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China Film Museum

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China Film Museum China Film Museum is the world's largest national specialty museum is to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Chinese cinema landmark, is to demonstrate China's century of film development, film technology Expo, spread film culture and research academic exchanges Arts Center. China Film Museum has 20 exhibition halls, introduced China's century of film and film development Technology Expo. Another temporary exhibition hall, lecture hall and function rooms. The museum also features a giant-screen movie theater, digital cinema hall and three 35 mm movie theater.

China Film Museum

China Film Museum by the United States RTKL International Ltd. and Beijing Institute of Architectural Design to design, its architectural design technique reflects the Ping Heng Motion Picture Arts and architectural language, not only can make the viewer feel three-dimensional visual impact and make it feel like being in a movie among the strong visual effect elevated to a comprehensive all-round experience.

Building exterior China Film Museum not only magnificent, and full of unique artistic characteristics. In front of the main building, the giant screen and a square planar configuration interrupted Xieqiang combination of a plate shaped like a carbazole. Building as a base color of black, and a metal plate decorated hollow pattern as the outer layer, cast a mystery around this temple of light and shadow. In a unified, neutral black background, depending on the position four facades of the building interior public spaces are open up a large stained glass surface. Red, green, blue, yellow representing the exhibition, exhibition, theater, integrated services four functional areas showing colorful personality.

China Film Museum

Inside China Film Museum with black, white and gray color as the tone, elegant and quiet, all other colors in such a tone even more colorful: the giant stained glass in natural light, the projected colorful personality; to keep the changing colors of the central rotunda circular walls, gorgeous bright; decorative lights in the elevator bright colors, allowing viewers to experience the visual brings surprises during the tour.

China Film Museum covers an area of ​​65 mu, building area of ​​nearly 38,000 square meters exhibition line length of 2970 meters, which involves the remnants of the movie 1500, more than 4300 pictures, introduces more than 450 filmmakers. China Film Museum exhibition, Expo content is organized by the State Administration of Radio a large number of China's film industry's most authoritative experts and scholars elaborate completed, set an authoritative intellectual, artistic in one.

Car lines

Address: Cuigezhuang Nangao ring within the test site Ying Road Chaoyang District, Beijing South Railway

Car lines: China Film Museum is located south Ying Road, Chaoyang District, No. 9, take the 402 Road, 418 Road, 688 Road, 955 Road, 973 bus in Nangao Station, walk 15 minutes to reach by road signs indicating the direction.

Car lines: 1, Dongzhimen - Airport Expressway (exit Jiuxianqiao) - Jiuxianqiao Road - Dashanzi Island - Central Railway Northbridge - Gao South Road, south Ying Road - China Film Museum; 2, Wangjing - Dashanzi Bridge - Jiuxianqiao Road - Central Railway Northbridge - Gao South Road, south Ying Road - China film Museum

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