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Guangzhou drinking tea culture

OHTN2017-10-25Aix XinLe

In Guangzhou, the folk tea treat has become a matter of protocol, if the customer, the first thing is to offer a cup of "good tea", the first sentence is "Please drink tea" as an expression of the owner's passion , friendly and polite. Since ancient Lingnan has a "mercantile" values, "tea" is also from the family to the market, the Guangzhou tea culture has a stronger sense of commodity economy characteristics. Guangzhou people gathered earlier onset of drinking residence, such as tea room, tea house, teahouse, Chaju, restaurants, etc., under various names, different forms.

Guangzhou drinking tea culture

Drink herbal tea

Guangzhou people drink herbal tea is a perennial lifestyle.

The so-called herbal tea, refers to herbal cold and heat of Chinese herbal medicine Jianshui digestion can make soft drinks to eliminate the summer heat in the human body, or winter caused by dry throat pain and other disorders. Guangzhou has a long history of herbal tea, herbal tea many varieties, there are Wong Lo Kat herbal tea, herbal tea three tiger Church, Huang Zhenlong Chinese herb tea, herbal tea loud-hailer, Shi Qi herbal tea, herbal tea RedBull, gourd tea, healthy herbal tea, Jin Yinju five tea, dry bitter herbal tea, etc. ; even paste soup, raw fish GE soup, carrot bamboo cane water, has become the Guangzhou people love the traditional old herbal tea.

The most famous Wong Lo Kat herbal tea, has always been respected by people in Guangzhou. Entering the 1980s, a variety of flexible packaging herbal tea and herbal tea granules have emerged, such as Shen Nong's herbal tea, tea Xiasangju, many families have become a fashionable drink in the summer.

Morning tea

Guangzhou people love tea, in particular, love to drink tea. Meet in the morning, they tend to "drink tea, not Zo" (which means "you had tea yet") as a greeting, showing preference for tea drinking. Tea is the Guangzhou people's living habits. Popular among "a pot of tea in the morning, do not look for physicians," the proverb.

Guangzhou people are talking about tea, actually it refers to the restaurant (used to call Chaju) tea. Not only tea, but also a snack (for breakfast); not only drink tea, but also drink tea, evening tea; not only fill stomachs, but also the way the dissemination of information, narrative friendship, business negotiations. Visible, Guangzhou people's tea is actually a way of social communication.

That's why the restaurant industry in Guangzhou is an important and enduring centuries of experience and root causes. Guangzhou old restaurant, the restaurant is a considerable part of the year, double bill.

Guangzhou patrons can be divided into two categories: regular customers, early in the morning will be fixed to a restaurant daily, usually "cup" (spare ribs), "two" (DIM), such persons to be retired mostly the elderly; the other is to drink "tea worship", that is to tea on rest days, not "two cup", but taste a variety of snacks, calmly, "sighed tea."

Guangzhou Chashi daily morning, afternoon and evening the three cities, the most prosperous city in which to tea, from early morning to noon eleven o'clock, often packed. Night drinking tea is also beginning to have flourishing trend, especially in summer, while drinking tea while listening to opera singing, but also while enjoying the air conditioner. Guangzhou morning tea is usually early in the morning 4:00 opening, evening tea the next morning to go to 1-2 when closed.


Kung Fu tea drinking

Guangzhou spare time to drink "Kung Fu Tea" for fun. Drink "Kung Fu Tea" had prevailed in the Chaozhou-Shantou area, it is now popular in Guangzhou City. "Kung Fu Tea" for the tea, tea, water, tea, a tea, tea are very particular. Kung Fu teapot small, just as big as a fist, eggshell porcelain, vaguely visibility jug of tea. Cup is only half the size of ping-pong. Oolong tea is selected. We should put the tea pot filled, and with your fingers held down real real. It is said that the weight of the more real the more concentrated flavor of tea, the more alcohol. After precipitation is preferably water, or mineral water. To just boiling pot of water coming down immediately when the tea, the beginning of a two be drained. To constantly pour back and forth when a tea, in order to avoid the situation before the concentrated light after emergence. When tea drinking, tea side chat side, this is called "Kung Fu."

Drink syrup

Four Seasons Guangzhou favorite drink sugar water. Considered by some pot system herbs, legumes, fruit, pasta plus sugar syrup made with moist and refreshing, beneficial effect of the body fluid. Sugar numerous varieties: beans have red bean, green bean, red bean paste eyebrow; sesame paste paste class, almond paste, peanut paste, Phoenix milk paste; lily syrup, sugar herbs like lotus, clearing tonic syrup; there brûlée, stewed papaya, sweet potato soup, Ma Rong dumplings, custard, ginger milk, sugar, sago, soy milk, tofu flowers. Sugar water to drink after boiling for hot drinks; frozen drink for cold drinks, cold drinks and often with ice compartment (supply ice cream ice cream, soft drinks, beer and other cold drinks shop, Guangzhou, the most famous is the Beijing Road, Taiping Museum Icehouse) attached together.

Night cafe

Supper is the Guangzhou people's living habits, usually after ten o'clock at night, hence the name "supper", or called "supper." Supper way varies: some night-it-yourself cooking; some Sanwuzhiji alone or invite a friend to the night market street food stalls or restaurants to eat in restaurants, which the city gradually formed a number of " night Food Street ", as well as various restaurants in the hotel's" night market "cafe. The restaurant has a music cafe night market often set up to attract diners.

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