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Guangdong Traditional residential shantboat

OHTN2017-10-25Aix XinLe

The water shed is a unique traditional folk house in guangdong province.Shallow water shelf space narrow, ten square meters large, small like a pigeon holes, but very neat and clean, because sleep, eat, live in it.

Guangdong Traditional residential shantboat

Bangshui built shed water, followed by a bank or group circumference, use fir, pine bark, tail sunflower, sugarcane shells, straw, brick building materials do. Shirt with a pile of wood, insert the riverbed, built on the water shed, generally higher than those onshore, large water also flooded not inside the shed. At high tide, go afar as ships floating in the water. Winds shed water, even in the dog days, but also a cool feeling.

In the past, Guangzhou residents the water is called "Tanka people," they eat, live in the boat, but also live in the house scaffolding shore. These have become history, from the 1960s, the hut residents live in the building of the shore.

Now, in some rivers and lakes also retain huts, one for the convenience of life, and second, to rekindle old dreams.

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