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Guangzhou traditional folk festivals Baltic Festival

OHTN2017-10-24Aix XinLe

South China Sea Temple temple lunar calendar February 11th to 13th place in, the 13th is the birthday, also known as pineapple birth, that God gave birth to the South China Sea, Guangzhou Pearl River Delta region and even the unique traditional folk festivals, the largest folk festivals, is today the only of Poseidon to worship activities. It is the Pearl River Delta region's most influential folk festivals, contains the most representative of Guangzhou Folk cultural elements, has a history of thousands of years of cultural tradition. Song Dynasty poet Liu Chuang of "that thing," the poem, he describes a "Baltic Festival" grand temple.

Guangzhou traditional folk festivals Baltic Festival

Nanhai Temple was built in Sui Kai Huang fourteen years (AD 594 years), has been the history in 1416, is the only sea temple in ancient China remains down the most complete and largest buildings.

According to legend, when the Tang Dynasty, a messenger Tianzhu (India) Baltic country of tribute to China by Fu kou (now the head temple community) ashore Bai Nanhai God, planted the tree in front of the temple Baltic, because of the beauty of lust, not as on board, after because of homesick, stand next to the temple of the locals statue in his honor, and regarded as a god, folk called it Zunxiang as "fan kwai hope Polo." Because from the Baltic countries, bringing the Baltic tree, planted in the South China Sea Temple Polo trees, so in the South China Sea Temple folk also known as "Baltic temple." Baltic temple is dedicated mainly to the South China Sea God. According to legend, the God of Nanhai birthday is February 13 Lunar New Year. To Jinian Nan folk Poseidon's birthday, the annual Lunar New Year temple fair held February 11 to 13 will be that "Baltic Festival."

Throughout the ages, every Baltic Festival, the Pearl River Delta will be small groups of people together to the South China Sea Temple, praying, sightseeing, shopping. Guangzhou, saying that "the first Baltic tour, married second wife", meaning joy in life is the first Baltic tour the temple, pleasure come the second married his wife. There is another argument is that you can play the Baltic marry his wife, visible "Baltic Festival" and grand appeal.

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