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Beijing features snack fried dumpling

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Is a fried dumpling stuffing baked snack foods category, ingenious, exquisite taste, and many more pig meat products as often, depending on the season together with the different fresh vegetables. Fried dumpling around different shapes, usually dumpling shape, but Tianjin fried dumpling similar dalian fire.

When fried dumpling packs are typically filled dough half, crescent-shaped form. Fried dumpling appear before the end of a deep yellow, crisp, soft and tough dough, stuffing shiang United States. Fried dumpling shape around the different general shape, but Tianjin fried dumpling similar dalian fire. In a sense, the so-called people's dumplings are fried. Volkswagen fried dumpling snacks. Tao Heung ranking fried dumpling with its rigorous choice of materials, production of fine, beautiful ancient city known for quality. Clyster flow refined oil, coke yellow color, delicious spillover. Northeast also known Shuijian Bao, also known as fried dumplings.

Beijing features snack fried dumpling

--fried dumpling--

historical allusions fried dumpling

According to legend was the Empress Dowager Cixi like to eat dumplings, but once refused to eat cold, so cook imperial kitchen was kept hot dumplings, dumplings have to throw away the cold today. One day after the Queen Mother to smell the flowers outside the garden walls of the palace came a scent, so the curious out ectopic, seemed to see someone in boiling dumplings, golden dough food, after a taste, feel crisp skin and juicy stuffing , quite delicious. Later learned that this is the imperial kitchen discarded dumplings, sticky skin because cool off in one piece, not easily boiled, so only the hot fried food.

But there is another way of saying it, is there was a master in Guangdong chance to eat fried dumplings in northern China, I feel very good to eat, then back home, improved, it evolved into today's fried dumpling.

Fried dumpling is a product of the pan appears discuss when to begin to be. But Shandong fried dumpling home in Dalian, which is to be documented.

In thirty years, Fukuyama people to Wang Shumao by the Lu Liao, settle in Dalian. To make a living, they put the Shandong traditional fried dumpling with local customs to be improved, since the franchise flavor pasta. Initially, the trolleys fitted appliances, materials, tableware, condiments, scaffolding or street, or street, or fair temple. Unique their preparation, a clean finished, yellow and white color, coke inlet tender, tasty attractive. Because face a long shallow Bai Mazi, so called Wang Mazi fried dumpling. In 1942, the purchase of Wang Shumao door head room, and homeopathy hangs a plaque Wang Mazi fried dumpling, fried dumpling making Jiaodong finally settled in their native place.

fried dumpling production methods

Pay attention to making fried, pan to be slightly wiping layer of oil, the fried neatly gracefully, to one by one, when fried evenly sprinkle some water, preferably with a mouth watering kettle to sprinkle fried crevice, so that penetrate the flat bottom of the pan as well. After cover, baked fry twenty-three minutes, then sprinkle water once. Fry bake twenty-three minutes before watering again. Then you can pour a little oil. About five minutes after consumption. When taken with a shovel, linked to five or six, golden yellow bottom, and the upper Zhou Bian slightly soft, steaming, it is the best. When fresh, crisp skin there have cotton, stuffing also rotten also crisp, fragrant, food for thought. Really enjoy a nice also.

The fried dumpling stuffing, but also as dumplings, can be prime meat, pig meat can be seafood, wild game can be, all in people's hobby. Old bamboo fence Xi'an City street port has a monopoly of old fried dumpling, popular. Xi'an dumplings, pork with leek accustomed to stuffing, mixed with yellow sauce and sesame oil, fragrant and fresh. I would like to add a little egg, shrimp, to increase the taste of delicious. Those interested, may wish to try. Fried dumpling is famous for snacks, which ranks Tao Heung fried dumpling with its rigorous choice of materials, production of fine, beautiful ancient city known for quality. Finished filling tender skin coke, coke yellow color, delicious spillover.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, 300 grams   

Accessories: Onion (white) 50 g 150 g Pork chives (fat and lean) 200 g   

Seasoning: 3 grams of salt pepper 2 grams of sesame oil 2 g vegetable oil 25 g

Cooking methods:

1. Wash chives, onion thinly end;   

2. minced pork, salt, pepper, sesame oil and mix in the same direction;   

3. adding chives, onion mix into meat;   

4. dumpling skin spread, kneaded into the meat as an elongated, slightly push the ends;   

The pan was poured into 15 g oil pan, a small fire slowly to boiling;   

6. change the fire until the water dries up slightly fried look, topped with 10 g of oil before you can dish up.

Production points:

1. dumpling skin: flour amount of water, kneading, rubbing strips, divided into a plurality of equal sized surface of the ball, can roll into a sheet;   

2. You can also purchase the finished effect to the same supermarket.

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