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Guangzhou traditional dishes Sweet and sour pork

OHTN2017-10-22Aix XinLe

Sweet and sour pork, also known as sour pork, is one of the traditional dishes in Guangdong, golden color, meat wrapped in a layer of sweet and sour gravy, crispy spicy, slightly sweet and sour, savory and delicious, suitable for four seasons.

Guangzhou traditional dishes Sweet and sour pork


Sweet and sour and sour pork began in the Qing Dynasty, when many foreigners in Guangzhou are very fond of eating Chinese food, in particular, like to eat sweet and sour pork, but not used to spit bone eating. Guangdong chef that is the bone of the meat and add flavor mixing starch only made a big meatballs into the pan fried to crispy, sweet and sour marinade glue, its sweet and sour taste, welcomed by Chinese and foreign guests. Sweet and sour pork ribs history of the older, now after the restructuring, they renamed the "old meat." Foreigners are not allowed to pronounce, often the "old meat" is called "Sweet and sour pork" because flexible when to eat, rattle when chewing the meat, it has long been known as the coexistence of these two methods. This dish at home and abroad enjoy a high reputation. Common market with the canned pineapple and sour pork.



500 g pork peeled, bamboo shoots meat, 300 g, 500 g sour, 2 onions, garlic l teaspoon pepper 3, 3 eggs, ginger 4, Fen, monosodium glutamate, the amount of starch.


1, with the pork meat bamboo shoots are cut into nut-shaped. Pork and salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger, green onions, fen mix, marinate for about 30 minutes.

2, the first raw pork powder mix, add eggs and mix well, then the glue layer of dry ginger raw powder not removed.

3, burning wok, the next oil till five mature into the pork fried for about 3 minutes until cooked, the pieces of bamboo shoots are also put into the pan slightly fried, picked up the drained oil.

4, back into the frying pan on the stove, chopped garlic, pepper, onion, sweet and sour boil, cornstarch thicken with water, and then frying the pieces, bamboo shoots meat mix.

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