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Guangzhou Conghualocal specialty lychee honey

OHTN2017-10-26Aix XinLe

Known as the king of Conghua litchi honey, honey, is one of the famous specialty is renowned at home and abroad. Its sweet aromatic flavor, contains vitamins and nutrients necessary for human body, it is bringing safe natural health food.

Guangzhou Conghua tourist souvenirs lychee honey

Conghua the famous town of litchi, is one of the country litchi production base. Guangzhou Conghua in the northern subtropical climate, the city across the territory of the Tropic of Cancer, mild climate, abundant sunshine, rainfall, very suitable for the growth of litchi, litchi from the good quality of technology, many varieties, production, laid the foundation for the production of lychee honey a good foundation.

Conghua litchi honey two most important quality characteristics reflected in lychee nectar plants shall be spent within the protected area, the Chinese mining bee species of bees, but also created Conghua litchi honey and more fragrant than other areas lychee honey flavorful sweetness more features.

According to the "Guangzhou city" expressed in the founding ago it has been formed "Conghua litchi honey" name and famous overseas. In 1960, a famous contemporary prose master Yang Shuo after watching bee collecting nectar and personally enjoy Conghua Hot Spring, full of enthusiasm, writing a renowned Chinese and foreign, popular prose "lychee honey", the text was included into the Chinese language textbooks as a typical prose materials, incorporated in the record "Chinese essays in this collection" (Yang Shuo volume), became famous around Conghua litchi honey, Conghua people and therefore it is known as "honey wine life" of the people. Conghua is the country's first "eco base litchi honey." The main bee products company adopted the QS certification, certification rate of 70 percent in Guangzhou. 2011 has been identified to protect China's national geographical indication.

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