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Guangzhou Panyu Nanyueyuan

OHTN2017-10-17Aix XinLe
Nanyueyuan located in Guangzhou Panyu Zini Village, Shawan town Okawa Kong, east Zini River, south Baomo Garden, West Hill villagers home, north farming area, covering 100 acres, is a garden and landscape architecture with Lingnan integration of large-sca

Nanyueyuan located in Guangzhou Panyu Zini Village, Shawan town Okawa Kong, east Zini River, south Baomo Garden, West Hill villagers home, north farming area, covering 100 acres, is a garden and landscape architecture with Lingnan integration of large-scale landscape garden art treasures and Lingnan garden and Mao.Guangdong Lingnan Garden Baomo Garden Court is a "sister park", is to deepen and extend Baomo Garden building, she demonstrates the historical and cultural town of Sandy Bay and Yu Shan style. But Baomo Garden distinguish that Baomo Garden full splendor and charm, is more Nanyueyuan showcase the essence of the art of Lingnan architecture. Nanyueyuan can be described as the birth of a new card Panyu tourism, but also cultural town of Sandy Bay beautiful scenery line.

Guangzhou Panyu Nanyueyuan

Nanyueyuan beautiful landscape, rocks Lishui, richly ornamented, Hanlinyuan Cangzhen, Nanyueyuan use of local landscape characteristics of the landscape garden, Lingnan architecture, stone treasures integration. Meandering twists and turns, Huacai Yan Li "turns corridor" Nanyueyuan throughout the whole park. The park has "Wei-hung poly show" big arch, Nine Dragon Wall, welcoming Villa, enjoyable Court, four known Ting, Yi Leting, Huiyuan kiosks ornate buildings; set up a total of Treasures Treasure "Zhao Tailai museum collections," " Huo Zongjie museum collections, "" bright light cloud museum treasures "," jade Gallery "and" ceramics Museum, "the five pavilions, and Tsinghua purple water, turns corridors, dolomite Pinnacle, clean Soseki, Gui Yuan fragrance, dolomite Pinnacle, waterfalls loose sound, milk flower garden landscape scenery rock, 20 attractions, every attraction by skilled craftsmen carefully crafted, highlighting the scared, strange, dangerous characteristics. Features Nanyueyuan is both Lingnan architectural style, there are imperial architecture, natural beauty and artistic beauty blend full of life, is a popular tourist favorite large landscape garden.


Wei Xiong poly show - the entrance arch, this is the first scenic southern Guangdong Court. Arch 18 meters high, towering majestic, magnificent and beautiful, magnificent, is both Lingnan architectural style, but also elegant royal garden characteristics. Column red paint, paste Woodcarving, Triassic Dougong, pentaazido ceramics, wood carving set, ceramic molding, plaster, brick, stone art in one building and are South Royal blend with model building.

Middle arch height plaque "Nanyueyuan" gild three characters, shine, which is the former vice chairman leaf level of the selected book. Triassic Dougong ridge tiles were inlaid with "birthday Guru," "days Ji Kwan Fong", "Kirin lions" and five double-sided painting pottery, screen characters vivid, lifelike. Lower Triassic Lotus Dougong, is four landscapes, flowers and birds antique paintings. On both sides along the eaves, is "Confucius lecture", "Ru group of words" imitation two ceramic brick. Arch positive couplet: "purple water around the green radish, ten Yunshan stay shadows; towards Lai Jin Ao, a river brothels hold Pearl." Back couplet:. "Yue Yuan poly Reiki, a generation of romantic commitment rhyme; Okawa arts into the sea, elegant garden see Wen Ming" two couplets, from outside to inside, not only point out Nanyueyuan built this treasure in Zini old times on the ground, they point out Nanyueyuan is a Treasure Treasures, elegant and civilized manner.

Long Xiang Feng Zhu

Nanyueyuan into the door, the face is a large screen wall - Nine Dragon Wall, which is "Long Xiang Feng Zhu" beauty. There are carved bluestone base under the Nine Dragon Wall, on the "jade with gold" glazed tile roof, surrounded by a white fence river. Nine Dragon has a king style, displaying culture and long history of the Chinese dragon. To highlight the image of the dragon, the producer uses technology to shape the firing relief, very three-dimensional. Against the background of the sea, the clouds, nine were yellow, red, purple, white, blue dragon, happy play Pearl, vivid patterns, swirls freely, like sea travel, yet also seemed to take off Miracle. Especially in the sunlight, sparkling, colorful, gorgeous and beautiful.

Guangzhou Panyu Nanyueyuan

Nine Dragon Wall is back Shuangfeng Chaoyang pottery murals. One pair phoenix fly towards the sun, Songhe contrast, birds go hand in hand. Walls reflect Long Xiang Feng Zhu, Jerry intended. Nine Dragon Wall on both sides engraved with the couplet: "Kam Lung negative chart, reflect on Jin Lin Teng Ruiai; Fengming Spirit, to Miriam birds play harmony." Point out the Nine Dragon Wall symbolizes peace and prosperity, social harmony good sign.

Turns cloister

Nanyueyuan have a unique, is winding twists and turns, Huacai Yan Li "turns corridor" through the whole park. This is both corridors Lingnan garden features, and significant style royal garden. Red paint column, "Kim Yu-Pack" glazed tile roof, decorated with colorful paintings, some lotus Dougong backwater, on both sides as well as "beauty by" bench. Gallery in painting, the majority based on "Three Kingdoms" story as a theme of figure painting, there are landscapes, flowers and birds. Painting fine, smooth lines, very ornamental value. Gallery there are paintings and plaster moldings Panyu Qu Dajun, poetry and painting Zhang Wei Ping, Zhang Um mining and other masters.

Nanyueyuan cloister is not only a beautiful landscape, but also serves to park attractions organically linked role. "Bagui fragrant," "comfortable cozy", "four known style", "Bao trillion Taylor", "Kam-old to know this," "Stanley Au Han Zhen," "bright light cloud", "Yi Cai porcelain "Guan Ge and other attractions of the pavilion, by more than one thousand meters of corridors connecting through.

Comfortable cozy

"Comfortable cozy" - pleasant Court, is an ornate Chinese style of ancient buildings, the appearance of two layers, "jade with gold" green edge golden glazed tile roof, painted five Lotus care Dougong, red with gold camel Dun, Chaozhou woodcarving paste "9999" gold foil. Exterior wall is sewn silk mill green walls, walls inlaid with 18 to "Journey to the West" as the theme of the story of polychrome frescoes, at first glance thought it was an art gallery, the actual function is to provide a convenient and elegant toilets for visitors. White granite foundation, the roof comes surrounded by lanterns hanging from a lamp. Here the "Dougong" and "camel Dun" is modeled on the Bay stay Kodo "Three Phoenix Fame" style built at the same time pass Cheng Lingnan architecture, but also the development of innovation. Changing the selected materials reinforced cement timber, both strong and cost savings; plain change color paste is colored. Elegant interior decoration, high import marble wall - the bathroom door is red sandalwood carvings of flowers, inside with modern sanitary ware. The decor is very advanced, from the inside out comfortable people feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. This is a typical example of the introduction of the Royal Lingnan architectural features.

Guangzhou Panyu Nanyueyuan

Four known style

"Four-known style" that four known booths. The Pavilion is a pavilion with a north and south corners of style, painting, Qiaojiao, glazed tile, dazzling. The pavilion contains the story of the honest and upright official commemoration. Nanyueyuan location formerly Zini Village Yangxing the local people, here and there Yangxing ancestor worship Yang Zhen building. Yang Zhen is a clean government during the Eastern Han Dynasty, the official close of his student Wang, the night holding gold pounds to send him, Yang Zhen rejected. Student said: "twilight night sent, no one knows." Yang said: "Heaven knows, God knows, you know, I know, what ignorance!" Slander after Yang Zhen was demoted due to death, later built four known temple in his honor. The new pavilion now has four known couplet: "Slim Matilda Huai Shengzhe, Yang Ming Xian Hui people have the law." Expression of people's hearts reverence for clean government.

Bagui Fragrance

Bagui Fragrance - welcoming Xuan, is an octagonal pavilion. The top of the pavilion appearance of two layers, the golden dome gourd, green glazed tile, tile eaves, Long Kiss gilded, two-tile roof lotus Dougong backwater. The whole building is supported by eight granite columns, green Whitehead foot brick wall, which was covered with colored Manchuria window. Xuan Superior decorated with red wood carving, golden Yi Cai, glorious extravagance. Welcome Xuan lake and the building, half built on the shore, half toward the water. Cross-section for water columns backwater, Ling stand in water. Rippling lake, lake willow graceful, koi lake cruising, Jin Lin flashing, colorful. Looking to push the window, the garden many beauty unfolding before our eyes.

Pinnacle yunyan

Yunyan Pinnacle View is built according to the mood of the Tang Dynasty poet Wang Wei "Mountain Autumn Evening" poetry. This is a large mountain Stones, Rock Hill was stacked Kit Kat, interesting, the shape of piles of clouds. Laminated between, but formation of many caves Interesting, streams. Rock Hill planted pine, bamboo, three silver ribbon like a waterfall plunging down, import Qingchi. Streams side, there is a busy woman and grazing Huan Yi Cowboy. What a beautiful Autumn Dusk in Mountains map, the "empty mountain rain, the weather late to fall. Moon between pine photos, rock springs high. Huan Zhu Xuan owned by women, lotus move lower fishing boat. Chun-fang free to rest, Sun-self to stay . "the ancient poem to real vividly demonstrated in front of people today, people understand Wang Wei's poem paintings, painting in poetry, scenes of ideological level.

Milk Flower Cave

Milk by the different forms of flowers cave stalactites composition, such as natural cave, which Yizhuqingtian, straight from the ground supporting the roof. There is a roof waterfalls more than 30 meters down, drops trickle hole, formed curtain scene, there seems Penglai.

Longmen Range Rover

Longmen Range Rover is an air corridor Nanyueyuan south corner, and is supported by six white granite stone dragon pillars. Long Zhu seven meters high and one meter in diameter, winding dragon, claw cloud dance Young, dynamic and realistic. Here DEPART sightseeing elevator, direct access to Nanyueyuan the highest point overlooking the beauty of the whole garden and park outside scenery.

Waterfalls loose sound

This rockery in the Western Mountains Okawa Kong, according to the mountain, from the foot of Bonding to the top of the hill, very spectacular. Rugged rocks, towering peaks, mountain flying along, as if Chongshan rolling. A few hundred pine trees, between the mountains around, shapes, or deep-rooted, or diastolic welcoming. Mountain off, hidden heard the voice of pines. A more waterfalls pouring down from the top of the hill, Fei Liu Yu-splash, like Dragons Tigers. Cascade loose in here to see and feel the exposure to interest the wilderness.

Clean Soseki

In the northwest of Okawa Kong, there is a straight boulevard, boulevard lined tray on the shelf, Phoenix, Qiu Feng, Schisandra twenty decades-old trees old trees. This Lin Yin avenue along the front line, a striking white stone arch - "Garden in the Park" is at hand. A front arch couplet: "swim head Chenghuai, LEISURE original priceless; grafting, garden landscape other day." Beautiful garden in Su Yuan, park corridor surrounded by a broad surface of the intermediate delicate Lake, surrounded by white granite "Margin money" pattern carved fence, planted Yang Liu lake, willow swaying, graceful. The water is clear and bright and clean, the pool stands a large brick stack by the Taihu Rock Hill, called "clean Soseki," Rock Hill a few strands of clear trickle trickling down, people think of Wang Wei Jia "spring stone upper" of sentence. "Zhao Tailai museum collections", "Shuangqing Pavilion", "four known Pavilion" and other museum pavilion in the park are in Court.

Triassic gold ladder

"Garden in the Park" in the southeast, is the "gold Triassic ladder" beauty. Golden ladder stairs, platforms flooring, railings, retaining walls, etc., all with white granite stone into railings on the tailgate also chisel "margin money" pattern. From a distance, this "Triassic golden ladder" Huangsi White Castle, deemed overlapping white walls.

Gui Yuan fragrance

Park Jin ladder along the stone steps up the stairs Court, after twenty-two stairs, ladders gold will reach first big stack platform, which is "Gui Yuan fragrance" beauty.

There are age three or more than four decades Kim, Silver Gui dozens of trees, forming a sweet-scented osmanthus forest. Whenever the bloom season, bursts of fragrance, it is refreshing. Including eight kinds of sweet-scented osmanthus in eight large flower beds. Flower beds are surrounded by sculpture of "Peony Spring", "Songhe Evergreen", "Li Bai drunk" and other insects, fish and characters of the story plaster relief paintings, exquisite craftsmanship, colorful, vivid, fully embodies the Lingnan Garden Architecture. Osmanthus forest, there is one called "Rhythm Leting" octagonal, which is a pavilion with a royal garden characteristics. Green glazed tile roof, the appearance of two layers, the layer to see. Kiosks painted decoration, topped with pieces of figure paintings, smooth lines, vivid, elegant, very appreciate in value. Block kiosks and small, subtle fragrance floating, artistically elegant, is a good place to enjoy the scenery poetry of writers and poets.

Huiyuan overlooking

From "Gui Yuan fragrance" and then boarded at the second stack third stack sixty steps, the whole park will reach the highest point - "Huiyuan overlooking." "Huiyuan overlooking" Okawa located in St. Augustine, is the commanding heights of the whole park. So there is a goodly at Huiyuan pavilion, this scene hence the name. "Huiyuan overlooking" squat mountain surface water, overlooking the junction of three rivers, the surging river, ship patches. Here the river clean and unpolluted. Panyu also a number of water taken from the water in this Jiang He, this river can be described as Panyu source of life. Vistas, undulating hills Cong Feng, Zini, three good, Longwan village rural panoramic scenery. The beauty lies to borrow outside the park admission, the Heavenly Creator and artificial carving integration.

Zhao Tailai museum collections

Kam-old to know this (Zhao Tailai museum collections) located in southeast Guangdong Court, is a beautiful Lingnan architecture. White granite stone foot, sew silk green walls, "Kim Yu-Pack" glazed tile roof, the ridge Ridge is glazed pottery "Eighteen like" Lotus Dougong, Chaozhou woodcarving decoration, stand in front of six bluestone dragon pillars, magnificent. The museum renovation pay attention, "words" painted ceilings, antique "Dragons" mural, together with lanterns, red wood, glass showcase, antique, elegant.

Zhao Tailai museum collections on display are bronze, jade and porcelain, he was sent to Mr. Zhao Tailai exhibition. Bronze mainly Ming and Qing era of large bronze statue of the characters, there are Avalokitesvara, Buddha images, Guan Gong, Bao Zheng like, as well as the Song Dynasty emperor's statue generations. The bronze statue of the different characteristics according to their characterization, and some kindly face, and some mighty solemn, some Untouchables, some heroic greatness and some town of Granville world vividly. Bronzes on display, there is a lion Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty gilt Buddha lamp hexagonal dragon columns and columns decorated with gilt Buddhist stories, art casting Gao Chao, exquisite ornamentation, the characters vivid, lifelike, called treasures. The museum has on display a large number of jade. White jade "group immortal party", "Gods Samsung", "Eight Immortals", "Yun Choi map", "Playing Music" and other dozens. These white jade carving jade soft, exquisite Kit Kat, where "young and old to worship", "group immortal party" and weighs nearly 400 pounds. There is also a large number of suet. "Eight Immortals like", "Eighteen Arhats", "three icons," "Statue", "Guan Gong" and other portraits 38 suet, respect for each 70 to 1000 pounds, jade soft, shiny carved, such as children skin. In addition, there are a number of porcelain: large blue and white dragon bottle gourd, green and orange vase state, Wan pollen color large vase, all windows dragon kiln view of a cylinder, etc., colorful, flourish.

Yi Cai porcelain (Ceramics Museum)

Yi Cai porcelain (Ceramics Museum) on display is a wide color porcelain with Lingnan characteristics, both Mr. Zhao Tailai send exhibition. Ceramics Museum displays a wide color of porcelain vases nearly a hundred pieces. These vases are 120 cm high, 42 cm in diameter, painted with traditional Chinese painting techniques based, also absorbed the essence of European and American art, skilful, pen work skills. Painted content of "Water Margin characters Story" series, "Three Kingdoms characters in the story" series, "Zodiac" series, as well as "a hundred butterflies map", "goldfish map", "flowers map" pattern, woven gold all over the floor, and magnificent, with "embossed gold Jiyu" style. So many wide color fine collection in a museum, can be described as magnificent, amazing.

"Ceramics Museum" architectural style as each other, like pavilions, combines the essence of Lingnan folk art of architecture, fully reflect the Lingnan architectural features. Slightly different ceramic tile ridge Museum Shek Wan pottery carving pattern is a "remake." Hall ceiling is painted "Shuangfeng playing with a pearl," drawing, painting wall murals antique Shuangfeng. And "Zhao Tailai museum collections", decorated in the "Jade Gallery" has the same purpose.

Zhao Bao Taylor (Jade Museum)

"Taylor Siu Bao" attraction body of "Jade Museum." Jade Jade Museum is on display in the museum professionals, museum hundreds of pieces of jade are sent Mr. Zhao Tailai exhibition. "Jade Gallery" of architectural art, as each of the other galleries, like the integration of the essence of Lingnan folk art of architecture. Using Shanding, tile laying "gold-yu" glazed tile, the ridge tile puzzle known Shiwan pottery carving "Baxianguohai" pattern; building facades of brick water mill, white granite foundation, four relief dragon Danzhu Cheng Torr beam on the use of pastels quadruple Dougong Lotus, beams, cornices are decorated with well-known characters gilding Chaozhou bird carving fine workmanship, lifelike. Beautifully decorated hall, "Dragons" painted ceilings, "100 Mito" murals, ornate lanterns, red wood carving glass showcase, Wealthy Church Huang.

Jade jade museum displays mainly emerald jade. There are carved with "Bamboo Forest", "mountains friends", "Ocean after listening," "Eight Immortals", "Nanjixianweng", "mountain Sihao," "Win money dispenser", "Journey to the West story," and so on jade jade carving dozens of characters in the story, where the sculpture of "Journey to the West story," jade 1000 kilograms heavy, huge body type, grind Zhuo superb, magnificent. There are more than 200 pieces of the dragon, phoenix as jade ornaments pattern and more than 100 pieces of the Spring and Autumn period Baiyu Bi, Yu Huang, jade. Here jade dazzling, brilliant.

Huo Zongjie museum collections

"Stanley Au Han Zhen" attraction body of "Huo Zongjie museum collections." Huo Zongjie museum collections is a painting donated by Mr. Chen Lie Huo Zongjie treasures of museum professionals. Mr. Huo Zongjie native of Xinhui, a Chinese-Canadian, the famous cultural relics collectors, Hong Kong Ethics will always president, Honorary President of Hong Kong Peking University Student Foundation, Baomo Garden honorary director. Mr. Huo Zongjie collection of Qi Baishi, Xu Beihong, Fu Baoshi, Zhang Daqian, Huang Binhong, Wu Changshuo and other famous paintings. Mr. Fok has always been charitable and caring, enthusiastic support home construction and philanthropy motherland. He has repeatedly given Baomo Garden donated his collection of ancient painting and calligraphy, this time donated a precious collection of ancient calligraphy and painting as Nan Yue Yuan, of which eight are imitation Ming Tang Yin's paintings is particularly valuable, greatly enriched the Nanyueyuan collection, Nanyueyuan this purpose-built museum professionals to showcase his collection.

Huo Zongjie museum collections of buildings with typical Lingnan characteristics, regional style, stone foot brick wall, double pan ear construction, plaster relief ridges Ling. The green walls here are very particular about, straight horizontal and vertical lines, "the word" neat, fine cracks between the blocks, the "silk sewn brick wall," said. On both sides of the wall in front of the museum, are "Tang dynasty", "Han Wu Zhongxing" two pottery imitation brick, blending the essence of Lingnan folk architecture.

Cloud bright light (Treasure Museum)

"Cloud bright light," the main attractions for the museum treasures. Bright light cloud museum treasures on display is a rare group of people jewelry. This is Mr. Huang Yunguang Hong Kong Huang Yunguang Jewelry Co., Ltd., chairman of the Hong Kong Jewelry led by more than 20 entrepreneurs and national master of jewelry treasures throughout the country. One of the most amazing jewelry "Temple of Heaven", which is conducted by the chief planner of Mr. Huang Yunguang and Mr. Wang Yongqing, personally designed and supervised by the China Arts and Crafts master Wang Shuwen, from concept to completion took four years, consumption of silver over 128 kilograms, diamonds, precious stones, more than 200,000 made of rare treasures.

Jewelry Temple of Heaven

Jewelry "Temple of Heaven" to Beijing "Temple of Heaven" for the creation of a prototype, to 50: 1 ratio miniature. In silver, various precious stones, jade, supplemented platinum, diamonds as the main material, conventional production process (Filaments, chisel carved, Blue Point, Zhuoyu wrong gold) and methods of modern jewelery production process of combining, the true reproduction every piece of tile original qiniandian, every door, every window on, each pillar, every component, according to the actual color, as is inlaid colored stones of high quality, artistically, a true representation of the glory of Heaven . The whole work is magnificent, handsome styling, visual effects and artistic effects called perfect, rare rarity in today's world. "Jewelry Temple of Heaven" is a traditional oriental culture is both characteristics, but also with the integration of modern Wen Ming handed down works; arts and crafts is both rare art treasures in the world today, but also the highest level of contemporary arts and crafts field show.

Aster Ballroom

On the left side Nanyueyuan, stands a Nanyueyuan with similar architectural style of the Lingnan building, it is "aster." "Aster" is a splendid extravagance of a large banquet hall, building area of ​​4538 square meters. The main banquet hall, 34 meters wide, 65.6 meters long inside, ceiling clear height of 8.75 meters, column-free, dignified and spacious, the banquet of one hundred seats, suitable for government, business and large banquet use.

Aster banquet hall with a typical Lingnan architectural style. Whitehead foot brick wall silk sewing, brick-order ground. Glazed tile roof, eaves, lotus Dougong backwater, the whole construction Lotus 800 Dougong groups. Aster main entrance is especially splendid Church brilliant, dazzling. In front of white hemp stone Zhu, Zhu red paint pillar stand, beams gild Chaozhou woodcarving decoration. Three double eaves and glazed tiles, ridge Ridge and 30 meters wide and 3 meters high Shek Wan pottery-sided painting "Wonderland event," CLS magnificent.

Scenic Area Address: Guangzhou, Guangdong Panyu Zini Village, Shawan Town, Okawa Kong

Car lines: Guangzhou city by 314 Dover Road, Dover 349 bus in Panyu Baomo Garden station to get off.

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