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Guangzhou folk custom Drinking tea

OHTN2017-10-24Aix XinLe

People shouted loudly selling, fine to turn newspaper, endlessly talking in the restaurant in Guangzhou, there are so many thing worthy of attention and discussion.

Guangzhou folk custom Drinking tea

Some people do not like the Cantonese, it was "weird", the Guangzhou people naturally with rest of the country was divided into a barrier on an exchange; people do not like Cantonese, "reality", or "smart" worth mentioning, on the psychological gulf region , can not easily be filled; however Guangzhou morning tea, but few people can resist its charm.

Food is not just evocative, "eating in Guangzhou" Let the city 24 hours of nothing better place to go foraging. More pressing is the hustle and bustle of the Pan-thick air marketplace in those old steamer, yellowing of the crystal bowl and saucer them, that belong to the good old days, old days there is always infinite tenderness. People shouted loudly selling, fine to turn newspaper, endlessly talking in the restaurant in Guangzhou, there are so many thing worthy of attention and discussion!

Guangzhou people are not "morning tea", they "sigh tea." When the first rays of the morning sun revealed a soft light, when the city around the corner, what better than plump delicious dessert, run between concentrated fragrance of tea, friends and family more worthy of long-winded tedious intimate sound heartfelt praise it?

The best restaurant have had a long journey

Some restaurant located in a narrow alley, a picture of a wooden table and chairs under the arcade, to uphold stay there quietly, once moving, on the issue of dumb echo; some have been moved to the top of the central city of tall buildings, the cheongsam waiter, speaking in fluent Mandarin, lead a wandering child seat ordering pipeline management and operation, dishes jingle, people are not even consciously voice lowered.

The best restaurants, already have a long enough life journey, hiding in the streets in Guangzhou. Parents between neighborhood gossip, say between the theoretical road enthusiasts, and immutable buzzing Cantonese together, constitute the original ecology of the restaurant. Day count began in the morning, to Guangzhou, tea is the prelude to a new day.

Morning tea in Guangzhou, the old resort "Pan River Restaurant", but in the morning every morning at 7 o'clock, there thirty-five regular customers gathered in front of the wandering allelic. Old man familiar to say hello, said the sound "Morning!" Affectionate greeting a few words. Until the door, regular customers who had filed into the room, a familiar place, familiar with refreshments, read newspapers, chat, "Ye Chit dumping," the familiar voice began echoing in the hall, mixed with the aroma of food, out of an abundance of insipid happy. And Fengdao holiday, even if up early, there might be lines of the equal sign. When called up to No. 200, it was journeying to wait, too. Guangzhou for morning tea, can be described as a soft spot.

Perennial "sigh tea" in Mao Zedong and Liu Yazi, wrote "could not forget Guangdong tea," tea houses "wonderful scent" on the second floor, hanging a famous couplet, "in the name busy, busy for profit, sneak, drink a cup of tea; Auntie bitter, bitter labor, taking pains, to take the pot of wine. "

After Guangzhou for people, fame and fortune in the rolling ups and downs, "two cup" morning tea time, enough to encourage people to precipitation, return marketplace, ordinary life joy is magnified in the restaurant, the immersive, real is wonderful It can not be made. No wonder many people live in the new city, chatting away leisure time, get up early on their way, nor to go to the old town, "sighed tea", let themselves in noisy environments, temperature feel unusual marketplace.

Along Guangzhou Metro Line 5, from New CBD Pearl River New City all the way west, bid farewell to the towering skyscrapers, and then out of the ground, it has entered the old city boundaries. Slightly worn the arcade next to one after another, the old man sitting on a wooden chair leisurely chat. Small shops left hand side hung handwritten Fen Bizi blackboard, "ice cream, cigarettes for sale," the right hand side is perhaps a well known restaurant.

Old folks sitting intimately together, almost every day, can be found in each other's presence here. The restaurant has a full understanding of their gathering and exchange of information transit point.

Chat is the main event

As early as the Qing Dynasty, Xianfeng Tongzhi, Guangzhou had prevailed "dime museum", wooden scaffolding, the wind can not cover the restaurant door, hang a slanting board, crooked write "Tea words" word. Tea capital "Disi" (Cantonese: cost-effective) to only a dime, they seek to someone from here. Later, even if price inflation, "a dime museum" into a "Erli Museum", the facility is still generally shabby, folk, saying: "Go Erli Museum meal drink tea, tea cakes silver Erli spend much everything. Disi, most top belly (Cantonese: eat) do not spend a false (Cantonese: affordable). "here is the best place for a nice chat of ordinary people. Noisy again, and then gossip, and there are always people should. Cantonese-style teahouse, a noisy "is indicative of good things here, we all love to eat." Blowing gas marketplace.

More than a century, all kinds of snacks and tea are constantly improved. Classic "two cup", a small tea cup with two snacks, already keep up with the times. People still slowly tea, most already replaced ceramic cups; all kinds of snacks are also innovation. He worked for 50 years at Pan River Restaurant Li Zhuo days has its Marketing & Events Manager, Mr. faction calm tolerance, introduced from Guangzhou tea culture, without losing the gentle pride. "Guangzhou tea snacks each have different seasonal dishes also like to do, do not eat from time to time, only 'four Emperor' - shrimp dumplings, pork buns, dumplings and rice rolls, is has been preserved in." Old Canton were seated Needless to multi-point, just tasted these four, glance restaurant Daoxing depth.

Most restaurants need good historical precipitation. "Pan River", or "Tao Tao Ju" worth mentioning, are probably just the first bamboo stalls, then only the beams and stylish furniture, also have more folks. In yesterday without a computer, ordering and hierarchical clear division of labor management systems, all rely on a good voice for exchange and communication.

More regular customers, Shang Hao stranger to drink tea in the restaurant, met holidays, most have to go to "gerrymandering" (Cantonese: placeholder). "Ba" sounds quite a bit aggressive, describe the popularity of Guangzhou tea, can be described appropriately.

After taking a seat, "two cup" is standard, but even the same table, drinking tea are not the same. "Asked site tea", different flavors patrons, sub-pot red points. Regular customers who like the old guys is learned by heart, without having to ask. As for dessert, when there are different tastes, there are always new surprises. But eat and drink, talk is the main event.

Guangzhou people lived outside the temple, at the far corners of the country, do not like freely about the state, and only good at talking about family. After a short East West at home parents say hundred finish, is the exchange of financial experience, last night's TV plots, or life trivial sentiment. Big up the sound, most are critical of the local government indignation, because the relationship between these policies to their vital interests. Guangzhou newspapers known for outspoken Zhijian famous, but also can not get away with this. Season tea, tea eaten enough, also a long time, it is a good time to talk.

"Bill" is already popular in the checkout synonymous north to south, is derived from the Cantonese. 80 years ago, Guangzhou people themselves are called "pay" for the "Number of the Air", when morning tea, a variety of dim sum mostly by the price of packaging in different dishes and Long Ti, the man "the number of the Air" December, and reported bid Come. "Margin earners" (Cantonese: folks) were calculated to account, and then hoist the voice shouted, told the man in charge of settling accounts, how much money certain tables. When business is busy, sometimes missing, and now think of it, it is also interesting. Then the precise calculations, there is really nothing people determined to take advantage of.

Like "Pan River" is located waterside restaurant, there are more interesting about this "pay" the. That time by counting dish, guests often pick Riverside window seat, by people not pay attention they secretly throw into the water dish. Every spring dredging, can be picked up a few big pile saucer, dumbfounding.

Today, the guys have been replaced by the all "pretty", press stamp billing, computer afterwards. Someone to relieve you of your own money, even to get up and go to checkout effort are free. Modern, efficient, along with "pretty" their voices have become tired of Ruanmian fine, not like the old hoist the voice of gruff and fresh. Good or bad, it is difficult to speak clearly.

Guangzhou people just sigh tea habits remained unchanged. Office workers pick Sunday, young and old wearing a neat point on the table food, chopsticks is enjoyable, the cup end is overflowing warmth. More of the elderly, rain or shine on crutches in twos and threes, not much point in food, from dark brown to light, a newspaper from scratch version to version and then the entertainment fortune, carefully read, occasionally talking to the people around a few, high sound steep, both the older, less sensitive to the ear. Coming and going, and never forget so many years accompanied by marked old boy hello. Tomorrow, it will still appear on the same old place.

"They are like our punch, as every day 'go to work'." Mr. Lai narrowed his eyes, smiled slightly. Restaurant in the thick of the hustle and bustle marketplace human breath, spread out, durable ghost.

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