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Guangzhou Lingnan style art of Jade carving

OHTN2017-10-25Aix XinLe

Guangzhou jade carving formed in the late Tang Dynasty, to maintain the original natural jade color. Jade crafts materials more choice of jadeite jade, jewelry and furnishings sub-types of goods. The process of forming in the late Tang Dynasty, has been a thousand years of history, it inherits the basis of the Song Dynasty, "Qi Qiao color jade" on traditional skills to create a stunt "leave color", maintaining the original natural color of jade, it is more beautiful. There are jewelry bracelets, rings, earrings, pendant and so on, as well as gold and silver pendants with gemstones inlaid; furnishings have flowers, figures, birds and animals, bottles, jade and unique style of ball, flower Fang, Pagoda, Kaoru furnace and other senior crafts, jade ball, especially distinctive.

Guangzhou Lingnan style art of Jade carving

Government-run Guangzhou Han Dynasty jade workshops directly administered by the government or less government workers need to be produced according to the emperor or favorite palace. Tang and Song Dynasty jade crafts mainly used for ritual artifacts, royal decoration, toy treasures accessories. Ming and Qing dynasties, jade carving industry become more prosperous. After the abolition of the early Qing Dynasty, "Carpenter membership" management system, local craftsmen concentrated to Guangzhou, folk jade production booming, and the emergence of guild organization developed a strict etiquette teacher and school system.

When the Republic of jade industry flourished, the size of more than 4,000 businesses, employing thousand people. After the founding of Guangzhou City People's Committee attaches great importance to the restoration and development of jade carving production. In 1968 the composition of the South jade carving factory. "Cultural Revolution" period, jade carving industry has suffered declines. "Cultural Revolution" after the resumption of production, the establishment of the Guangzhou plant decoration and jade factory in Guangzhou two companies.

With respect to the Gu Pu and solemn Northern School of jade to Guangzhou elegant beautiful, ethereal and elegant, exquisitely carved Kyo, highlighting the intrinsic Lingnan culture; its wide variety of colors, deep skill, exquisite carving method, the pursuit of innovation, bears the first Lingnan people aesthetic taste of the mark, also recorded a blend of Chinese and Western cultures over the past century phenomenon, it has an important history, culture, art, technology and economic value.

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