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Guangzhou's most famous traditional cuisine full of incense altar

OHTN2017-10-23Aix XinLe

Altar full of incense is the most famous in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Han traditional dishes, belonging to the autumn and winter dishes. It dishes with Fujian chief of "pretenders", like, famous. The dish starts with the late Qing Dynasty, is said to be full of incense altar of some food stalls food stalls from Guangzhou's first run. In autumn and winter, these food stalls placed with dog meat, chicken, pork, fish maw, chicken soup food altar, add wine, ginger, onion, salt and other seasonings, simmer on the stove and cook together.

Guangzhou's most famous traditional cuisine full of incense altar

To serve, pull altar cover, dog, smell the smell of chicken, soup mellow, fresh meat, greatly favored by diners. Soon the name of this dish restaurant business also quickly famous. The dishes with food due to sealing altar. Small fire smoke cook full altar delicious food, the literati have written many articles praised the flavor of this dish abnormal, and ya known as the "altar full of incense," so they put a restaurant dish known as "full of fragrant altar", has spread so far and continuous improvement in terms of materials and manufacturing method, more features, well received by overseas Chinese love.

The nutritional value

Dog meat is not only high protein content and excellent protein quality, especially in large globulin ratio, plays a significant role in enhancing the body's resistance to disease and cell viability and organ function. Eating dog meat can enhance the people's physique, improve digestion, promote blood circulation, improve sexual function. Dog elderly frail patients can also be used, such as urine female endless, cold limbs, Jingshenbuzhen. Winter eat, the elderly can enhance cold tolerance. Chinese medicine, dog meat has the effect of kidney yang, strong effort, make up the blood.

In nutrition circles there was a saying, "I did not have good legs than the legs, two legs better than four legs." This means that, in animal foods: nutritional value of fish, poultry, livestock in order of priority. Clinical study results show: fish often than people suffering from cerebral thrombosis people often eat pork, the ratio of atherosclerosis, hyperlipidemia and other diseases of the lower. Because fish contains many essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. In addition, the amino acids contained in fish protein than the human body is very close to all kinds of nutrient absorption and bioavailability than higher. Instead, eat rich in collagen, but this is not easy for the body to digest.

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