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Guangzhou Zengchen Melon Village

OHTN2017-10-14Aix XinLe

Melon Village is located in Guangzhou by the new Town, it is the only residential building built in the Ming and Qing Guangzhou in the water. Melon Village built Yu Mingchao Dynasty Chenghua, dating back 500 years. All around before Shuibo villagers Huazhexiaochuan day, after criss-crossing the water network to go out farming. Since 1985, Anton built melon Village Bridge, ending the era of "hold ferry" across the river farming. The village was surrounded by a moat, now the remaining 20 meters wide east of the village of a creek.

Guangzhou Zengchen Melon Village

Melon into the Village, across the small Western-style modern, neat brick tiles, granite pavement vicissitudes. 11 granite lane, the more than 200 ancient houses neatly "cut" in a checkered pattern. More than 20 meters high, "four corners" stands tall towers, dotted. An area of ​​less than 100 acres of a small village as much as eight shrine. From a height overlooking Zhou Bian village planted large areas of fruit trees, Hetian, the stream flowing with one of serene pastoral scenery. But many abandoned roof of the house had collapsed, and the rest mostly remodeled, ancient and modern red brick tiles brick mud walls mixed into one.

Guangzhou Zengchen Melon Village

Melon Village is a typical splendor and style. Waterways, layout Li Zhilin, towers, ancestral halls, houses in times of war, have strategic significance, waterways surround the village, play a role in protecting the village, the tallest building in the village shore towers (equivalent to 9 storeys) can observe distant enemy; on the other side there is growing 100 years Li Zhilin, quite dense, the harvest season, the scene should be very lively.

Guangzhou Zengchen Melon Village

Scenic Area Address: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province by the new Town

Car lines: Guangzhou city by bus 214 to Xintang, then take the motorcycle to the melon Village.

Car lines: from Guangzhou via Guangyuan highway, to Xintang, Sha Po intersection turn under the highway, left the line about 20 meters and that is to reach the melon Village.

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