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Guangzhou local specialty Zengcheng horseshoe

OHTN2017-10-26Aix XinLe

Zengcheng cents by the middle of the village of Horseshoe (water chestnuts), to a large pedicle small, flesh thin, crisp and sweet, juicy no residue is known. Whether eaten raw, cooked, moist and students have efficacy Jin, phlegm summer heat, summer cool hot weather is the best.

Guangzhou local specialty Zengcheng horseshoe

Horseshoe has a good health care effect, the Miao Yang, roots, fruit can be medicine. According to the "Chinese Dictionary" records: water chestnuts, sweet, slightly cold, non-toxic, warm in air, heat appetite, digestion phlegm effect. Chinese medicine believes: cold and sweet water chestnuts, efficacy phlegm, Sheng Jin appetizer, voiceless eyesight, digestion sobering. Clinically for fever, polydipsia, phlegm cough, sore throat, difficult urination, blood in the stool, warts embolism.

Water chestnuts, also known as the Chaozhou-Shantou area in the vicinity of money onions, water chestnuts reason is very similar to the leaves with onions, water chestnuts from the positive direction to see, like a water chestnut round coins, so there is the word "money onions."

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