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To play 3 days in Yangshuo how to arrange the route

2023-02-02Aix XinLe

To visit Yangshuo in 3 days, take the high-speed rail from Guangzhou, went to the Guilin North Railway Station to Yangshuo, or Yangshuo high speed rail station near Yangshuo? Have you consulted, veteran, how to arrange the 3 day visit route? Thank you very much.

To play 3 days in Yangshuo how to arrange the route

Yangshuo high-speed rail station is located in the town of Yangshuo 35 km distance Yangshuo County, Guilin Yangshuo County Station distance of about 80 km, relatively to Guilin is more convenient, more reasonable travel route suggestion:

The first day: arrived in Guilin city tour attractions: Jingjiang palace, Yaoshan scenery, elephant trunk hill, two rivers and four lakes, live in Guilin.

The second day: Lijiang, Yinzi Yan, ten galleries, the impression of Liu Sanjie, West Street, Yangshuo.

The third day: Yulong River, rich in bridge, overlooking the river first mountain land of idyllic beauty, gong bay, send the Guilin North Railway Station or other sites to return.

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