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Guangzhou's most prestigious pastry shaped like a dessert feast

OHTN2017-10-23Aix XinLe

Guangzhou Pan River Restaurant dessert when pushed most prestigious. "Dim sum feast" is to serve with dessert feast of pattern and form, design is very particular about, the general should be fried fried steamed soup Lu Kang freeze all sorts of varieties sale, while generally based on serving small point, soups, punctuality, dessert, type one-tailed successively on the seats, following the primary and secondary, sweet and salty orderly, Xu disease have degrees, fresh and elegant style that scares people fascinated.

Guangzhou's most prestigious pastry shaped like a dessert feast

The late 1970s, Pan River is shaped like a dessert went to the United States performances, which lasted three months, feverish, "Chinese Kung Fu" as popular in the United States, even the Secretary of State Kissinger to $ 100 per high standard, large in New York Fortune set a table full of restaurants, made a special trip to taste.

Today, Pan River is shaped like a dessert has been improving, it has already launched dessert shaped like a feast, as the annual feast of restaurants attract customers, shaped like the dessert feast in '95 Guangzhou Food Festival ', 97 years Yangcheng excellent pastry chef groups have received the highest award in the contest. Some of shaped like a dessert also won in 1990 and Luxembourg international cooking contest gold medal, he won the 18th Olympic silver medal in international cooking competition in 1992 and in 2010 won the "Top Ten Guangzhou Feast," the title of the Asian Games in Guangzhou Food Festival series. The "green white rabbit dumplings," "like raw Sydney fruit" and other "first generation" shaped like dessert is now a household name, and have adopted a peer-selling dessert masterpiece.

Currently, Pan River Restaurant shaped like a perennial supply of salty snacks feast eight points, matching four desserts, two soups, which are fish swimming in spring water, the South China Sea octopus, rabbit hold radish, butterflies play in Taoyuan, lively piglets, like raw hedgehog, begonias crisp, longevity beetles, garden eggplant, magpie Mui, elves chicken, etc., the entire dessert feast no longer with any dish, and strive to improve through a combination of superb technology to enhance the quality and taste of dessert, clear out correctly bring snacks also can become a feast of new concepts.

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