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Beijing-style preserved fruit

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After fruit is fresh fruit, peeled, taken nuclear, sugar cooking, soaking, drying and finishing food packaging made of other major processes, bright transparent, surface drying, slightly viscous, water content 20% or less. Preserves a wide range of well-known traditional products have candied apples, apricots, pears, peaches, peace preserved fruit, plum, hawthorn slice, fruit leather and so on.

Beijing-style preserved fruit

- Beijing-style candied fruits -

By convention in Beijing, the low moisture content is not called with preserved fruit juice. The earliest legends preserved Ming imperial kitchen exclusive production, it was brought to the public, dating back more than 300 years of history. The original honey processing, are now using sugar instead of honey, but the habit is still called candied fruit. 1913 winners had in Panama International Exposition. Fruit production using advanced production methods and processes, the use of advanced non-toxic polyethylene or cellophane packaging, and rigorous testing. Since sugar is made at high concentrations. Thus various microorganisms are difficult to survive in the fruit, the product is also easy to storage, the suburbs of Beijing preserved fruit is produced to entertain guests, friends and relatives to share the feed, but also as Beijing specialty exported to Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, the United States more than 20 countries and regions. Beijing palace preserved using traditional recipe, refined by the fruit processing, medium sweet and sour taste, refreshing and smooth, sweet but not too sweet, fruity, mainly apricots, pears, begonias thousands of varieties, hundreds of specifications a range of products, the Ministry of agriculture were identified as green.

Preserves the historical allusions

Beijing folk made preserved fruit, according to legend began in the late Ming imperial palace rooms, more than 300 years of history. Ancient legend, having a fine finish, fine processing, a high level of technology, beautiful color, flavor is soft refreshing character, but retain the nutrients contained in the original fruit. 1913 years ago, poly-door and products, won the Panama International Exposition. Since then, Beijing candied fruit, preserved fruit, known in the world, become a traditional export commodities.

Beijing's imperial palace preserved fruit preserves made from the room. In order to ensure that the emperor can eat fresh fruit all year round, the chefs will be produced each season fruit, classified soaked in honey, so the emperor ready to eat. Later, this production method coming out from the palace, Beijing will have a workshop specializing in the production of fruit.

Beijing called Beijing by the middle of preserved fruit type fruit, it is a Beijing specialty, world-renowned. Our honey with pickled fruits and vegetables has a long history, as early as the Spring and Autumn seen on written records, to have the Three Kingdoms period candied lotus seeds, lotus root, melon strips. Tang Dynasty palace to pay tribute to store fruit, using honey Soak, began to have "honey fried," he said. Song sugar production increased, add candied orange cake, sweet ginger. In order to distinguish, to do with honey called candied fruit, preserved fruit with sugar to make the call.

preserved fruit production methods

Segmentation: The fully ripe fresh apricots, cut in half, after enucleation, installed in the wooden plate, apricot sized up the thick gracefully, sent sulfitation chamber sulfitation. Tray drying all made of wood, surrounded by a low side, the bottom board put together, leaving a gap. Bails bottom of the plate 2, to facilitate ventilation overlap wooden plate length 90 to 100 cm wide and 60 to 80 cm.

Sulfitation: when ignited sulfur, SO2 concentration chamber kept 2 to 3% sulfur to burn continuously, can not be extinguished, smoked for 12 hours to clear the fruit body, until there is no raw heart chamber can be sulfitation masonry and cement structures, treated with the carrier vehicle, the vehicle contained in each tray drying means 20 to 25. When Sulfitation, maintaining indoor humidity 40 ~ 50 ℃. After fresh apricot quantitative absorption of SO2, can have a significant effect; the other can accelerate the drying of the product is prevented sour corrupt, contribute to the future preservation. One ton sliced ​​raw material, about 20 to 40 kilograms of sulfur. Sulfur should be of good quality, purity, easy to burn, the impurities contained not more than 1%, wherein the arsenic (Soft) not more than 0.015%; no oil quality. The application of sulfur powder was added 5% potassium nitrate or sodium nitrate, pelletized to aid combustion.

Drying and dried: apricot bowl sulfur has been smoked, Shaichang moved 1 to 2 days exposure to sunlight, drying to a dry 5 to 7, drying the disc stack, covered together, make the shade wind, completion of the drying action, the time about 10 days to 15% moisture content to (e.g., directly dried, although no not, but products not very transparent, dark color). Then dried apricots stored up, reserved for processing raw material. When drying, do not bowl apricot juice drained so that the juice of the fruit body absorb sugar and more full.

Processing Method: The above rinsing and water soak apricots 2 to 4 hours, drying to remove surface impurities, dried apricots, dried apricots and soaked to absorb water. Pulling it out after the disc placed on the soil, apricot sized up, sent sulfitation. Then drying to a moisture content of about 20%, then the product more transparent. Product Requirements SO2 content of not more than 2000ppm (0.2%).

Preserves Features

Preserves fine choice of materials, processing fine, so the product is good color, the taste is soft and tasty. Color from pale yellow to orange, oval, not broken not bad, not anti-sugar, sticky, soft to eat, sweet and sour taste. The suburbs of Beijing preserved fruit production, complete block-shaped, transparent color, rich succulent, soft, sweet and sour, fruity original, high nutritional value.

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