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Guangzhou Conghua features snack: Guifeng stuffed tofu

OHTN2017-10-21Aix XinLe

Since ancient times, accounting for more than famous Buddha. Gui Mountain, 1034 meters above sea level, is a famous domestic Lu Tian, ​​also the birthplace of river flow Conghua. Legend Once upon a time, there are several Tamkang University monk, passing Lu Tian, ​​on the mountain laurel, by the local villagers hospitality, offer locally produced soybeans and tofu. Monk said: "beans, tofu eating countless less than four Guifeng good."

Guangzhou features snack: Guifeng stuffed tofu


Monk detailed investigation and found Gui Mountain air is good, good water, good soil, or limestone areas, with different kinds of beans, long out of the green bean skins. Monk Chan said: "Zhennai fine also, Praise, Praise!"

Monks continue to examine tofu tools and production methods, local people found the beans are placed in blue granite stone hand mill. Monk asked: "? Qingyan not see the mountains, how can this blue stone," the locals said: "One day lightning, storm, loud roaring, rock split open, revealing deep bluestone very, very smooth, later the ropes down to the mined masonry, stone made, particularly fresh milk out of the grinding slide, in particular made of tofu tender, and not broken "monk sighs:."!! Qizai Qizai "

Gui Feng Lu Tian river water flows out, Lu Tian Hui villages around every family also learned to grind tofu, tofu Gui Feng Lu Tian will develop into tofu.

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