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Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery crafts

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General term for the Pearl River Delta folk embroidery process is wide embroidered Guangzhou as the center, to composition full, vivid image, texture clear, color gorgeous, needle variety, good artistic characteristics change and famous. Wide embroidered Chaozhou embroidery and Guangdong embroidery collectively.

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery crafts

Guangdong embroidery began in the Tang Dynasty. According to historical records, the Tang Dynasty was only a 14-year-old girl named Guangdong Lu Mei Niang, a roll of embroidered Buddhist "Lotus Sutra" in a foot square silk (Sakyamuni Buddha in his later years in Rajgir Rajgir Hill said, the order is made later, as one of the early Mahayana classic) font smaller than corn, but also point out division. Wide embroidered to the development of the Ming Dynasty, it has become one of the important folk handicraft. Ming Masanori nine years (1514) a Portuguese businessman in Guangzhou bought robes embroideries, returning to the king and get rewarded, Guangzhou embroidery from famous overseas, each year many products output. Jiajing thirty-five years (1556) Portuguese Croze see some other wide embroidered beaded Huaxie crafts, marvel as "wonderful arts and crafts." At that time, Guangzhou embroidery artists have been able to skillfully use wool embroidered with peacock feathers, horsetail, etc. for wire strands and Le line, with gold and silver thread embroidery.

Late Ming and early Qing Dynasty to the mid boom is wide embroidery industry. British merchants began to sample processing. Since the sample design and rich colors, highlights the artistic style of Western painting, the use of perspective and the principle of light refraction, so have a profound impact on the wide embroidery. Wide embroidered folk start from small batch production of small workshop production to gradually scale commercialization. Interior decoration and daily use of wide embroidered clothing embroidery mass production, making exports entered its heyday.

By the middle of the Qing Dynasty, because the Cantonese opera and prosperity, the wide embroidered added a new class of varieties - opera costumes. Guangzhou Zhuangyuanfang was made costumes are renowned domestic and even the royal troupe also come to customization. Qianlong wide embroidered already go into the city, embroidered Square, Embroidery up to 50, employing 3,000 people.

Wide embroidered roughly divided into two categories: one gold embroidery plate, and second, velvet embroidery. Gold plate with gold thread embroidery, supplemented by numerous color embroidery, magnificent, brilliant, gorgeous, elegant. Open silk velvet embroidery slim, colorful, beautifully embroidered flowers and birds in particular.

The basic materials are widely used in embroidery velvet, silk, gold, silver, gold and other categories cashmere mixed. Where gold and silver embroidery unique decorative, composition full symmetry, color brilliance, seem Furama expensive.

Wide embroidered embroidery techniques are "nails, pads, fight, stick, decorated with" Five. Some of these techniques is difficult, demanding, floating mats embroidered gold nail two needles and scales Interfax stereoscopic stitch embroidery is considered the most difficult needle.

Wide embroidered colors are divided into two categories: "Cai Wei" in a more saturated color main tune; "pastel 'with three color-based color tone embroidery on species may be based on, for example, accounts with embroidered hi.." Cai Wei pastel "," embroidered with the text of the supplies. "

Guangzhou embroidery to pattern symmetry, colorful, highly decorative known. Many foreign businessmen mid-Qing Mu wide embroidered the name of a large order came to Guangzhou Guangzhou embroidery, and some traders also brought foreign king portraits, like Jesus or some drawing pictures to sample processing orders. Wide embroidered long been famous since the Qing Dynasty overseas, marketing its products abroad, enjoys a high reputation in the international community. In China, a lot of wide embroidered works, as a tribute to the contribution of the emperors. Beijing Palace Museum also has a collection of a lot of wide embroidered good works.

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SouvenirsGuangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery crafts

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Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Embroidery craftsGeneral term for the Pearl River Delta folk embroidery process is wide embroidered Guangzhou as the center, to composition full, vivid image, texture clear, color gorgeous, needle variety, good artistic characteristics change and famous. Wide embroidered…

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