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Guangzhou Dasha River Wetland Park

OHTN2017-10-16Aix XinLe

Guangzhou Liwan District Fangcun River Wetland Park is located near the Nanhai District of Foshan. Across the Liwan District, Guangzhou Fangcun Longxi Road and Flower Exposition, from the Guangzhou-Foshan metro "Longxi station" of about 160 meters.

Guangzhou Dasha River Wetland Park

Dasha River Wetland Park is one of five ecological zones Liwan District of Guangzhou City Shueisiou floral ecological zones planning completed during the Asian Games in Guangzhou. Dasha total length of 5.2 kilometers, north-south, 1.6 km river which passes through Guangzhou Flower Exposition, the two sides are nearly 3,000 acres of land surrounded by flowers, Dasha scattered on the distribution of wetlands island, is a rare city of Guangzhou ecological landscape.

Guangzhou Dasha River Wetland Park

The main attractions are Fisherman's Wharf, the Lotus Bridge, bird-watching paradise, Taoranting, golden corridor, the lovely island, beautiful stone house and Yi Heung Yuen. Dasha River Wetland Park main entrance of the location near the entrance, with a bicycle rental point and canteen, the park features a bicycle greenways.

Guangzhou Dasha River Wetland Park

Scenic Area Address: Guangdong Province in Liwan District of Guangzhou City Longxi Road

Car lines: Guangzhou city by 412 bus to get off at Longxi Road West station.

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