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Beijing souvenirs: silk figurine handicrafts

OHTN2017-09-29Wes lee

Silk Man is a human form of art. Folk cloth toys, "pins and needles", "" color bar "and other handicrafts, and are closely related to it. It is based on the ancient Chinese folk tale of young men and women, and ethnic dance drama character modeling, and other subjects. After sculpture artists fine handmade dozen painting process, clothing, props and headwear, man-made lifelike perspective it with the head face and hands are made of silk, which is head to toe, from inside to outside are selected on such as silk, silk yarn made of "silk" and hence the name. Beijing Beijing silk man is a unique kind of folk art, it is mainly made of silk humanoid, traditional folk arts and crafts, a thousand years of history.

Beijing silk man

In ancient times, our country folk pop with bamboo, paper as raw material, the production of handicrafts. Rural southern Fujian on the prevalence of color tie - (907 618), at the beginning of the paper is tied into all kinds of animals, birds, fish and insects, and later the performance of some of the operas and fairy tales widely circulated, made as early as the Tang Dynasty lantern, display everywhere, for people to watch. After this process gradually rolled lantern development to form a color bar products, according to "Tokyo Midtown" chronicles, the Northern Song Dynasty folk artists Aya man can cut, cut Kam clothed, color knot human form. To the Ming Dynasty, the folk there are people making silk.

During the Qing Dynasty, silk damask silk yarn with scissors and beaten old birthday Magu, together with peach birthday noodles, as congratulations birthday gift, unfortunately, people skills to make silk was lost.

Beijing silk man born today, in the medium term after the founding of New China 50 years, China was invited to participate with the international doll exhibition held in India, the Ministry of Culture through the National Women's Federation, the production exhibits task to Ge Jingan, Li Peifen, Du Chong Park and other comrades. So they all aspects of data collection, repeated scrutiny, and finally in two months time, the successful trial of five women's work performance image minority, timely delivery exhibition, well received. Later, the establishment of the Beijing Academy of Fine humanoid research group, after another trial out of many new works, this man with a new silk Chinese style and national style. From the material point of view, foreign humanoid head, plaster powder, made of clay and wood, while Beijing silk man, from head to toe using Chinese silk, silk yarn, the characters face, clothing and action expression, which fully reflects the Chinese style. But also because the main raw material made of human form is colored silk, so it has been called "Beijing silk man."

Specialty identification: Beijing silk man beautifully, look different, colorful, elegant style, with high appreciation and collection value. In skeletal lead wire, cotton, paper wadding of flesh, skin silk yarn, silk as hair, colored silk garments, made from plastic dolls. More drawn to Chinese folk tales and legends, traditional theater in all kinds of characters, choreography and costume ladies modeling, etc., through artisans sculpture, molding, painting, sewing more than 10 processes, and ultimately made into a lifelike, three-dimensional ready to come out doll style.

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