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    Guangzhou Panyu Nanyueyuan

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    Guangzhou Opera House

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    Guangzhou traditional Cantonese-style roast barbecue




Travel routesHow much Air One per capita consumption? Air One Guangzhou restaurant address and price

2017-10-23Aix XinLe32

How much Air One per capita consumption? Air One Guangzhou restaurant address and priceAir One club in Guangzhou CBD core area of ​​the Pearl River New City Xinhe Building, 107 most top of the South China Sea fishing village single-handedly built the high-end brands…

Scenic spotGuangzhou Nansha Tin Hau Temple

2017-10-19Aix XinLe20

Guangzhou Nansha Tin Hau TempleNansha Tin Hau Temple, Lingdingyang close to the Pearl River estuary, located in the south of Shandong Bighorn, yard, stacking the mountain and its architecture, glorious temples, majestic pavilion, in the middle of the square is the stone days days icon,…

Scenic spotGuangzhou 10 Hong Park

2017-10-19Aix XinLe17

Guangzhou 10 Hong Park10 Hong Park is located in Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, Chang Gang Zhong Huaide Street 3. The late Qing Dynasty famous painting home inexpensive living JuChao brothers, and apprentices of the painting. It covers an area of ​​640 square meters, surro…

CateGuangzhou features snack Crab dumpling in soup

2017-10-22Aix XinLe26

Guangzhou features snack Crab dumpling in soupCrab dumplings Guantang is one of the traditional cuisines of Guangdong region. With hot steamed meat wrapped in dough. And the color of the yolk, thin, smooth soft and tough, tender filling Tangwanghe to Zuo food vinegar, acetic acid and a base with a de…

Travel routesGuangzhou riding Tourist Guide: This tour Guangzhou route under blue sky

2017-10-24Aix XinLe30

Guangzhou riding Tourist Guide: This tour Guangzhou route under blue skyRecently, a news publication, Guangzhou city riding activity in the country ranked fourth, riding Wen Ming index ranked fourth. Due to the popularity of shared bicycles, riding an upsurge in Guangzhou as if summer temperatures rise, in addition to riding…

CultureCantonese residence culture

2017-10-25Aix XinLe96

Cantonese residence cultureCantonese houses, usually refers to Greater Pearl River Delta region, the building of western Guangdong, eastern Guangdong Hakka architecture with Chaoshan building a big difference. Ventilation and generally in line with the requirements of Cantonese coo…

CateGuangzhou features snack Salty Pancake

2017-10-23Aix XinLe43

Guangzhou features snack Salty PancakeGuangzhou, said Fried food is oil, including salty Zhagui (fritters), sweet ox-tongue pastry, smiling mouth jujube, salty-sweet and salty pancakes (incense oil cake) and so on. Among the most prestigious Johnson salty pancakes, also in the overseas Chines…

CateGuangzhou traditional dishes of Cantonese-style roast suckling pig

2017-10-23Aix XinLe19

Guangzhou traditional dishes of Cantonese-style roast suckling pigIn Guangzhou, what is the most popular on the table that? In addition to chicken, absolutely roasted meat. Marriage is inseparable from a red Redskins grow suckling pig, Qingming Festival "worship Mountain" is inseparable from a roast suckling pig or a…

Scenic spotGuangzhou Shawan town

2017-10-19Aix XinLe30

Guangzhou Shawan townShawan town center adjacent to Panyu District, Guangzhou City, the overall strength among the forefront in Panyu District, Sandy Bay was built in the Southern Song Dynasty, it is a long history of Lingnan cultural town, has granted the township of Chinese…

CateGuangzhou features Moon cake

2017-10-21Aix XinLe56

Guangzhou features Moon cakeCantonese-style moon cake is a southern China, especially in Guangdong, Guangxi, Jiangxi, a Han Chinese traditional festive food, Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake is a form of Cantonese-style moon cake is famous, the most basic thing is that it's the choice…

SouvenirsGuangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery crafts

2017-10-26Aix XinLe41

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery craftsGeneral term for the Pearl River Delta folk embroidery process is wide embroidered Guangzhou as the center, to composition full, vivid image, texture clear, color gorgeous, needle variety, good artistic characteristics change and famous. Wide embroidered…

Scenic spotGuangzhou Nansha Waterfront Park

2017-10-18Aix XinLe18

Guangzhou Nansha Waterfront ParkWaterfront Park is located in Grand Cape Mount Bighorn foot of the eastern side of Nansha District, the area of ​​nearly 800,000 square meters, of which land area of ​​606,356 square meters, the park rhyme rhyme to highlight the natural, cultural design.…

CateGuangzhou cuisine Qingping chicken

2017-10-21Aix XinLe45

Guangzhou cuisine Qingping chickenKnown as "the first Guangzhou chicken," said the "Qingping chicken" is the innovation on the basis of poached chicken. 80s, Qingping street between the restaurant, the chef Wang Yuan not boiled, but by brine soaked and cooked, then cold brine is too c…

Scenic spotGuangzhou Lin Haiyin Square Memorial Park

2017-10-16Aix XinLe22

Guangzhou Lin Haiyin Square Memorial ParkMemorial Park is located in Guangzhou, Lin Haiyin flyover west of Yuexiu District along the Yangtze River Road, the entire memorial area of ​​25,000 square meters, with Hunan Dongshan Square (7000 square meters), Haiyin bridge approach spans the eastern s…

Scenic spotGuangzhou Lu Xun Memorial Hall,Guangzhou KMT site

2017-10-17Aix XinLe16

Guangzhou Lu Xun Memorial Hall,Guangzhou KMT siteGuangzhou KMT site is located in a large hall Zhonglou Li Wenming Road, No. 215. Formerly the National Guangdong Higher Normal School auditorium, an area of ​​over 300 square meters. Here is the birthplace of the first KMT-CPC cooperation, but also an imp…