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Guangzhou folk traditional marriage custom

OHTN2017-10-24Aix XinLe

The success of the wedding, pay attention to the custom of weeks pass, pay attention to the rhythm of perfection, and not necessarily the size of the gift show and how much to decide. Before getting married, married men and women fully understand what etiquette both sides of each other, it is quite necessary. Guangzhou has always been no shortage of West Kwan, Master Dongshan, wealthy mansion, pay attention to a variety of programs among young people and scenes of the wedding. Many of today's etiquette are then handed down. Fast pace of modern life, from simple to solve a lot of things from the fast. However, some of the necessary steps is indispensable.

Guangzhou folk traditional marriage custom

1, over gift

Over the gift, that is settled, the two sides set up this marriage, dowry to the groom's family to the woman's home, marriage will no longer go back. Of course, before too gift, there must be a sufficient communication matchmaker in the middle. Both parents or both men and women agree to this marriage, and can live a gift. The gift of time is usually carried out over three months before the wedding. Gift over the man to send a gift, depending on family circumstances and generous family man. Is generally a roast suckling pig, cake a pair of rooster hen a pair of goose gander couple, and then bring a Teletext (relatively large amount of red envelopes), and then with a coconut (meaning there have child coconut), a jujube, peanut half plate, a citrus.

Now the era of over-simplifying a lot of the gift, the man put on a Teletext, generally give 3000-10000 yuan. But also to improve the man to the woman money to relatives ceremony cake. Because the marriage, the woman's family to send a dozen red and white cake to relatives. Half of melon sugar cake made stuffing, half lotus seed paste filling done, good relations are given to elders or relatives.

Man's gift, if you have money, it will send a suite, a car, but this is rare. His family was poor to send eighteen hundred, two thousand eight are taking a well-intentioned head, that is made and the meaning of conjugal bliss. At the same time bring the coconut, a pair of chickens, a pair of shochu, both parents met at this time, and then determine the wedding together.

2, make the bed

Married to have a new house to the bridal bed, which is necessary as the man's home. Bed time is the day before the wedding. Bed to come by the shop lucky woman. What is a lucky woman do? Refers to women in particular his son's birth more children, she not only raised the son very well, and work smoothly family happiness. Of course, the age of many of which are now to lay the dajin sister. (Dajin sister refers helper hosted important figures make arrangements for the wedding.)

After the new paved new sheets quilts, bedspreads below to put in lotus seeds, red dates and peanuts double the number of double numbers. This is for the couple married the day with the press. Of course, we had to put down two bedside end of the bed in the highly profitable but also highly profitable with a plate put in a pile on the bed surface, so that the wedding day, the brothers and sisters who take dowry highly profitable new house.

3, the new red

The new red refresh also cried. The modern relatively few people know. Chong also new showers, time is the night before the wedding, the bride and groom were in their own home. Process is: use grapefruit, lemongrass boiled hot water, then cold, the couple use the water to wash brush. After wearing new pajamas new slippers, waiting for the night on top. Red means new meaning to wash away the filth, evil, and then start a new life, a new life.

But modern new red becomes very simple, just holding grapefruit and lemongrass body washed look on it in the shower below.

4, on top

The night before the marriage, both men and women their hair in the mirror at home, called on top.

The old man is home to most older people, such as the grandfather of the class of people to the top, with a comb hair. The new era is also possible by the aunt, aunt or father. Make arrangements for the woman by dajin sister, it is so old now.

Top tools are: a semi-circle with a comb, and a pinch of red string tied an Boye. Evergreen marriage Boye representatives. Comb the tail also tied their fortunes, inside a little money. Dajin sister while hair while singing some of the ominous rhetoric:

Combed to a tail; two comb hair bang; three bar grandchildren! A total of ten old comb, namely: Four comb favorable weather; five comb Weng rustic rolls; six comb a couple owe respect; seven up to ten comb comb. But the modern simplified three comb.

After the top of the comb of red Shengbai leaves are tied to the bride and groom's hair, continued until the end of the second day of the wedding.

After the top to eat sugar, the mother is offering lotus, lily, peanuts, red beans and eggs boiled in sugar water. Then put these new syrup drink.

5, open face

Open face is makeup bride before marriage, mullahs should face away, known as the open face.

Former women make less, so before bridal unmarried, want to open the face of beauty, dress up a little more beautiful. When the Republic was basically like this. But modern women make more, less facial hair, open face simply do what you can make-over.

6, step on bed

Wedding day, the bride and groom into the new house, sitting on the bed, holding a young boys, walking around in a new bed, he went to the end from the beginning. Preferably also shit pee, then caught with pot, which means there are gold silver.

Last attend a wedding, there is a new boy shit in bed, of course, be an adult caught with pot. The move was applauded everyone that the groom is happy, the child immediately to seal a hundred dollars a highly profitable market.

7, press

After the wedding, the bride and groom sat on the bed, brothers and sisters will push new rolling around in bed, bedspread intention is crushed beneath the peanut seeds, take a well-intentioned head.

8, the bride

The bride and groom to the woman's home, walking back and forth routes can not be the same, that is not backtrack. This is called a transit. Of course, some Tibetan mountain areas or people who are going the same route back to the same route, called the come and back. While Guangzhou is not the same route, preferably around the farther the better.

9, married

The groom to the bride the woman's home, the first to knock on the bedroom door of the bride, bride to be open in general terms, to undergo numerous things difficult for the bride and bridesmaids sisters. Sisters already put a shoe bride hiding, but after the groom into the room, looking for the brothers to launch the bride's shoes, if not, we should send some of their fortunes to the sisters, so that they reveal little news . If you still can not find, we must let the sisters disposed of.

If the bride before marriage than his brother, his brother will drill pants. Take a pair of pants hanging in the bride's door, go past it from the trousers laid down. Of course, also offer tea to his brother. If you have a younger brother of the bride, but also to his brother Lift Xiaojiu shoes, Guangzhou called "uncle Tsai shoes."

If the woman's brother is greater than the age of the groom, they will have to send the belt, known as "Uncle band."

After finding the shoes, the bride and groom holding out, and this time took the lead dajin sister to open a bright red umbrella (Panyu, Shunde is an umbrella by the father) at the door. Then someone Sami umbrella above.

Sami people do not know is how come the custom. Here there is a legend. There is a legend old woman, from childhood to raise a chicken, chicken with her feelings very well, has been reluctant to kill a chicken. Later, the women grow up to be married, and she later married chicken afraid that he stay at home will be slaughtered banquet. So begged married woman to bring it together. Woman agreed.

And to get married the same day, the bride busy dizzy head, go out when they've forgotten to bring the chicken. Her father is seriously going to kill a chicken banquet. Chicken is very anxious, hurried out the door to catch the bride and her father in the back, holding a kitchen knife to kill a chicken. This creates a scene: the bride walked in front, the bride chasing chickens in the back, while his father is back in a more chasing chickens. Chicken finally caught up with the bride, bride Ungrateful believe it, so he flew to the head of the bride, the bride's eyes pecked blind, bride blind eye. Then, when people married, the bride's head in Sami, meaning let Ji Zhuomi without pecking bride.

10, into the home

The bride and groom into the house, and to cross-brazier. Cross-brazier The moral is to the bride drove past the sewage gas. After cross the brazier, into the house, we have to move ancestor wine For Tea respect the man's home, and did not respect the ancestors on the same day, that fell to the ground deeply and worship, and then burn incense.

11, offer tea

The bride out the door in her family, that is, after the groom to find shoes, both men and women to respect the woman's parents, uncle, aunt, grandfather, uncles and some close relatives and so on.

In the male Fangjia Jing tea is the first King grandfather, father, and is the father's relatives. Then King mother, the mother's relatives. Uncle is great elders, commonly known as "heaven Jiugong underground Thunder." Offer tea bowl to the main order is the first male and female. If there is no uncle, aunt, then a cup of tea first King fell to the ground, which is not on behalf of the aunt drink. And only then offer tea to aunt.

The process is generally offer tea dajin sister holding a tea tray and handed it to the bride and groom, tea tray just put two quilts. While also offer tea when dajin sister shouted:.. "Drink cup heart hold (wife) Tea, wealth and splendor," "Uncle finished drinking Adds Tim Fuk life, aunt finished drink more gold laughing opening" of these good things have not fixed to say, as long as the well-intentioned head on it. These aspects will test the dajin anxious sister was.

Evening wedding offer tea, the main Wai (Wai seats) by the sisters bridesmaid holding a tea in the middle of the banquet, the bride and groom go one by one respect, his hands handed tea. Other seats one by one you do not need to offer tea, and the tea tray in the middle so that everyone wants to drink. People attended the wedding, married, a woman put two highly profitable rebate in the tea tray. Even if only to a person, you have to put two highly profitable. Unmarried is not a highly profitable return.

12, visitor

After completion of the tea, one after the guests leave, the family both men and women should be gathered in the doorway, one by one visitor, shaking hands.

13, back to the door

Three in the back door, the old is to take chicken, goose, suckling pig, shochu a right, a little seaweed, vegetables and a tie. The more food with the more wealthy and more women to get her husband's favorite. Then the couple to stay in her family dinner, stay one night, regarded as the most courteous. Generally meal and left.

Now back to the door is now back to the door, then offer tea, immediately bring roast pigs, chickens, geese each one, shochu, smoke, red lettuce wrap a bundle by a bridal followed back home. Wedding of people who go back together. After returning home, her parents to the groom's family sent suckling pig cut in half, to accept their own pig tail, pig's head back to the groom. The next pair wine collection, but also to seal highly profitable. Lettuce accept half, but also the other half. It means the two are rich.

Some places do not yet matter, and trouble, in red letters on a certain amount of money enough in the red envelope to write: "chicken, geese, making money" and so forth, lettuce written to make money. Her parents back to their fortunes, if the man is back home to ten yuan three yuan; their fortunes on the lettuce you need ten yuan back eight yuan.

14: a red envelope back

Wedding recovered many highly profitable, and Guangzhou this place is a need to return to the highly profitable. How back then? If the mother house of the groom's relatives, basically by the mother received a red envelope, but also by the mother back to red. Groom's father's family and relatives, the father received a red envelope and return envelopes themselves. The bride and groom a red envelope received by the respective also by the respective back. In the back is a red envelope back to human, come and back. Some people are more greedy, and received no return, that is bad, guests gift of irreverence.

Some places are closed half back half, Guangdong, most places are closed happy event, such as closing one hundred eighty - back to take XX. Five hundred to three hundred received back two hundred. Now back to red when popular catch small gift, so that others often see small gift, remember this grand wedding.

Old time wedding, guests unpopular seal highly profitable, is to send blankets, quilts to send, covered hall. But all the trouble contemporary, almost all of the bribe.

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