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Guangzhou Zengcheng Hakka culture

OHTN2017-10-25Aix XinLe

Currently Zengcheng Hakka residents has reached 30 thousand people, more than 40% of the city's household population; 9 town street in the city, the Hakka people are living, Hakka mainly in Paitan, immortal, small building, Licheng, increasing Jiang, Zhu village, and Xintang in Yonghe new, Nanjing-Xi'an and other regions; in the city's 300 villages, the village has 90 pure Hakka, Cantonese passengers have inhabited the 74, a total of 164, accounting for the city's 55 villages %. Hakka Zengcheng has moved thousands of years of history, thousands of years, the Hakkas in Zengcheng economic and social development of the cause, play an important role, he made a great contribution.

Guangzhou Zengcheng Hakka culture

Zengcheng has prehistoric human activity, not long ago the ancient stone tools found in Licheng Street Baihualin is proof, but Zengcheng Hakka people moved, but only a few thousand years.

According to the new "Zengcheng County, Population volume," recorded earlier Zengcheng Hakka people moved north to the ancient Song Jinshi old grandfather Wang whole family, in the South Han great seven years (AD 934) moved from the Heyuan, Guangdong Fu and historic houses, dating from about 1070. In the Ming Dynasty, and Tang were there, Zheng Pan, summer, Luo, Zhu surnames Zengcheng Hakka people moved from the field. Visible, before the Ming Dynasty, there have been numerous Zengcheng Hakka moved.

Zengcheng Hakka large number of moving, but it is the seventeenth century, which is called the Hakka migration historians fourth, fifth orgasm. Compiled in the Qing Emperor Qianlong nineteen years (AD 1754) of "Zengcheng County" records of the Ming and Qing Hakka situation into growing: Season evident shortage of soldiers Diego See Tamida multi not abandon farming. After the territory, mountain bandits still occasionally steal hair, reclamation difficult. Early Kang Xi, V Mang fading, Yuan living together, when there Yingde, Changning people to tenant to increase. Of those villages broken, the repair of the door. Soon after, Wing, Longchuan County, etc. also quietly to. When Zhang Qing, the mountain tax accounting industry wide dip, Jiaying Yi cited the case of mixed farming meantime County, the home to gather. And Yang Mei, Sui Fu, Taurus Sandu particular and more. During this period, the Hakka people have moved by as much as dozens of family name, the source of both Jiangxi and Fujian provinces, but more of a Hakka from the eastern, northern Guangdong Huizhou and other places, today laid the basic Zengcheng Hakka distribution pattern.

The thirties by the time the Guangdong Provincial Department of Construction published in the journal "Guangdong Construction Weekly" has published an essay, main point is that there are large Hakka species, the points race, at the time caused much controversy, many social Hakka people especially celebrities rallied together to denounce and cause social conflicts. According to the Shenzhen University professor Zhang Weidong and other experts, gathered at the three major languages ​​of Zengcheng Hakka culture, is expected to resolve the outstanding historical issues, because Zengcheng Hakka spoken in "big kind of miserly" and other oral habits "big seed", which habits that are not available elsewhere in the Hakka people, this is the best explanation for the size of the kinds of Hakka people.

According to Guangdong and Hong Kong Hakka culture expert research, Hakka three languages ​​Cheng Township, Changning, Yang Mei are in Zengcheng, which is rarely the National Hakka neighborhoods, Zengcheng Hakka cultural characteristics is very obvious, is the study of Hakka culture Ideally region. According to research, Zengcheng Hakka ancestors mainly from Meixian (formerly known as Cheng rural counties), the new County (formerly Changning County); Cheng Township, then to fruition as the representative of the town, Changning, then to send Tan Zhen represented; moreover, in paitan individual village there are a number Yang Mei words Hakka residents. Because the three languages ​​gather, exchange, Zengcheng Hakka culture form their own characteristics, oral habits and other parts of the Hakka have some differences, become treasure trove of research Hakka culture.

For thousands of years, Zengcheng Hakka culture while maintaining the original characteristics, because the three language communication and exchange with the Cantonese, features very obvious, mainly in residential areas, folk songs, lion dance. Zengcheng Hakka houses due to the interaction with the Cantonese residents are more buildings have their own characteristics, such as Guangdong only seven into ancestral halls; Zengcheng Hakka folk songs after years of development, has formed its own characteristics --- pull over the mountains, this Hakka Hakka folk songs are found nowhere else; and Zengcheng Hakka Maotou lion, there are other areas with other Hakka Hakka lion. These features of Hakka culture, Zengcheng Hakka culture attracted the attention of many experts, and even South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, Taiwan experts also very interested in study tour made a special trip to the city.

Thousand years in the development of Zengcheng Zengcheng Hakka people have made outstanding contributions, some outstanding Hakka people become celebrities.

Historically, the affinity of Zengcheng Hakka lot. Sun Yat-sen is a native of Zengcheng Hakka, whose ancestors moved from Zijin County Zengcheng, later moved to Zhongshan; Taiping Yi Wang Ground according to research Zengcheng send Tan Zhen River village people. Zengcheng Hakka people admitted to the examination, a large number are also moving in the Crown, as Lai Zhixi, into the ancient and the like. Greater contribution in modern Hakka social and economic development of Zengcheng made. In the period of Anti-Japanese War, the liberation war, in Zengcheng people's armed forces led by the Communist Party, is a member of most of the Hakka people, they stand for the liberation of bloodshed Zengcheng people, light future; liberation for a long period of time, Hakka city ​​politics, the economy played a leading role, made a positive contribution to the development of Zengcheng; Hakkas in Zengcheng in the history of development, occupy an important page. With the reform and opening up, Zengcheng Hakka and the Cantonese residents will continue to live in harmony, together, contribute to the development of Zengcheng, Zengcheng to build a better tomorrow, Zengcheng work together to create brilliant.

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