha Bar" inch of land but do not have a religious flavor.

Shichahai Bar Street, the most moving place, you can still viewing: stand on the "Yinding Bridge", listen to the ship erhu long, is the most ecstasy taste; more water wax lights, shadows Iraqis, fascinating.

Near Shichahai there is a well-known pipe Byway. Just over 200 meters long this "pocket" in the streets, all the unsightly "corners" are subtly faded: poles, overhead lines has now been buried underground; broken streetlights turned into shops in front of the exquisite lanterns; even the meter boxes were hidden in a gray brick wall "dark box" at home. Wander in this street in old Beijing flavor, only the clock back image is a long time aftertaste.

Address: Street after rambling along the

Getting There: 210,5 bell foundry Station Road, 55 Station Road Deshengmen, 635 Luther Donegan Water Bridge Station



Nanluoguxiang, Dongcheng District, Beijing is a very ancient streets, kept the Yuan Dynasty street, alley planning. It was built in Yuan, about 800 meters north-south, things have symmetrical alley 8, neatly arrayed on both sides, from the appearance look like a centipede, it is called "centipede Street."

Pushed open a thick black lacquer wooden doors, a transparent light and spacious old Beijing courtyard impressively greets, talk about laughter, whispering among grape vines, birdsong vaguely wound from a pergola in Nanluogu floating out ...... this lane is less than 800 meters long and narrow alleys, covered with this low narrow door family of small bars and amazing, like streets of this overall feeling: quiet, introverted.

The entire bar is not just Nanluoguxiang, nostalgic and intimate business sign here can be seen everywhere: grocery eighties of last century, the sale of small porcelain yogurt shop, clean and fair price both for youth hostels ...... travelers want to stop and rest lazy or eager to pass the entire afternoon passing it, so laid back atmosphere undoubtedly appropriate.

Address: north-south alley between the Drum Tower East Avenue and Tiananmen Square East Avenue

Getting There: 823,850,13,118 and other percussion Lane bus station

Ma Liandao Tea Street

Ma Liandao Tea Street

Beijing West Railway Station near the south there is a Ma Liandao "tea capital of First Street." Tea Street 1500 meters long, concentrated more than 100 tea shops and five tea city, brings together the nation's major tea products with high quality tea areas of the Department of Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui, Yunnan and Guizhou. With annual sales of 10 billion yuan, accounting for one tenth of the country's total tea sales.

Ma Liandao past only a tea processing factory. In recent years, Fujian, Zhejiang, Anhui and Yunnan tea producing area people spotted the opportunity, have set up businesses, wholesale tea Maliandao, so Maliandao Tea Street to amount to anything. Although history is not long Ma Liandao Tea Street, which is just beginning, but its size is not small, it is not only the largest tea market in Beijing, but also the largest tea distribution center in North China.

Address: West Second Ring Guang An Men Wai Avenue south

Getting There: 46,414,609 waiting for the bus station Ma Liandao Silesia

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Street

Wangfujing Street is located in the east of Tiananmen Square, Long Street is a north-south, a total length of over 1800 meters. Today's Wangfujing has become the abundance of human flourishing integrated commercial pedestrian street.

Wangfujing Street after the transformation, forming a "golden cross" of architecture. Goldfish Lane at the crossroads of West Side center, hotels and restaurants street is east and west is a casual snack street, south side is bustling commercial pedestrian street, north street entertainment culture.

This Beijing's most famous shopping street, West Road, there is the famous Beijing Department Store, East Road, the famous Sun Dong An Plaza, as well as the country's largest arts and crafts shops, the country's largest Xinhua Bookstore, Foreign Language Bookstore, the country's largest China Lisheng studio and sports center, medical equipment store, Wangfujing shopping center, buildings and other Muslim trade. There is also a collection of many old and new shops operating characteristics, such as Sheng Xifu hat shop, with Pi and shoe store, New World silk shop, herbs ginseng pharmacy, Bi Chun tea shops.

Address: Wangfujing Street, north of East Chang'an Avenue

Bus: 210,103,104,211 and other bus lights City West Side Station, Subway Line 1 Wangfujing Station

Wangfujing snack street

Wangfujing snack street

Beijing has a folk song so sing: "Beijing snacks 99 call everything you eat enough." Snacks Wangfujing snack street, without also hundreds ninety kind. Such as Xinjiang-style roast leg of lamb, dessert Lvda Gun, fried enema Hui snacks and fried dumplings, lib, sweet tea and other small northern point Wandou Huang Han Chinese food.

Featured: First, deep-fried scorpions, grasshoppers, pupae to Wangfujing snack street diners usually try this seems daunting, but the taste is really good snacks. Second, a wide range of sugar-coated haws, here is the most abundant color snacks, diverse species, the most traditional of hawthorn, oranges, yams, and fresh kiwi, strawberries, grapes, etc., along the way holding it , suddenly I found a sense of childhood.

Address: Snack Street Wangfujing e15

Bus: 210,103,104,211 and other bus lights City West Side Station, Subway Line 1 Wangfujing Station

Dashanlan and the new Qianmen Street

Dashanlan and the new Qianmen Street

South Axis in Beijing, Qianmen Street, dating back more than 570 years of history, known as "Heaven Street". New Qianmen Street after renovation highlights the modern business functions and combines the features of the ancient capital. Currently, in addition to all the original move back on the street, "home-grown" Sheng Zhai, train, Qinglin spring tea, Quanjude and other 13 "old", including Apple Computer, Starbucks, Rolex, Adidas, etc., more than 20 internationally renowned brand has also been contracted to determine the presence.

New Qianmen Street has been put up yesterday cage, drums, sugar-coated haws and other distinctive style of old Beijing street. Qianmen Street after the transformation into the green Whitehead road, Okimichi reproduce the old style, tram retained in the memory of the old Peking Man (clang clang car), five arches and other Ming and Qing landscape manifesting in people's eyes.

Address: Qianmen Street, Chongwen District, north-south

Getting There: 20,203,59,5,66 front door waiting for the bus station, Metro Line 2 front door station

Video instruments Street Gulou East Street

Gulou East Street

Gulou East Main Street in recent years gradually formed a video game and animation shop featuring Beijing video game Street. This video appliances play a total of 36 shops on the street, most owners are also 20-somethings, including specialized video game stores sell PSP, PS2 and game software and cartoon model.

"Beijing video game Street" fame not only to Gulou East Street, famed capital, and even some foreign businesses are attracted to Beijing procurement. The whole Gulou East Street, in addition to the video store, but also scattered distribution of 16 musical instruments, and its high density, it can be called a musical street.

Address: east Andingmen Avenue, Main Street in the west to Tiananmen Square

Getting There: 204 inner ring, 107,635,124 waiting for the bus station Baochao alley

Panjiayuan Flea Market

Panjiayuan Flea Market

Panjiayuan Flea Market is located southwest of Beijing East Third Ring Panjiayuan Bridge, covers an area of ​​48,500 square meters. Area is divided into market stall, ancient room area, classical furniture district, modern collection area, stone carving area, food service area six business areas. Main old items, crafts, collectibles, decorations. Market formed in 1992, is accompanied by the rise of civil society and active antique art trade gradually developed, it has now become a large antique antique art market dissemination of folk culture.

Panjiayuan Flea Market is the country's most popular antique goods market. Weekend opening daily traffic of six or seven people, including foreign guests nearly ten thousand people. Different colors, different languages, different classes, different beliefs visitors blend in here. Former US president's wife Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Ha Side, Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, dozens of foreign dignitaries who had come here to visit shopping.

Here is the country's largest distribution center for folk arts and crafts. There Hengshui snuff bottles, Yangliuqing New Year, embroidery Jiangsu, Jiangxi porcelain, Yixing purple clay, bronze, etc. Shaanxi. These different characteristics of folk arts and crafts from all over the country converge Panjiayuan, and from here are sold all over the world.

Address: East Third Ring Road (southwest of Panjiayuan Bridge), Chaoyang District

Bus: 800 outside, 36,34,434, 3 Laid other bus station port fresh Songnanluxi

Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun Bar Street

Sanlitun initially known for auto parts, clothing market. Later, gradually it became Bar Street. Sanlitun Bar Street in Chaoyang District, east side of North Road, a total length of 260 meters, covers an area of ​​1648 square meters.

Sanlitun is Beijing's first community bar, where the bar is first appeared in 1989, the oldest bar in South Sanlitun Sanlitun area appear, and the formation of climate, the reputation of the loudest Sanlitun North Street.

Petty bar, boys and girls, Lan Guifang, a rest day, every business Palm Beach ...... are so prosperous. Since Sanlitun North Street adjacent to the embassy, ​​including Canada, Australia, France, Belgium, Germany, is among 79 countries. North foreigner became fixed bar most of the guests. In recent years, the local white-collar workers, entertainers, and even foreign tourists have become a frequent visitor to Bar Street.

Address: south Baijiazhuang Road, north to Dongzhimen Wai Street, east of the East Third Ring Road, west of New Road

Getting There: Metro Line 2 to Dongsishitiao, from the southeast port, take the 113 Road to Workers Stadium North Gate

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