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Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Sandalwood fan

OHTN2017-10-25Aix XinLe

Guangzhou is the birthplace of sandalwood craft, once flourishing.After the massive importation of sandalwood Guangzhou began the Opium War, Guangzhou, the first artist to use it precision manufacturing handmade folding fan, exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and other places. Shanghai, Hangzhou and other large fan village has been a large number of resellers in order spike. At that time, fan workshops, focused on the fan Zhuang Daxin Road, Zhuangyuanfang, Germany Star Road, Changshou Road area. Precious sandalwood garland aroma meaningful, the "incense fan deposit deposit" reputation. Seventies and eighties of the last century, they created a date sandalwood fan, imitation ivory fan and ironing flower fan.

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Sandalwood fan

Guangzhou sandalwood fans to pull flowers feature is the see-saw blade with a special tread pattern. Such thin blades only two sheets of paper stacked so thin, 20 to be drawn into the plurality of holes 200 in the mesh patterns in performance for the sheet sandalwood fan, really intricate. Saw, shoot, pull, each of the steps are required to grind the letter, "if a failure, the whole Bashan will be scrapped." Pull flowers, often to breath and encouraging, artists hold back injury is not uncommon for this purpose.

Guangzhou sandalwood fan art has been evolving, Patterns from foreign flowers, bergamot, butterflies, pass chrysanthemum, Qiuchan etc., to pass carved figures, flowers, landscapes, etc., a large number of fine national, provincial, municipal awards. In 1981, Guangzhou sandalwood fans, finished second.

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Sandalwood fan

By the mid-1980s, the state no longer unified sales abroad, together with the international economic downturn, some of the tourist city of private workshops churning cheap dumping, the impact of the market. It has high artistic value of the garland craft fan anti-Snub. In 1999, production standstill. In 2000 only one manufacturer in Guangzhou was incorporated, most of the more than 100 remaining workers were laid off. At present, Guangzhou is no longer a person of the kind of exquisite handmade recycling of sandalwood.

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