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Guangzhou Zengcheng local specialty Silk rice

OHTN2017-10-26Aix XinLe

"Mew" is privileged by the city of rice varieties. Mew Mimi elongated grains, no belly, heart white, transparent crystal. Mew rice moderate hardness, fragrant and delicious, known as the "rice of jasper", "to share in the meal" and reputation. The traditional varieties of old Mew, Mew rice to dwarf the city zhucun Whitewater better, tall Mew places paitan Mountain and immortal outlet village for the top grade.

Guangzhou Zengcheng tourist souvenirs Silk rice

Zengcheng Zhu Village Street Mew rice is the origin of the variety is of high quality indica rice varieties, rice slender, silky rice pan-named, known as Jasper rice, Chinese rice, said Wang, and lychee Zengcheng Gualv par, in Qing Dynasty has been well-known at home and abroad. September 20, 2004, the State Administration of Quality Supervision approved the implementation of Zengcheng rice origin or geographical indications.

According to ( "Zengcheng County" Qing Xuantong 1911 edition) records: "...... case has recently picked precocious red, have made on Mew, white valley Aberdeen quite good; there are late-maturing spring sticky Mew best." Visible city Mew rice planting more than 100 years of history. Zengcheng crystal white rice, because the rich and slightly oily pan-silk, natural fragrance. 5.4 to 6.6 mm long grain, an aspect ratio of 3 or more, amylose 15-23%. Rice moderate hardness, smooth aroma, the taste is similar to Thai jasmine rice. After the rice soup added to stir, spread rice, soup is still crystal clear.

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