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Fangshan shidu scenic area

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Shidu scenic area is located southwest of Beijing, more than 70 kilometers from the city, an area of ​​301 square kilometers, is the only karst peaks, peak cluster, valley topography featuring natural beauty in North China.

Shidu scenic mountain odd hills, valley walls rise steeply, peaks Pinnacle, stone beautiful deep lake, scenery secluded wins, Public Fitch "Castle Nowata, Barry Gallery." Shidu negative oxygen ions is extremely high, up to 7000-10000 per CM3 one, known as "natural air conditioning, natural oxygen chamber," he said. Development and construction in recent years, has been basically formed food, housing, transportation, travel, shopping and entertainment matched the pattern of annual tourists more than several million people. Town a total of 48 large hotels, training centers, the reception capacity of up to 2 million people. There are bungee jumping, rock climbing and other 36 tourism projects in the area, the water at 18 recreation centers, 10 large set meals, lodging, travel in one of the natural areas. In recent years shidu Party committees and governments based on the unique tourism resources, the implementation of tourism legislation town, tourism town, wealthy and tourism strategy, the main tertiary industry, secondary industry to optimize and enhance a production, vigorously develop the tourism industry to enrich the people, the Shidu economic and social development into the fast lane, has been listed as the State development Planning Commission town economic development demonstration area, municipal scenic spots, municipal outstanding scenic, Wen Ming attractions, the only professional tourism town Beijing, Beijing agricultural structure adjustment Model town, State Sports General Administration training rock climbing, bungee jumping competition training base, the national Youth geological expedition base camp, and successfully assessed by the national Tourism Administration "AAA" level scenic spots, was approved by the Ministry of Land as a national geological park, the city Bureau of parks rated municipal advanced scenic spots, four consecutive years been rated municipal Wen Ming area, won the "advanced unit in the city's tourism safety" and so on.

Fangshan shidu scenic area

A beautiful natural landscape

Shidu Mountain Dan Qifeng insurance, ferry Ferry clear Jingmei, peak, stone, gorge, water, cave, river, lake King King matched, it is a three-step painting depicts a scene Buyi Barry Gallery, one hundred meters a one thousand meters constitutes a bridge crossing shidu scenery. Shidu landscapes, picturesque four seasons, King is everywhere. Early spring flowers are blooming, Sunny mountains; summer Pinnacle peaks, blue waves; bright autumn leaves, persimmon falling branches; winter mountains draped silver ice as a mirror. It is like a wonderful landscape volumes. Shidu scenic area is an important part of the Juma River, which winds circuitous, through the mountains, like a jade belt, and against the background of the mountain, complement each other, is rare in northern karst landscape, scenic areas within the beautiful mountains, beautiful environment. People sigh: "If I had known Shidu, why down the south." Shidu meandering canyon swing, deep water bay, Dodo can boat rowing, Castle Nowata picturesque charm, famous Dodo, Dodo stand-standard.

Shidu beautiful scenery, there are described in detail in its early "waterways" in 1500 years ago, Wei Li Tao Yuan. Qing Emperor Qianlong several times to look for this tour, each tour will impromptu poetry, Fangshan County Emperor Qianlong in there, "Juma" Poems eight. This cited an example in which one of the first: "to make water flooded Han Tan, cross-bridge crossing six Can Nagisa smoke should draw dye, travel and poetry come to know King shore reed white weakness, Cliff Fontaine For where is the source of sweet away... , heavy base multicolored cloud-lan. "Ming Dynasty Rong Guogong Yao Guangxiao, Fu if gold and other historical celebrities have to shidu Juma name written hymns Fu. Since 1978 Shidu development of tourism, the central and Beijing Shidu important leaders on many occasions to visit sightseeing.

Beautiful landscapes also become an ideal place for location shooting of the film, there have been "Five Shaolin boxing", "War episode," "Heroes," "road, overturned," "King of Western Chu", "Xishuiqianlong", "Empress Wu "" Three Kingdoms "," Zhang blacksmith Romance, "" tears of red candles, "" sons of the soil "," Bethune "," Heaven and earth "," Eastern Zhou "," Journey to the West "," Bi lilac days Legend "," peacock Princess "," little Cowherd "," chivalrous hero, "" Jane crane God "," Shan "," Temptation of a monk "," Dragon "," Xiaoshiyilang " and so on hundreds of films, television and advertising in this location shooting.

Fangshan shidu scenic area

Second, the rich cultural heritage

Number of cultural relics in the Shidu Scenic Area, such as the ancient city, ancient forts, ancient architecture, ancient authentic, ancient battlefields, Cliff and other modern revolutionary activities and sites and commemorative memorial, six heroes monument, Zhao Ran tomb area level cultural relics protection units, Pingxi Anti-Japanese martyrs cemetery is listed as national patriotism education bases. These historical sites has to enhance people's love and protection of the motherland beautiful mountains and rivers of significance, but also has valuable literature and art, the history of educational value. Shidu is also rich in folk culture, about the old face, thin strip of sky, mountains bat, Shiren Feng landscape history has many popular folklore, as well as a wealth of unique food culture and customs, and there are quite place national characteristics of cottage and residential areas.

Third, the rich biological resources

Biological landscape is one of the important elements of landscaping Shidu Scenic Area. Shidu Shanqingshuixiu itself including its wide variety of forests, meadows, flowers, berries. According to the survey, Shidu scenic area there are eight vegetation types and 32 formations, vascular plants 85 families 323 genera. Is a national protected plants are: Pteroceltis, walnut, Dioscorea, wild soybean and Beijing endemic plants: maple leaf clematis, plant new record: long sonchifolia. The main tree species are oak, elm, aspen, mountain willow, walnut catalpa, Pteroceltis tree, Fagus, etc., in the evening scene as well as Acer mono, oak, mulberry, Sophora japonica, cypress trees at two other 10 old and valuable trees. Juma River in ancient fish species and variety of aquatic plants and animals, produced sweetlips fish jaw fossils of ancient fish alive. More than one hundred kinds of wild animals, brown-eared pheasant is the national animal protection at the national level to protect animals, such as otters and soft-shelled turtle.

Fourth, the unique geological wonders

Juma peaks canyon landscape along both sides of the canyon area, almost all of the exposed bedrock Mesoproterozoic Wumishan then strip the mouth with a stone and then lump dolomite, is a soluble salt rock, karst formation the basis of the landscape. Ordovician on this area (dating back 450 million years) ago, about ten million years of history of ancient marine occupied, forming a thick marine deposits. After Ordovician uplift of this area is land uplift after a long late Paleozoic and Mesozoic uplift, erosion, and after the Qiang Lie Cenozoic tectonic movement, the impact of differences lifting movement, as well as Qiang Lie river erosion and cut all kinds of water dissolution , forming steep cliffs, fengcong everywhere, all over Qifengyishi, cave landscape strange topography, geology deeper cultural charm.

1, surface karst topography

Surface karst Juma mainly developed in the valley sides, formed by the occurrence fengcong gentle Mesoproterozoic Wumishan carbonate formations, peaks, Koho, mesa, combinatorial karst valley, northern region is rare large-scale karst landscape. The most typical are the focus of Beacon Hill, bats Hill, Shan, Shan, Kirin Hill, the boys mountain peaks and other natural beauty of the mountain, are protected.

2, underground karst caves

Underground karst cave is one of the attractions of this important geological sites. It concentrated on the north east off the scenic shop Wang, Li Yuan plant, Liuhe Village and West Pacific, NW - trending South East for a length of about 16 kilometers and a width of 4 kilometers of karst cave with. The vast majority occur in the cave in the Middle Proterozoic Jixian System Tieling Formation, only the western Pacific caves are hosted by Upper Proterozoic Qingbaikouan King Valley Limestone are children. These groups appear karst caves unique shape, different causes, the landscape is different. Cave area are basically three types of causes: the first is the East closed sinkholes, which is 246 meters deep, the cave area of ​​nearly 10000 M2, forming a hall-style cave, so called "Long Sin Temple"; the second is from the ground 700 m long underground clear three-layer structure having a Grand Canyon erosion erosion River formation; dissolution third cave, formed by chemical deposition of various underground art galleries called Sin-dong habitat.

3, Juma River valley and river terraces

Juma is not only unique scenic surface water resources, and the formation of a number of important geological relics in the area, such as four cross and cents Long Island and other places well-preserved floodplain, terraces, from the heap mountain and ancient rivers and other Xishimen they are an important part of scenic spots.

4, remains of marine sediments

In the 8-14 million years ago, the resort is a vast ocean. After more than 600 million years of deposition, magnesium carbonate rocks thick silicon rich in these carbonates, rich algae fossil - STROMATOLITE. Stromatolites are widely distributed in the scenic area, diverse, important research, science, teaching and ornamental value. In addition, during the deposition of the ocean, and the like due to the climate change, it is formed and retained many valuable geological phenomena, such as deposition waviness, cross-bedding, tempestite siliceous strips, silica agglomerates (Stone in stone) and so on. The most typical distributed stromatolitic Purdue Hill, solitary cottage, East Lake Harbor, etc. Luk Villa; typical stone has a good stone exposed in solitary cottage, Lake Villa Luk port and the like.

5, structural features

Since the affected area battalion forces and by tectonic movement, rock folds, fissures well developed. Zhang fissures, X joints, checkerboard configuration, cleavage structure, complex folds, squeezing fracture zones, drag structure, and the like crumpled small interlayer abound. The most typical lone cottage "Sky" and fossils geological structural features (tensile fracture), crossing seven fold structure, Luk Villa extrusion broken belt.

Zhoukoudian Park

Ticket price: $ 30

Bus: bridge or take the 917 bus Liuliqiao shidu, Zhangfang line to the intersection of Zhoukoudian interchange Ring Road 2 Pakistan to get off the Zhoukoudian site. West Railway Station take the 616 bus Liangxiang Simon interchange Ring Road 2 Pakistan to get off the Zhoukoudian site

By car: take the high-speed exit high-speed Beijing-Shijiazhuang Yan Village Choi straight road, there are signposts along the way

Shihua Park

Ticket price: 70 yuan

Bus: take the 917 road bridge or Liuliqiao Hebei branch to Shihuadong

By car: Road to the north under the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway exit Liangxiang Airport - by Wang Triple - three Fuk turn left - Direct Shihuadong

Shidu Park

Ticket price: Sin habitat Cave: 45 yuan; Long Sin Temple: $ 40; Sin valley: 22 yuan; Bibo Park Resort: $ 50; Sands Park: 50 yuan; Shan Buddha word free, Pingxi Anti-Japanese Memorial: free; East Lake Harbor : 38 million (attractions tickets) another 50, $ 100 and $ 150 yuan packages; West Port: 32 yuan; solitary cottage: $ 40 (attractions tickets) additional sixty, $ 90 and $ 110 yuan package, designated bamboo raft: $ 30 / hr / bar, bungee: $ 205 lifts: 55 million.

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus line of direct Shidu Shidu Scenic Area

Train: Beijing South Railway Station take the 7 train outing Shidu Station

By car: Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Liulihe Road exit - by liulihe - long ditch to go directly to Shidu Scenic Road Yunjusi

Scenic Yunjusi

Ticket price: $ 40

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus stop to shidu line Yunjusi Liangxiang Simon or Fangshan Chengguan transfer to bus 12 direct Yunjusi

Train: Beijing West Station outing 7 train stop Yunjusi

By car: 1 Shijiazhuang Expressway exit Liulihe - liulihe - Li Yue Road - Room Easy Road - Yunjusi Road - Yunjusi; 2 Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Fangshan exports to the Fangshan - Jing Zhou Road - Zhoukoudian - room easily. Road - Yunjusi Road - Yunjusi

St. Lotus Mountain Park

Ticket price: 60 yuan

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus to Fangshan passenger mini-bus transfer 21 Road to get off the mountain sacred lotus historian camp

By car: exit at Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Liangxiang Airport Road north - to go along Shihuadong follow signs to the camp and CNR Shihuadong cross Choji intersection - along State Road 108 west 55 km double-track that is to

Han Cunhe King Estate

Ticket price: $ 40

Bus: bridge or take the 917 bus Liuliqiao direct Han Cunhe Han Cunhe Extension

By car: by the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Liulihe Road exit, the Liulihe to Han Cunhe

Sin habitat scenic hole

Ticket price: 45 yuan

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus terminus Zhangfang line to get off the bureau to transfer 85 small public road to get off the fairy cave habitat

Train: Beijing South Railway Station (Yongding Gate Station) take the 7 train to triple outing Zhuang get off

By car: Shijiazhuang Expressway - Liulihe export - Han Cunhe - Yunjusi - fairy cave habitat

The Fangshan Jing District

Ticket price: $ 40

Bus: bridge or take the 917 bus Liuliqiao - Room Shandong Bridge Road Ride 15 minibus to the top of the mountain

By car: Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway - Yan Village exit - Fangshan - Zhoukoudian T-junction turn left - turn right directly in front of the dragon mountain top. Liulihe Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway exit - directly to the mountain top Han Cunhe

Yin Hudong attractions

Ticket price: 43 yuan

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus line of direct Yinhu North

By car: Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Yan Village Road exit - by Yan Village - tuoli to Yin Hudong

It would be no new China without the Communist Party Memorial

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus to Fangshan, then transfer to a small village classroom to reach the area of ​​public

By car: the urban area directly along State Road 108; or along the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway southbound, at Liangxiang Airport Road - Yan Road - go straight on State Road 108 through 111 km to reach the area that is


Ticket price: $ 30

Bus: take the 917 road bridge public holidays from tour buses to Baicaopan Baicaopan

By car: by the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Fangshan exports - Yan Village - tuoli - Yan Road - Beijing backtrack - Xia Yunling - Baicaopan

Scenic Baicaopan

Ticket price: $ 50

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus to Fangshan - four horses and then take a small public station to reach the area

By car: the urban area directly along State Road 108; or along the Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway southbound - at Liangxiang Airport Road - Yan Road - State Road 108, go straight on to the next 105 km to reach the area that is at

Western Zhou Dynasty Yan Capital Ruins

Ticket Price: Free

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus to Dong Jialin village Han Cunhe branch off

By car: exit at doudian high-speed Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway - is 3 km to the west

Zhangfang scenic ancient warfare Road

Ticket price: 20 yuan

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus line direct Zhangfang

By car: Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway Liulihe Road exit, turn left after liulihe room and easy, long trench turn right on the road to Yunjusi Zhangfang ancient warfare Road

Pingxi Anti-Japanese War Memorial Hall

Ticket Price: Free

Bus: Liuliqiao bridge or take the 917 bus line of direct Shidu Shidu

Train: Beijing South Railway Station take the 7 train outing Shidu Station

Car: Shijiazhuang Expressway Liulihe outlet (the channel) - liulihe - Changgou - Yunjusi Road - shidu - Anti pingxi Martyrs

Yesanpo Park

Bus: 917 fast buses to transfer Fangshan Liuli Liuli 10 Road to Third Street

Train: 6095 / L7781 / 6437 Laiyuan to get off

By car: Beijing (Liuliqiao) - Shijiazhuang Expressway - Liulihe - Han Cunhe - Zhangfang - Shidu - Yesanpo

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