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Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Guang colors glaze

OHTN2017-10-26Aix XinLe

Guang color glaze is Guangzhou polychrome referred to art, also known as "Guangdong color", " Canton woven gold porcelain ." Guangzhou refers fired woven gold polychrome and low temperature color glaze decoration techniques used in a variety of painting and porcelain vessels firing from the Han Chinese traditional arts and crafts.

Guangzhou tourist souvenirs Guang colors glaze

Guang color to pattern closely, gaudy colors, magnificent features, like Wanlv gold silk white, began in Guangzhou Choi Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty developed into colorful, and gradually formed a unique artistic style in the Qianlong period, it has been 300 years of history. Wide color stands for "Canton woven gold porcelain. Guang color production began in the Qing Emperor Kangxi, has been 300 years of history, when Guangzhou craftsmen borrowed Western incoming" golden tire burning enamel "technique, using imported materials, create the "tire burning copper enamel", and then put this method is used in white porcelain on a child, became known as enamel, which is Guangzhou polychrome bud.

As the name suggests, the so-called woven gold porcelain is glaze in a variety of white porcelain tread patterns painted gold, if damask embroidered in colorful elegant luxury Wanlv gold, followed by a low temperature fired together. As Guangzhou polychrome enamel of primary products, with its noble and beautiful features, much Chinese and foreign wealthy aristocratic favorite, the Qing court as a tribute, a number of foreign royal families to send officials made a special trip to Guangzhou to buy. And just by the European brought by a Chinese businessman businessman polychrome patterns required for manufacturing, for export. At that time , Guangdong businessmen shipped from Jingdezhen porcelain blanks, using Jiangxi pastel painting skills to be modeled on Western painting methods, and then calcined from. Later, wide color artist inherited the artistic features of the Ming Dynasty porcelain, the absorption of Western painting, with local characteristics of Lingnan style pattern painted on, Lingnan gradually formed a unique artistic style, many patterns and fixed so that they become the traditional flower color models wide, such as flowers, dragon and phoenix, butterflies, goldfish, costumed characters and so on. The most common composition is surrounded by a plurality of spaces with shapes lace pattern, painted with flowers, and characters in the object space scene. There is no circle grid, a full flower painting, showing a flower scene, flourishing drawing.

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